Starry DIY Snow Globe Ring & Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

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This fun starry DIY snow globe ring not only makes a great conversation piece but it also makes for a brilliant homemade Christmas gift idea!

DIY Snow Globe Ring Gift Idea! This starry DIY snow globe ring makes a fun and unique homemade Christmas gift!

You don’t need a lot of skill for this DIY jewelry project but you do need a little patience to set the star on the ring base and allow sufficient drying time before you try to “shake” things up.

Learn how to make these beautiful DIY snow globe rings for homemade Christmas gifts.

Starry DIY Snow Globe Ring

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What you’ll need:

Large clear glass globe antique bronze ring (33mm diameter globe/25mm diameter opening)
washi tape (to hold star in place while it dries)
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Mirrored Stars (most craft stores have these)
E6000 glue/craft adhesive
fine colored glitter of choice
glitter snow

How to make a starry DIY snow globe ring for Christmas.

What you do:

I was not able to find the glass globe rings locally at any of the three craft stores in my area so I purchased mine online from Ingredients for Lovely on Etsy as she’s based in the USA.

How to make a starry DIY snow globe ring for Christmas.

Begin by putting a small amount of E6000 glue inside the base of the ring avoiding the edge around the diameter. Dust lightly with glitter snow then place one of the largest of the stars from your mirrored stars pack in the very center of the ring base. Hold in place then gently apply washi tape to the ring to keep it standing straight up and down while it dries. Pop your ring into cone of baker’s twine or whatever’s handy to hold the ring up and keep it from falling.

How to make a starry DIY snow globe ring for Christmas.

Once the glue has dried carefully remove the washi tape. Apply more E6000 glue around the base of the star then sprinkle with more glitter snow. This will help to stabilize it further so it doesn’t come loose during wear.

How to make a starry DIY snow globe ring for Christmas.

Now add two or three of the smallest mirrored stars to the inside of the glass globe along with some glitter snow and a tiny bit of colored glitter. I used a fine blue glitter.

How to make a starry DIY snow globe ring for Christmas.

Now add a small amount of E6000 glue around the opening of the glass globe and press it onto the ring base. Wrap washi tape around the globe and onto the ring base to hold the two pieces together. Allow to dry completely.

This beautiful starry DIY snow globe ring makes a unique stocking stuffer gift idea for Christmas.

Once the glue has fully dried carefully remove the washi tape. And it’s done!

Make these starry DIY snow globe ring for the winter holidays.

Now all that’s left is to wear your creation! Shake it up to see the snow flutter and cling to different parts of the star and glass.

How to make a DIY terrarium ring.

You can also use the same jewelry components to make DIY terrarium rings. For this mushroom terrarium ring I used three mushroom miniatures from the floral department of my local craft store. I simply twisted the bottom wires together and circled them together then glued them to the ring base with E6000. Once dry I also glued some preserved reindeer moss to the moss to cover the wires before gluing on the globe. You could always add glitter to this one too!

How to make DIY snow globe rings.

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