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foaming whipped salt scrub recipe

How to Make a Foaming Whipped Salt Scrub Recipe

Get glowing skin with this easy DIY whipped salt scrub. This foaming body scrub is a wonderful way to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize skin with just a single product! Formulated for all skin types, this skin care recipe is made using a melt and pour soap base rather than a pre-existing foaming bath whip. So, it’s an easy way to create customized skin care products at home with ingredients you may already have on hand if you’re accustomed to making DIY bath and body products. Keep learning to learn how to create this exciting homemade body scrub for a spa day a home.

diy whipped salt scrub

DIY Whipped Salt Scrub

This foaming whipped body scrub recipe is so easy to make! Just melt, pour and mix ingredients for an exfoliating body scrub that exfoliates and cleanses like soap while moisturizing skin! This foaming salt scrub recipe is such a fun way to get glowing skin as part of your summer skin care routine. Not only does it perform the work of three products in one, but it may also be customized with your favorite scent!

Keep reading to learn how to make a foaming whipped salt scrub that gently exfoliates as it lathers, foams, and cleanses — just like soap! You’ll be thrilled to discover just how easy it is to make your own recipes for an at home spa day.

how to make foaming whipped salt scrub

Whipped Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe

© Rebecca D. Dillon

This foaming whipped salt scrub recipe is a wonderful way to get glowing skin this summer! This easy body care recipe was created before you could buy a whipped body scrub base, which I later used to make my strawberry smoothie whipped salt scrub. Therefore, rather than using a pre-existing whipped soap base to create this skin product, you will use melt and pour soap as the base for this exfoliating salt scrub recipe.

A twist on the first version of my foaming salt scrub, this bath time product can actually be whipped using either a hand blender or an immersion blender. Much like a DIY whipped sugar sugar scrub, this product hardens slightly as it cools into a semi-soft body scrub. As a result, you can whip the salt scrub as it cools down, much in the same way. 

Whipped Body Scrub Ingredients:

These are the ingredients necessary to make a whipped salt scrub that foams and lathers like soap in the shower:

  • 6 oz. Crafter’s Choice basic white soap base: You will need to use a basic melt and pour soap base for my foaming salt scrub recipe. I specifically used the Crafter’s Choice basic white soap base. I can’t say that this will turn out the same using other soap bases. However, if you use another soap base the final product may vary somewhat as the chemical composition of the soap bases is so different. This soap base is used in combination with a specific amount of oils and butters to form a whipped body scrub base.
  • . 8 oz. safflower oil: This carrier oil makes a wonderful addition to your body care formulations! Not only does safflower oil moisturize skin, but it also possesses skin soothing properties. If desired, you may substitute this oil with another liquid carrier oil of your choice.
  • .25 oz. sal butter: Like other popular moisturizing body butters, sal butter is dense with fatty acids that nourish and condition skin. It’s most similar in composition to cocoa butter. However, unlike cocoa butter, sal butter is a semi-solid like shea butter. This body moisturizer is shelf stable, spreads easily and helps to soften and moisturize skin when used for body care.
  • .7 oz coarse pink Himalayan salt: Pink salt is rich in natural minerals and is a wonderful to detox skin.
  • 1.75 oz. fine Dead Sea salt: This salt from the Dead Sea naturally retains moisture. Therefore, it breaks down the soap base to form an exfoliating salt scrub to help you achieve naturally glowing skin. You cannot make substitutions for this ingredient in my whipped body scrub recipe.
  • 2.15 oz. Epsom salt: Rich in magnesium, this salt soothes skin and assists with exfoliation.
  • .15 oz. fragrance oil: I used a cayenne caramel fragrance oil for my foaming salt scrub recipe. However, you can use any skin safe scent you like to make your own DIY whipped salt scrubs.

Tools and Equipment

To make this foaming whipped salt scrub using a melt and pour soap base, you will need some common kitchen tools to get started. Here are the additional tools and equipment needed:

  • Digital Kitchen Scale: This will be used to weigh out the melt and pour soap base for this DIY body scrub. If you don’t have a scale, but have purchased a scored block of your preferred melt and pour soap, you can count out the 6 of the 1 oz. sections and use those instead.
  • Heat Safe Measuring Cups: Use Pyrex measuring cups to heat and combine the ingredients called for in this whipped salt scrub recipe.
  • Spoon: A spoon, or other kitchen utensil such as a fork or spatula, is necessary to mix the ingredients together.
  • Hand Blender: If you want to whip this DIY foaming salt scrub to create a whipped body scrub recipe, then a hand blender or immersion blender is necessary to whip the ingredients after they’ve been combined.
  • Microwave: You will use a microwave to melt the soap base and shea butter called for in this DIY body scrub. If you don’t have a microwave, you may use a double boiler.
  • Containers: Two 8 oz. plastic (BPA free) low profile jars are needed to package your final product.

whipped salt scrub diy

How to Make a Whipped Foaming Salt Scrub 

Here is how to make a whipped foaming salt scrub for body care:

  1. Use a digital scale begin by weighing out the soap base. Cut into chunks using a Chef’s knife.
  2. Heat the melt and pour soap base in either a double boiler or in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup in 30 second increments, stirring in between heatings. Heat until completely melted.
  3. Now weigh out the sal butter and melt. Stir the melted sal butter into the melted soap base.
  4. Follow with safflower oil and the fragrance oil. Weigh out the amounts needed and stir into the melted ingredients until thoroughly incorporated.
  5. Finally add the salts called for in this homemade body scrub recipe. Weigh out each of the salts and mix into the melted foaming salt scrub recipe ingredients until the mixture starts to solidify.
  6. If desired, you can whip this DIY body scrub with a hand blender to make it light and fluffy. By whipping this foaming salt scrub, you are adding air into the product. As a result, you may need additional containers when make a whipped salt scrub for glowing skin. If you’d like to make a whipped salt scrub, simply follow the directions on how to whip salt scrubs below. Otherwise, proceed with packaging this body care product.

whipped body scrub for glowing skin

How to Package Salt Scrubs

To package your salt glow scrubs, simply pour or spoon the whipped scrubs into your chosen containers. I used two 8 oz. plastic (BPA free) low profile jars to package my foaming whipped salt scrubs. I then topped the body scrub with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt for presentation.

