Easy Cream Eyeshadow Recipe

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This easy cream eyeshadow recipe requires just three ingredients and results in a beautiful and highly pigmented cream eyeshadow with a smooth application and lasting results.

This easy cream eyeshadow recipe requires just three ingredients! However, the result is a beautiful and highly pigmented cream eyeshadow that glides on smooth and provides lasting results. It’s also great for blending. Learn how to make your own with my easy cream eyeshadow recipe below.

This easy cream eyeshadow recipe requires just three ingredients and results in a beautiful and highly pigmented cream eyeshadow that glides on smooth and provides lasting results.

Cream Eyeshadow Recipe

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Matte oxide or ultramarine pigment powder in eye safe color of choice
Eye safe mica or cosmetic glitter in color of choice


As you’re likely working with small amounts of pigments and mica that are more difficult to be weighed, I created this cream eyeshadow recipe so you can use any amount of pigment desired based on how many eyeshadows you want to create.

Begin by combining two parts of your matte oxide or ultramarine pigment powder with one part of the mica in a complementary color. Mix well until the mica and pigment powder are evenly distributed throughout.

If you want a completely matte cream eyeshadow simply omit the mica. For my shimmery purple cream eyeshadow pictured here, I specifically used Matte Violet Ultramarine Powder.

Now add a small amount of dimethicone and mix and mash the dimethicone into the pigment and mica. Continue until all of the pigment and mica stick together. You may want to wear gloves and mash with your fingers. This is a messy project no matter how you mix it. If you add too much dimethicone, add more pigment and mica.

Test a bit of the cream eyeshadow mixture on your hand to ensure you’ve reached a consistency that works.

Now use a knife to fill your eyeshadow pan. I used a 3 ml silver plastic jar with a hinged lid and clear window from SKS Bottle and Packaging. Clean up your work area using Dawn or oil.

I let my cream eyeshadow sit overnight before using. To use apply a small amount to lids with your finger and smooth and blend with an eyeshadow brush. Or simply apply with an eyeshadow brush using a bit of pressure to pick up the cream eyeshadow with the brush.

To remove your cream eyeshadow, use oil or a cream eye makeup remove or cleanser. I recommend my easy argan and rosemary facial cleansing oil. That recipe can be found here.

Now that you’ve made your first cream eyeshadow recipe you can try other colors and mica blends or even re-make your existing eyeshadows into cream eyeshadows.

For a similar cream eyeshadow that you can buy rather than DIY, I recommend Hikari’s Cream Pigment Eyeshadows who I recently discovered through ipsy’s monthly glam bag. (I love the color Mink which is not nearly as dark as it appears in the product photographs.)

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