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how to make sugar scrub bars

Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

Sugar scrub bars are a fun way to cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate skin in one easy step. This easy skin care recipe for solid sugar scrub cubes is a twist on classic body scrubs. Formulated so they are solid cubes rather than a liquid mixture, these exfoliating body bars are less greasy than a traditional sugar scrub recipe. In addition, they won’t leave your tub slippery. So, there’s no extensive clean up involved after a relaxing bath or shower.

diy solid sugar scrubs

DIY Solid Sugar Scrubs

If you love sugar scrubs but not the goopy mess associated with old school, homemade body scrubs, then this skin care recipe is a must try! This classic sugar scrub cube recipe is not only easy to make, but it’s ready the same day for gifting. Made using natural ingredients, this solid sugar scrub cubes recipe is great for crafting year round. Not only can you use this skin care product as part of your own beauty regimen, but these exfoliating sugar scrub bars also make lovely homemade gifts for everything from birthdays to Mother’s day! And, this no hassle recipe can also be customized with your favorite essential oil or essential oil blends along with a carrier oil that suits your skin care needs.

What Are Sugar Scrub Bars?

Sugar scrub bars are basically a sugar scrub in solid form. They contain many of the same ingredients as a sugar scrub recipe. They also work similarly to sugar scrubs in that they exfoliate and moisturize skin. However, as these sugar scrubs come in cubes or bars, they’re easier to control in the shower and tub, resulting in less mess than a traditional sugar scrub. 

Exfoliating sugar scrub bars can be made in one of two ways. The first sugar scrub bars were made using a melt and pour soap based to create a solid base for the other sugar scrub ingredients. The second is to make them using a combination of hard butters, oils, sugar and fragrance to create a sugar scrub in a solid form.

What Are Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Used For?

Solid sugar scrub cubes, also known as solid sugar scrub bars, are used to exfoliate and moisturize skin. It’s as simple as that. Some sugar scrub cubes also contain soap. In this case, they not only exfoliate and moisturize skin, they also cleanse skin. So if you’re looking for a moisturizing soap with added benefits for the skin, then you’ll want to make a solid sugar scrub recipe using a melt and pour soap base.

Alternately, you can also make solid sugar scrubs without a melt and pour soap base. You’ll want to apply this type of scrub to skin after cleansing. As these DIY sugar scrub bars are made using hard butters that melt in the shower, they tend to moisturize skin better than those made with soap.

solid sugar scrub cubes

What Are the Benefits of Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Cubes?

Skin Care Benefits

Like traditional sugar scrubs, exfoliating sugar scrub cubes have a number of skin care benefits.

  • They naturally exfoliate skin with sugar.
  • Ingredients are often added to moisturize and condition skin.
  • When made using a soap base, they also cleanse the skin similarly to a hydrating bar soap.

Practical Benefits of Solid Sugar Scrubs vs Traditional Sugar Scrubs

Solid sugar scrubs also have practical benefits as well, outside of skin care, over traditional sugar scrubs.

  • They don’t feel oily or greasy like traditional sugar scrubs.
  • Solid scrubs aren’t as messy to use.
  • There’s less worry about them making the tub slippery after use.
  • They travel well without worry about the packaging leaking.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes?

There are so many different ingredients you can use to make exfoliating sugar scrubs. However the basic ingredients for the recipe stays relatively similar regardless of the recipe. (I share more solid sugar scrub recipes you can explore at the end of this post!) Here are the main ingredients you will need to make solid sugar scrubs for your winter skin care routine.

  • Melt and Pour Soap Base: The first solid sugar scrub soap bars were made using a melt and pour soap base. The soap is used to hold the ingredients together to form a solid scrub. (Although you can make these without soap as well.) If you have dry skin, I recommend using a detergent free melt and pour soap base. I used this goat milk suspension base for my scrubs, which can easily be found at most craft stores, but you can use your favorite soap base.
  • Hard Butters: If you are making solid sugar scrub bars without soap, you can replace the soap in the recipe with a hard butter, such as kokum or cocoa butter. In some cases, where additional carriers oils are used, both a hard butter and a wax may be required to keep the scrubs solid.
  • Carrier Oil: Soap alone can often be drying to skin as it strips skin of its natural oils. Therefore carriers oils are used to give these scrubs moisturizing skin care properties. Carrier oils not only penetrate skin for deep hydration, they also soften the bars slightly. This allows you to break off chunks and crumble the scrub in your palm for application if desired.
  • Essential OilsEssential oils are used to scent your solid sugar scrubs. While not necessary, they are a nice way to naturally scent your winter skin care product. Alternately, you can also use a fragrance oil if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to essential oils. I used rose absolute to scent my scrubs. However, you can also use your favorite essential oil blend.
  • Sugar: Sugar is needed in this recipe for exfoliation. Plus, you can’t really have a sugar scrub without the sugar, right? I used white granulated sugar to make my scrubs for its fine texture.
  • Soap Colorant: If you’d like to color your sugar scrub bars, then you’ll need to use a soap colorant as part of the recipe. You can use either several drops of a liquid soap colorant to suit, or you can use cosmetic mica powder. I used a rosy pink mica powder for my recipe.