Allow the foaming salt scrub to completely set up. It will appear solid but will give when you scoop it out or press your finger into it. Once the product has completely cooled and solidified into a semi-solid, screw on the lids.

You can now label or decorate your container to suit. I decorated my jars of this product for a spa day a home with a strip of Love Kitchen Translucent Washi Sticker Tape I purchased from Happy Zakka Life on Etsy. It was that easy! 

However, if you plan to produce your products to sell, you will need to follow safe manufacturing practices when creating your products. In addition, you will also need to label your products accordingly as required by law.

How to Whip Salt Scrubs

Similar to a whipped body butter recipe, homemade body scrubs for glowing skin may also be whipped with a hand or immersion blender. Here is how to whip your foaming salt scrub to make it lighter and fluffier:

  1. To make a foaming whipped body scrub, create the recipe as indicated above. However, don’t pour the body butter into individual containers. Instead leave the salt scrub mixture for your homemade body butter in the container used for mixing in the additional ingredients.
  2. Now place the body scrub mixture in your refrigerator to cool, if needed. Once the mixture starts to look thicken, remove it from the refrigerator.
  3. After you’ve taken the DIY salt scrub out of the refrigerator, use an immersion blender or a hand mixer to whip the scrub.
  4. Whip to your desired fluffiness. However, be sure not to over whip the foaming salt scrub as the heat from mixing can cause it to deflate.
  5. Once whipped, spoon the whipped salt scrub into containers of your choice.

Tip: If your homemade salt scrub doesn’t seem to be whipping, it could be that the mixture is still too warm. In this case, allow the body scrub to cool for an additional amount of time. Then try again. For faster cooling times, you can also place the foaming salt scrub mixture into the freezer for 5-10 minutes, as needed.

How to Use a Whipped Salt Scrub

To use this DIY whipped salt scrub, simply scoop out the desired amount and massage onto wet skin in the tub or shower. Your foaming salt scrub will have a light lather, similar to that of soap. Once skin is cleanse, rinse the product off completely. Then pat dry.

Can I Substitute the Salt with Sugar to Make This Body Scrub?

This foaming whipped salt scrub is specifically formulated with Dead Sea salt due to its high moisture content. This content, in combination with the other ingredients called for, prohibits the melt and pour soap base from fully rehardening. As a result, you get a creamy, whipped salt scrub that foams and lathers. Without the Dead Sea salt, this recipe will resolidify into a solid salt bar. Therefore, you are not able to substitute the salt for sugar in this DIY to create a whipped sugar scrub recipe

how to make whipped salt scrub using a melt and pour soap base

Salt Scrub Recipes

If you like my foaming whipped salt scrub recipe, then you may also enjoy creating, using or gifting these other fun and exciting salt scrub recipes. Several of these body scrub recipes can be whipped in the same way as this DIY whipped body scrub. While others are more traditional salt scrubs for glowing skin.

  • Strawberry Smoothie Foaming Salt Scrub: Dish up some fun in the kitchen with this amazing strawberry smoothie, foaming salt scrub recipe! Its exfoliating and toning skin care properties will help keep your skin ready to show off all season long! This DIY whipped salt scrub contains fruit that naturally reveals glowing skin.
  • Foaming Celtic Sea Salt Scrub: This foaming Celtic sea salt scrub recipe contains light grey Celtic sea salt to moisturize, revitalize, exfoliate and  detox skin as well as calm inflammation. Learn about the skin care benefits of this natural salt scrub recipe with essential oils, plus how to make your own to incorporate into your natural skin care routine.
  • Dead Sea Salt Face and Body Scrub: Get glowing, healthy looking skin with this homemade lush face and body scrub recipe. Formulated with nourishing body butters, coconut oil and Dead Sea salt, this Dead Sea salt face and body scrub recipe exfoliates skin and offers dry skin relief. It’s the perfect addition to your natural beauty regimen for sensitive, maturing or dry skin! 
  • Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe: This exfoliating body scrub recipe is an easy way to cleanse, exfoliate and  moisturize skin — all in one step! Make this DIY salt scrub today for homemade gifts for Mom. Or to gift to friends and family ready to take their beauty regimen to the next level! Like the recipe above, this salt scrub can also be whipped for a whipped body scrub recipe.
  • DIY Ginger Lime Salt Scrub: This freshly scented ginger lime homemade salt scrub recipe is easy to make and is a great way to exfoliate and moisturize dry skin.

For even more easy skin care recipes, be sure to try out this simple collection of homemade skin care recipes. This post provides a tutorial on how to make your own natural salve, homemade body butter and exfoliating sugar scrub. These three skin care recipes all share one ingredient in common and each have only two ingredients each! So, they’re a great option if you want to explore making your own body care products on a budget.

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