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moisturizing bath fizzy recipe

Moisturizing Bath Fizzy Powder Recipe

Need a simple, but exciting way to moisturize and care for your dry skin? This moisturizing bath fizzy powder recipe is an ideal solution! Easier to make than bath bombs, this fizzing bath powder is a creative and easy way to make your own skin care products at home. Of course, you don’t have to make a DIY bath soak. You can use this same recipe to make DIY bath bombs, if desired.

moisturizing bath fizzy recipe

DIY Bath Fizzy Powder

Learning how to make bath bombs can be a challenge when the humidity is high. Sometimes they come out the mold perfectly just to activate a short time afterwards — never fully drying. If you struggle to make DIY bath bombs due to humidity (and not your recipe or technique) then you may want to make a bath fizzy powder recipe instead.

This homemade bath soak recipe is formulated just like homemade bath bombs. Rather than molding the mixture with bath bomb molds however, the powder is instead spread out onto a parchment lined baking sheet to dry.

Keep reading to learn how to make my DIY bath fizzy powder as a bath time treat to help you relax and unwind. Not only are these DIY bath fizzies a fun addition to your tub, but they are also infused with mango and cocoa butters to moisturize and condition skin.

DIY moisturizing bath fizzy powder

Moisturizing Fizzing Bath Powder

If your dry skin needs some extra love, then give this natural skin care recipe a try! My moisturizing bath fizzy powder recipe nourishes dry skin with moisturizing body butters like mango and cocoa. While additional ingredients such as safflower oil and Epsom salt are added to further condition and soften skin.

The best part about this DIY fizzing bath powder recipe however, is that you can use the very same recipe to make your own moisturizing bath bombs!

My friend, Bambi, and I created this homemade bath fizzy powder recipe together. Our initial plan was to make moisturizing DIY bath bombs. We were more concerned about creating a luxurious and moisturizing bath experience over the splash of colors some bath bombs offer. Therefore we created a homemade bath bomb recipe with ingredients that moisturize skin. We also added Epsom salt to this natural bath soak to naturally relieve aches and pains.

Bambi has had arthritis since childhood and I have fibromyalgia. So, we’re all about natural products that bring relief in that department.

Unfortunately, the humidity and heat was a little excessive that day and our bath bombs didn’t hold up in bath bomb form. So I simply crumbled the broken bath bombs into a powder. I then filled two mason jars with the bath bomb powder. Problem solved.

Therefore, you can essentially use the same recipe below to make both homemade moisturizing bath bombs as well as bath fizzies in powder form. (I provide instructions on how to make both.)

To make moisturizing bath bombs instead of the bath fizzy powder, simply use 2.75″ diameter Milky Way plastic bath bomb molds to create your bath bombs. (Alternately you can also try the metal bath bomb molds. While I don’t have any experience with these, I’m told they do not leave a “ring” around the center of the bath bombs.) This moisturizing bath fizzy powder recipe yields three bath bombs when using the 2.75″ diameter molds or will fill two 16 oz. mason jars when making bath fizzy powder.

Moisturizing Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe

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Moisturize dry skin and enjoy a long, relaxing soak with this natural skin care recipe. A wonderful way to treat yourself, this moisturizing bath fizzy powder is an ideal way to relieve dry skin and provide relief from joint point and sore muscles. Following are the ingredients and directions for making both a fizzing bath powder as well as moisturizing bath bombs.


These are the ingredients you will need to recreate this recipe for fizzing bath powder at home:

Tools and Equipment

In addition to the ingredients necessary to make bath fizzy powder, you will also need the following tools and equipment:

  • digital kitchen scale
  • large glass mixing bowl
  • Pyrex measuring cups or similar
  • whisk and other utensils for stirring
  • baking sheet
  • parchment paper

Bath Fizzy Substitutions

Need to make substitutions to this natural skin care recipe? Following are easy ingredient swaps you can make:

  • If preferred, you can substitute the Epsom salt with ground magnesium flakes for better absorption.
  • Shea butter may be substituted for the mango butter in this skin care DIY. (Also be sure to try my shea butter bath bomb recipe.)
  • The colorant may be omitted entirely. You can also use mica powder in lieu of lake dyes at 1-2% of the recipe. However, if your colors aren’t water soluble, then you will need to use a solubilizer such as Polysorbate 80 to ensure even dispersion and prevent the colors from staining your tub. (Discover more tips for making bath bombs here.)
  • Cocoa butter can be swapped with another hard butter such as illipe butter or kokum butter. Both of these are great body butters for dry skin.
  • If you prefer not to use a synthetic fragrance oil, they do make natural fragrances. These plant-based aromatics made using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates. Alternately, you can also use an essential oil blend at the recommend percentage for this applicationtotal recipe weight. (Learn how to make essential oil blends for perfume and other bath, beauty and skin care products here.)

How to Make Bath Fizzy Powder for Dry Skin

Here is how to make bath fizzy powder for dry skin:

1. You’ll start this DIY skin care project by first weighing out the dry ingredients.

Using a digital scale, weigh out the Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder and color.

2. Combine the dry ingredients in a large glass bowl or large Pyrex measuring cup.

3. Whisk the ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined.

TIP: Using a color specifically formulated for bath bombs will keep the product from leaving a ring of color in your tub. Therefore, I recommend that you use water soluble lake dyes for this project.

how to make bath fizzy powder

4. Next, prepare the wet ingredients for this fizzing bath powder recipe.

To do this, weigh out the mango and cocoa butters. Combine in a glass bowl or Pyrex measuring cup separate from the one you used for the dry ingredients.

5. Heat the butters in the microwave at 50% power until melted.

TIP: If you don’t have a microwave, you can also use a double boiler or small crockpot to melt the body butters for this bath fizzy powder.

6. Now weigh out the safflower oil along with the fragrance oil called for in the recipe. Stir these ingredients into the melted butters.

TIP: If you prefer to use an essential oil for this moisturizing bath soak, use .2 oz. of the essential oil of your choice. However, be sure to check that this amount doesn’t exceed the recommended usage rate. Some essential oils have a lower usage rate than popular options such as lavender or patchouli.

bath fizzy powder recipe

7. Slowly pour the dry ingredients into your wet ingredients, whisking with a fork as you pour.

fizzing bath bomb powder recipe

8. Mix well until the wet and dry ingredients are fully incorporated with one another.

TIP: You want the mixture to be the consistency of wet sand. If your bath fizzy mixture is too wet, then it will activate the baking soda and citric acid causing the formulation to fizz. Therefore, add the liquid concoction slowly, mixing as you go. If you reach a wet sand consistency before you’ve used all the liquid ingredients, stop adding liquid. You can reserve the leftovers for another use in homemade body butters or salves.

9. To make bath fizzy powder, spread the mixture onto a baking pan lined with parchment or freezer paper. If you aren’t experiencing high humidity, you can leave the bath powder out overnight to dry in cool, dry location.

Otherwise,  turn the oven onto warm. Then place the pan of bath fizzy powder in the oven until the powder dries. This generally takes anywhere between one and four hours.

10. After the powder has dried, use the parchment paper to pick up and pour the bath fizzy powder into your containers of choice. Then screw on the lids. Label the containers as desired for personal use or to give as DIY gifts.

easy moisturizing bath bombs

How to Make Moisturizing Bath Bombs

If you want to use the above recipe to make bath bombs instead of a fizzing bath powder, then follow these steps instead once you’ve mixed the formulation together:

1. Scoop the fizzing bath bomb mixture into each side of your bath bomb molds. You wan them to be overflowing.

moisturizing natural skin care recipes

2. Now mash the two sides of the bath bomb mold together tightly, twisting to remove the excess from the outside back into your container of prepared ingredients.

TIP: If you pack one side of the mold and then pack the other side, your two halves won’t stick together.

3. Allow your bath bombs to dry overnight in the molds.

4. Then, gently remove the moisturizing bath fizzies from the molds the next day.

5. Finally, wrap and label the DIY bath bombs as desired.

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