solid sugar scrub cubes recipe

Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

© Rebecca D. Dillon

This recipe for solid sugar scrub cubes is one of the first I ever made. It was formulated using a melt and pour soap base and sugar. Additional ingredients were added for scent and color for a pleasant appearance and fragrance. Softer than soap, these sugar scrub bars are made with a carrier oil and moisturizing body butter. This allows these cubes to be crushed in your hands and then used on skin for cleansing and exfoliation. 

Making these solid sugar scrub bars is incredibly easy! You simply need to weigh, melt and mix the ingredients. Once the melted ingredients for the recipe are combined, they are then poured into a silicone mold or ice cube tray. The resulting cubes are then removed from the mold once hardened. If necessary, depending on the mold used to make this body scrub recipe, the solid sugar scrub is then cut down into smaller pieces then packaged.

If you’re ready to try an easy, yet effective no fail recipe for solid sugar scrubs, then this recipe is a must try! Following you will learn how to make solid sugar scrubs in cube form using a loaf mold. Feel free to swap out the mold I used for one of your choice.

Sugar Scrub Bar Ingredients

This solid sugar scrub cubes recipe is easy to make and ready the same day. So, it’s the perfect solution if you need last minute homemade gifts. These are the ingredients you will need to make individual use, solid sugar scrub bars at home:

  • 2.5 oz. Natural Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base: The base for these DIY sugar scrub bars is a natural, SLS-free melt and pour soap base. I chose to use a detergent free base as it’s less likely to dry out skin.
  • 4 oz. Shea Butter or Sal Butter: You will need a body butter for dry skin to complete this skin care recipe and to add moisturizing properties. I used shea butter to make these exfoliating body scrubs. However, you can also use sal butter. In addition to shea butter’s skin care benefits, this product also helps to soften the soft so that it can be applied as a body scrub on skin.
  • 1.2 oz. Rosehip Seed Oil (or other carrier oil suited for your skin type): A carrier oil helps to further soften the soap base used to make this DIY sugar scrubs. In addition, you’ll also enjoy the skin care benefits of whatever oil you choose when making this easy body care recipe.
  • .35 oz. Lavender Essential Oil (or other essential oil of choice: Essential oils are a great way to naturally scent this body care products. If you aren’t sure how to fragrance these DIY solid sugar scrubs, I recommend that you try a blend of equal parts lavender, sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils.
  • 16 oz. white granulated sugar: Without sugar you can’t make a homemade sugar scrub recipe. Therefore regular white sugar is added to this formulation for its exfoliating skin care properties.
  • Pinch of mica or other powdered pigment color, to suit: If you’d like to create colorful sugar scrub bars, then you’ll need to use a colorant as part of the recipe. I used just a pinch of mica to make my solid sugar scrub cube recipe. However, you can also a liquid soap colorant or a powdered pigment color such as ultramarines or oxides to give your DIY body scrubs a fun tint. Keep in mind, however, that you only need a tiny bit to avoid staining skin. In addition, any colorant you use will be muted by the white from the sugar, giving you a pastel as the final color.

equipment needed to make solid sugar scrub cubes

Tools and Equipment

In order to complete this recipe for solid sugar scrub bars, you’ll also need the following tools and equipment:

