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Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soap DIY! This fun winter craft tutorial will walk you through the steps of making your own homemade snow globe soaps for the holiday season! These are so cute and they make fun Christmas gifts for kids!

Gingerbread Man DIY Snow Globe Soaps: DIY Holiday Gifts for Kids

Need a unique holiday gift idea for the kids or grandkids? These adorable DIY gingerbread man snow globes soaps make the perfect gift. And they’re small enough to tuck inside a Christmas stocking to gift as stocking stuffers! Not only will your recipients actually get excited about bath time, they get to play with the the gingerbread man toy inside once all the soap is gone. Keep reading to learn how to make these adorable DIY snow globe soaps now.

Homemade Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea for Christmas - DIY Gingerbread Man Snow Globe Soap

Unique Holiday Gift Idea for Kids: DIY Snow Globe Soaps

If you’re looking for a fun homemade gift idea for the holidays, then you’ll definitely want to consider these super cute gingerbread man DIY snow globe soaps! Kids love bathing with these fun, seasonally inspired snow globe soaps. And once the soap is gone, they are left with a little gingerbread man figurine they can take along with them on all of their holiday adventures! 

Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soap DIY! This fun winter craft tutorial will walk you through the steps of making your own homemade snow globe soaps for the holiday season! These are so cute and they make fun Christmas gifts for kids!

Holiday Gingerbread Man DIY Snow Globe Soaps

Recipe from Wholesale Supplies Plus


10.5 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
1.5 oz. White Melt & Pour Soap Base
1 teaspoon Matte American Red Liquid Pigment
1 teaspoon Super Sparkle Iridescent Glitter
10 ml Peppermint Stick Fragrance Oil
Rubbing Alcohol
10 Mini Gingerbread Men Toys

Supplies & Equipment:

Cookie Sheet or Cutting Board
2 – Cake Pop Silicone Molds
Mixing Spoon
Plastic Transfer Pipette
Digital Kitchen Scale
Knife or Soap Cutter
2 – 2 Cup or larger Pyrex Measuring Cups
Spray Bottle


The recipe for these gingerbread man DIY snow globe soaps yields 10 holiday themed soaps. However if you purchase the snow globe kit you can actually make up to 12 by slightly increasing the recipe. (The gingerbread men are sold in packs of twelve.) You can make 8 DIY snow globe soapss with one cake pop silicone mold in two stages – as it only has 8 cavities – or you can make them all at once if you have two of these molds.

Start by filling a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. You will be using this to spritz on after each layer of soap to prevent bubbles and help the layers adhere to one another. You’ll also want to place your silicone mold onto a cookie sheet or cutting board in case you need to move the soaps while they are still setting up inside the mold.

How to Make Handmade Christmas Snow Globe Soaps

Now begin making your DIY snow globe soaps by first weighing out the clear melt & pour soap base. Cut it into chunks with a knife or soap cutter then melt in the microwave just until melted. This melt & pour soap base melts really fast – under a minute! – so watch it carefully. Once melted, measure out the Peppermint Stick Fragrance Oil with a plastic transfer pipette and stir into the soap base. Measure out the glitter and stir it in as well.

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea - DIY Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soaps

Now place one gingerbread man into each of the mold cavities and slowly pour the melted soap base into each cavity. Leave room around the lip of the mold so there is room to add the “snow” and snow globe base. Once you have filled each cavity equally with soap, spritz the top of the soaps with alcohol and allow to set up. (This base will set up fairly quickly if not overheated. Just don’t put it in the freezer or it will cloud your clear soap base.) Set the remaining soap base aside for use later.

Once your soap has solidified, weigh out and melt the white melt & pour soap base in a second measuring cup. Spritz the tops of the solidified soap again with alcohol then slowly pour the white soap evenly in each cavity. Spritz with alcohol and allow to set up.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea - DIY Homemade Snow Globe Melt and Pour Soaps

Once the new layer of soap has solidified, re-melt the clear soap with fragrance and glitter. Next, Stir in just enough red pigment to created a deep red color. Spritz the molded soaps with alcohol, then slowly pour the red soap – what will be the snow globe “base” – into each cavity until filled. Spritz again with alcohol and allow to solidify.

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea - DIY Gingerbread Man Snow Globe Soap Stocking Stuffer

Once the snow globe soaps have completely set up, remove them from the mold cavities and wrap tightly with professional plastic food wrap film. This will keep them from sweating. Then label and add any other additional packaging as desired and they are ready to gift! These snow globe soaps make great homemade stocking stuffers. Or gift them in a box of other fantastic treats for the holidays!

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