Homemade Peppermint Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

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Beauty DIY - Homemade Peppermint Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

Since posting my Homemade Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe, I’ve had multiple requests for an all natural version as well as a version with sugar instead of salt. While I created this recipe with sugar, for those of you who prefer salt you can substitute the sugar with fine sea salt.

Like my homemade foaming salt scrub, this homemade peppermint foaming sugar scrub recipe is rich and thick and will lather up like a soap when massaged onto skin so there’s no need to wash with soap and water afterward. However, in contrast this homemade bath & body recipe is all natural except for the fragrance. If you prefer a completely natural product, simply substitute the fragrance oil with an essential oil at 1% of the recipe. You can also use any of your favorite fragrance or essential oils in place of the peppermint fragrance to suit your tastes.

These make really wonderful homemade Christmas gift ideas as well. Simply package in a decorative jar or container. I used a 16 oz. glass snowflake candy dish with a plastic lid for my peppermint scented sugar scrub that I found at our local Kroger (grocery store) for just $1.50. (And it was made in the USA!)

Homemade Peppermint Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

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7 oz. white sugar
1.5 oz. unscented liquid Castille soap (like Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Unscented Baby-Mild Pure Castile Soap or Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Liquid Castille Soap)
1 oz. refined shea butter (or organic natural shea butter)
4 ml certified organic rosehip seed oil
.2 oz. Peppermint Stick fragrance oil (or .01 oz. organic peppermint essential oil)


If you want to layer or swirl your scrubs red and white, you will need to make two separate batches of this recipe. For the red batch simply add 5 drops of Matte Americana Liquid Red Pigment (made from natural glycerin and red iron oxide.) One batch will fill one 8 oz. container, while two batches layered or swirled will fit one 16 oz. container.

Start by weighing out the sugar using a digital kitchen scale in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup and set aside. Then weigh out the shea butter in a separate glass container and melt in the microwave. Add the shea butter to the sugar mixture followed by 1.5 oz. of liquid Castille soap by weight. Using plastic transfer pipette or glass dropper, add the rosehip seed oil. Mix well with a spatula. For the red layer, repeat this recipe in a separate container and using plastic transfer pipette or glass dropper add five drops of liquid pigment color, then mix well.

To layer the scrub in your container(s) pour the desired amount of one color into the bottom of your container and allow to set up slightly before adding the next layer. Repeat until desired effect is achieved. For a swirl, fill one side of the container with white scrub and the other side with the red tinted scrub and swirl with a butter knife or chopstick until you get the look you want.

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea - DIY Peppermint Scented Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

Now put the lid on your container and allow the scrub to fully set it. It will thicken as the shea butter reaches room temperature and cools. Then simply decorate your container of homemade sugar scrub for gift giving.

To use simple scoop out a desired amount and massage onto skin in the bath or shower. Because of the way this sugar scrub is formulated, it won’t leave your tub slippery like other sugar scrubs that are comprised mainly of sugar and oils. It also cleanses as it exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling the moisture rich benefits of the shea butter and rosehip seed oil once rinsed away.

For more DIY homemade Christmas gift ideas, be sure to follow my Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas board and my DIY Stocking Stuffer Sized Christmas Gifts board on Pinterest. Or for gifts you can buy this holiday season, visit my Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas board. You can also find more handmade DIY gift ideas on Soap Deli News here.

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  1. The pink scrub looks so pretty, it has to be wonderful! (via CBC)

  2. Can I use another carrier oil than rosehip oil

    • Of course. I chose to use rosehip seed oil because it’s so great against dry, weathered, and dehydrated skin as well as wrinkles and maturing skin. However, you can use any carrier oil that suits your needs or availability.

  3. What if you use peppermint castile soap instead of adding the peppermint oil–would that work?

  4. Because you used store bought/ready made shower gel dies this mean you dont need a preservative?

  5. Thank you for this recipe, it is perfect! I used to use a foaming body whip purchased from Bramble Berry but it was too drying, even after adding additional oils and butters. So thank you, thank you now I am all set for my craft fair this weekend. Have a good one!