  • Silicone soap mold: You can use a loaf mold to make these homemade body scrubs, then cut the final product into cubes for ease of use. Alternately, you can also use a small silicone ice cube tray. This hexagon ice cube mold is perfect for creating decorative solid sugar scrub cubes. (As this is an older recipe, I actually used a wooden loaf soap mold to make these DIY sugar scrubs. Therefore, the instructions on how to make these sugar scrub bars reflects that.)
  • Heat safe measuring cups: Large, heat-safe Pyrex measuring cups are used to combine, melt and mix the ingredients for this natural, exfoliating skin care recipe
  • Utensil for stirring: A fork, spoon or silicone spatula are used to mix the ingredients together to form a solid body scrub.
  • Microwave: I used a microwave to melt the ingredients for this exfoliating sugar scrub. However, you can also use a crockpot or double boiler depending on what is available to you.
  • Digital kitchen scale: You need to weigh in the ingredients called for in this recipe. Therefore, a digital kitchen scale is necessary to complete this project.
  • Chef’s Knife: You’ll need a Chef’s knife or other large, sharp knife to cut the melt and pour soap base into chunks.

how to make sugar scrub bars

How to Make Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes

Here is how to make solid sugar scrub cubes to exfoliate for glowing skin:

1. Begin by preparing your mold, if necessary. As I used my DIY wooden soap mold to use as the mold to create my solid sugar scrub cubes, I first lined the mold with an office sized trashbag. (Which was, quite frankly, cheaper and easier to use than parchment paper. In this instance, you will need to cut the solid sugar scrub into squares once they’d hardened with a Chef’s knife.

However, you can also use a small cardboard box lined with plastic or even a silicone candy mold that has multiple cavities in fun shapes. This will make individual solid sugar scrub cubes that don’t need to be cut afterwards. This silicone chocolate rose mold would be great for making solid sugar scrub cubes for homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

2. Once the mold is ready, start the process to make this skin care product by weighing out the melt and pour soap base using a digital scale. Then, use a Chef’s knife to cut the soap into chunks and combine in a double boiler. (You can also combine the soap base in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup to heat in the microwave.)

2. Weigh out the shea butter and mix in with the soap base. Heat in the double boiler until the ingredients have melted completely. Remove the melted shea butter and soap base from heat.

3. Now weigh out the rosehip seed oil, or whichever carrier oil you’ve chosen for this recipe, along with the essential oils you wish to use to scent the product. Stir into your melted ingredients.

4. Next, weigh out the granulated sugar into a large glass bowl. If using a powder pigment for color — such as ultramarines, oxides or micas —cut a pinch of color into the sugar using a butter knife or spatula.

5. Pour the sugar into the shea butter/soap/oil mixture for your sugar scrub bars. Then mix well to fully incorporate the ingredients.

6. Now scoop the solid shea butter sugar scrub mixture into your mold(s) and level with a spatula. Place your filled mold(s) in the refrigerator until the  solid sugar scrub cubes have fully cooled and hardened.

(If you aren’t using a silicone mold you will need to line your mold for easy removal of your final product. In addition, placing your mold onto a cutting board before filling it with your scrub will make transport to the refrigerator much easier.)

7. Finally, remove your completed solid sugar scrub cubes from the mold(s) and package in an airtight container until use.

How to Use Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes

To use your solid sugar scrubs, crush one or two cubes in your damp hands. Then massage the crushed sugar scrub onto damp skin in the shower or bath.

Once you’ve cleansed and exfoliated your entire body, rinse off the product. Then pat dry. Follow with your favorite body moisturizer for dry skin.

Creating DIY wedding favors? These mini printed mason jars make the perfect containers for homemade solid sugar scrub cubes! Click through for an easy, all natural solid sugar scrub cube recipe you can create and gift!

Solid Sugar Scrub Packaging Ideas

I packaged the final product from my solid sugar scrub cube recipe in 8 oz. Clear PET Plastic (BPA Free) Refillable Low Profile Jars. However, I also like the idea of using these Printed Mini Mason Jars from beau-coop if you’re making large batches of these DIY solid sugar scrub cubes for DIY wedding favors or other event gifts.

solid sugar scrub recipes

Solid Sugar Scrub Recipes

Once you’ve tried this easy body scrub recipe, you’ll be excited to make even more of this amazing skin care product. Following are my other recipes for solid sugar scrubs that you can make at home. Whether you’re looking for DIY skin care products to use yourself for an at home spa day or simply need quick and easy homemade gifts, these recipes are perfect!

