DIY Edible Birdhouse Craft Project and Homemade Gift Idea

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DIY Homemade Edible Bird House Craft Project - Popular DIY Gift Idea for Garden Lovers and Bird Watchers

My friend, Brian, who sells his pottery and photos down on the Roanoke City Market made this stunning DIY edible birdhouse. He’s been selling them like hotcakes all season long as homemade Christmas gifts. You can buy the top selling versions of this edible birdhouse from a long established company for around $70. Or you can make your own DIY edible birdhouse. Lucky for you, Brian – who retails his birdhouse for $45 each – was kind enough to share how he makes these DIY edible birdhouses for your fellow fowl.

DIY Christmas Gift Idea - Handmade Edible Bird Houses for Garden Lovers and Bird Watchers

If you are quick you can craft one of these DIY edible birdhouses to give as a last minute homemade gift idea for a garden lover or bird watcher. These make stunning DIY gifts year round for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other gift occasion and make a great DIY spring craft project.To start you’ll first need to buy an unfinished wooden birdhouse from a craft store. Drill two holes in the top of the birdhouse and string thin rope or heavy ribbon or twine through the holes and knot securely in a loop. This allows the birdhouse to be hung in a tree or another favorite location.

Next, gather all of your edible ingredients you’d like to include on the birdhouse for the birds to eat. You can buy birdseed and millet in bulk as well as apples and oranges. For the apples, slice then soak in lemon juice and salt so they don’t brown then dry in an oven on low heat. For oranges, simply slice and dry in the oven. You can also use dried fruits you’ve purchased including cranberries, pineapples and raisins – even coconut!

Once you have all of the ingredients to go onto your birdhouse, you’ll need to make the paste to adhere them to the birdhouse base. To make the paste, combine 3 Cups Wheat Flour, 2 Cup Waters, and 3/4 Cup Honey. If honey is too expensive in your area, you can substitute it with corn syrup. You can multiply or divide this recipe to make more or less of the paste depending on how many houses you plan to make.

Now that your paste is made, all that is left is to apply the paste to the birdhouse and press the seeds and dried fruits into the paste! Allow to dry, add some decorative ribbon and a gift tag, and present to your recipient!

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