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50 Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

DIY Christmas Gifts: 50 Unique DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make for Friends and Family

50 Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for unique DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends and family this holiday season, then you’ll definitely want to pin this post! Following are 50 of my favorite DIY Christmas gifts that are perfect for everyone on your shopping list.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends & Family

Need DIY Christmas gift ideas? Look no further! Click through to Soap Deli News blog now for a huge collection of DIY Christmas gift ideas for friends and family!

1. Chocolate Orange Body Butter Recipe / 2. Easy Melt & Pour Polar Bear Soap Recipe / 3. Cranberry Chutney Solid Lotion Bar Recipe (with Printable Labels) / 4. Holiday Frosted Cranberry Coconut Milk Soap Recipe / 5. Homemade Cranberry Body Butter Recipe / 6. DIY Holiday Wax Tarts (with Printable Labels)

A huge collection of DIY bath and body Christmas gift ideas that anyone can make from home!

7. Homemade Hibiscus Salt Scrub Recipe / 8. Melt & Pour Caffeinated Soap Recipe / 9. DIY Melt & Pour Snowflake Soaps / 10. Chamomile Calendula Bath Salts Recipe / 11. Rose Sugar Scrub Recipe / 12. Cardamom & Pumpkin Spice Solid Coffee Scrub Recipe

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends, Family and Co-workers!

13. DIY Unicorn Balm / 14. Winter Snowflake Solid Lotion Bar Recipe / 15. Exfoliating Salt Scrub Bar Recipe / 16. Orange & Coconut Coffee Scrub Recipe / 17. Lush Inspired Massage Bar Recipe / 18. Moisturizing Bath Fizzy Powder Recipe

DIY Bath and Body Gift Ideas with Printable Labels

19. Pumpkin Spice Pie Soap Recipe / 20. Sea Salt Face & Body Scrub Recipe (with Printable Labels) / 21. Activated Charcoal Detox Mask Recipe (with Printable Labels) / 22. Tea Tree & Sea Mud Soap Recipe / 23. Merlot Tinted Lip Balm Recipe (with Printable Labels) / 24. Foaming Celtic Sea Salt Scrub Recipe (with Printable Labels)

Easy homemade Christmas gift ideas you can make for friends and family!

25. Non-greasy Cinnamon Sugar Body Butter Recipe (with Printable Labels) / 26. Homemade Mustache Wax & Beard Oil Recipes (with Printable Labels) / 27. Fantastic & Ferocious Homemade Soap Recipe (with Printable Labels and Gift Tags) / 28. Odor Neutralizing Candle DIY / 29. Homemade Chamomile Balm Recipe / 30. DIY Frosted Cranberry Massage Candles (with Printable Labels)

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

31. DIY Melt & Pour Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter Soaps / 32. Leather Mandle DIY / 33. Natural Patchouli & Fir Hand Cream Recipe / 34. Whiskey & Tobacco Caramel Handmilled Soap Recipe / 35. DIY Tempestuous Roll On Cologne Recipe / 36. Mineral Bath Soak Recipes

Homemade Soap Gift ideas for the Holidays and Other DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make for Friends and Family

37. Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe / 38. Luxury Double Butter Soap Recipe / 39. Easy Peppermint Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe / 30. Pink Salt & Sal Butter Soap Recipe / 31. Peppermint & Patchouli Castile Soap Recipe / 32. Castile Soap Recipe with Bee Pollen Powder

The Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

33. Healing Winter Body Balm Recipe (with Printable Label Tutorial) / 34. Non-Greasy Vanilla & Fig Body Butter Recipe / 35. Lemon Verbena Mint Body Butter Recipe & Scented Candle DIY / 36. Roll On Perfume Recipe / 37. DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Snowballs / 38. Heal & Protect Winter Lip Balm Recipe

50 Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

39. Holiday Day Red Tinted Lip Balm Recipe / 40. Non-Greasy Lavender Body Butter Recipe / 41. DIY Gemstone Candles / 42. Starry DIY Snow Globe Ring / 43. DIY Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soaps

50 Unique DIY Bath and Body Christmas Gifts You Can Make for Friends and Family

44. Homemade Solid Perfume Recipe / 45. Homemade Apple & Pumpkin Spice Lotion Recipe / 46. Homemade Orange & Espresso Soap Recipe / 47. Easy DIY Light Bulb Aquariums /48. Homemade Pumpkin Soap Recipe / 49. Natural Vanilla & Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub Recipe / 50. DIY Edible Birdhouse

Still want even more great ideas for DIY Christmas gifts? Be sure to check out these holiday related boards on Pinterest: All About the Holly-Days, Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas, and DIY Stocking Stuffer Sized Christmas Gifts. Or find more DIY bath and body related gift ideas on my DIY Bath and Body and Simply Soapmaking boards.

DIY Christmas Cookie Lip Balm Kit plus 50 Unique DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make for Friends and Family!

For handmade Christmas gifts you can buy, be sure to check out my favorites on Etsy as well Etsy’s new holiday gift guide! You can even find kits for making your own DIY Christmas Gifts! One of my favorite DIY Christmas Gift Kits is the DIY Christmas Cookie Lip Balm Kit (pictured above) from Sweet Cecily’s.

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