  • Melt and Pour Soap Recipe with Solid Sugar Scrub Hearts: Crafted using both clear and white melt and pour soap bases, this easy soap recipe features a solid sugar scrub heart in the center to exfoliate skin as you bathe. 
  • Strawberries & Champagne Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes: These strawberry & champagne scented solid sugar scrub bridesmaid favors are made with a combination of organic argan oil, moringa oil, sugar and a detergent free buttermilk soap base for a luxurious sugar scrub that everyone is sure to love!
  • Strawberry Chocolate Solid Sugar Scrub Bar Recipe: Learn how to make homemade gifts with this solid sugar scrub bar recipe. A sweet treat for DIY gifts, these strawberry & chocolate solid sugar scrub bars resemble fudge. They make a delightful homemade gift idea for her to exfoliate and hydrate dry skin as part of any natural beauty regimen for natural skin care.
  • DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Hearts: Whip up these lovely heart shaped solid sugar scrubs as a homemade Valentine’s Day gift for someone special this year. Not only do they smell like spring — I scented mine with a rose & violet fragrance oil — but they are made with a trio of skin nourishing butters! 
  • DIY Sugar Scrub Soap Bars: Learn how to make these DIY soap sugar scrub bars to cleanse and exfoliate skin in one easy step — all with a single product. These homemade sugar scrub bars with soap are the perfect addition to your skin care routine for soft skin. Plus this easy soap sugar scrub recipe create lovely handmade products that are perfect for gift giving! 
  • Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Bars: Discover how to make exfoliating sugar scrub bars with essential oils for winter skin care. This beginner sugar scrub recipe is similar to a traditional sugar scrub, but in solid form. Like regular sugar scrubs, they exfoliate and moisturize skin but without feeling greasy or oily. 
  • White Tea Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe: If have extra dry skin you may also want to try this recipe for solid white tea scented sugar scrubs. This DIY combines nourishing argan, sweet almond, coconut and macadamia nut oils with cocoa butter and a bit of beeswax to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated.
  • Lemon Verbena Solid Sugar Scrub Recipe: Liven up your natural skin care routine by making these lush recipes as part of your self care beauty regimen! Two natural bath and body recipes for summer skin care for soft skin. Learn how to make a natural lemon verbena bath melts recipe to moisturize skin. Plus how to make a solid sugar scrub cube recipe without a melt and pour soap base.
  • DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Snowballs: Need DIY holiday gift ideas? These DIY solid sugar scrub snowballs are the perfect bath time treat for Lush addicts. Made with moisturizing body butters, exfoliating sugar and coconut oil, these solid sugar scrub snowballs are a winter delight for any gift recipient this winter.
  • Solid Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe: Learn how to make this warming cardamom & spice solid coffee sugar scrub recipe for your natural winter skin care routine. Formulated with warm holiday spices and a cardamom fragrance oil, this DIY coffee sugar scrub recipe exfoliates skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite for glowing skin. While the addition of mango & cocoa butter moisturize dry skin.
  • DIY Orange Sugar Scrub: Formulated with fragrant orange zest and moisturizing coconut oil, this solid DIY orange sugar scrub exfoliates gently and leaves your skin glowing and refreshed. The homemade body scrub is rich in antioxidants that can nourish and protect your skin while boosting radiance and smoothness! 
  • DIY Salt Scrub Bars: Made in similar fashion to solid body scrubs with sugar, these solid salt scrub bars look just like donuts fresh from the bakery. You can recreate this DIY skin care recipe as is, or substitute the salt for sugar.

If you enjoyed this natural skin care recipe for making traditional solid sugar scrub cubes, then you may also like my collection of simple homemade skin care recipes for creating your own natural salve, homemade body butter and exfoliating sugar scrub. These three skin care recipes all share one ingredient in common and each have only two ingredients each!

For more homemade skin care and sugar scrub recipesfollow my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest. You can also find and follow Soap Deli News blog on Blog Lovin’, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you never miss a recipe.


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      May 8, 2016 at 5:55 pm

      Different mp soap bases can sometimes cause the need to tweak a recipe a little. I’ve also noticed some manufacturer’s have been tweaking their recipes over time which also may cause the need to tweak a recipe. If you’re sure all the ingredients were weighed correctly, then I would suggest decreasing the liquid oil a bit, not the butter. A few other things to keep in mind, temps can really influence natural products. When it’s extra warm some products may take longer to solidify or reach their final consistency. Always give your final product an extra day or two to be sure. Also, you can chop this back up, re-melt and simply add some more mp soap base. Keep in mind however they do need to be soft enough to crush in your hands.

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