Truffle Buff Recipe for the Softest Skin Ever

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DIY this homemade truffle buff recipe for an exfoliating in the shower body butter scrub that leaves your skin extraordinarily soft!

Learn how to DIY this homemade truffle buff recipe for an exfoliating in the shower body butter scrub that leaves your skin extraordinarily soft!

This truffle buff recipe was created by Nadia Mansour, the former owner of a successful small business called, Ouish®, for which she created high end and all natural skincare products. Since then, however, Nadia has decided to take a break from the small business world and share her homemade skincare recipes instead on her new Facebook blog, The Nadia Effect. The Nadia Effect includes not only skincare recipes, but also DIY videos for making your own natural skincare products and even dessert recipes for baking up treats like her Hazelnut Mocha Cookies. I absolutely LOVE her page and my hope is that you’ll become a fan of hers  as well.

You’ll find Nadia’s truffle buff recipe below. It is, of course, re-printed with her permission.

DIY this homemade truffle buff recipe for an exfoliating in the shower body butter scrub that leaves your skin extraordinarily soft!

Homemade Truffle Buff Recipe

© Nadia Mansour


15 oz. kokum butter
15 oz. shea butter
3 oz. rice, ground
3 oz. almonds, ground
3 oz. adzuki beans, ground
.78 oz. (2%) skin safe fragrance, of choice


You’ll need a digital scale to weigh all of your ingredients.

Begin by weighing out the kokum and shea butter. Combine in a double boiler and melt the butters over low heat.

Once the butters have melted, remove from heat and pour into a clean bowl. Set aside.

Next, weigh out the dry ingredients separately.

Using a food processor grind the rice, almonds and adzuki  beans, one at a time, to a medium/fine texture. Don’t over process these ingredients as they will act as your exfoliants.

Weigh out the fragrance oil you’ve chosen to use for this truffle buff recipe. (Need fragrance oil suggestions? One of the best selling fragrance oils Nadia used in her products was the Chicks Dig It Fragrance Oil from Just Scent.)

Now add the ground dry ingredients and fragrance oil to the melted butter mixture. Stir the mixture thoroughly to combine then place in your refrigerator.

Every 5-10 minutes, take the bowl out of the fridge and give it a stir. Then pop the mixture back into the fridge and repeat the process. Be patient.

Keep repeating this process until the mixture starts to look opaque and most of the exfoliants start to suspend in the mixture. Once you get to that stage, work quickly and immediately pour the truffle buff  mixture into the cavities of a silicone mold of your choosing. (I recommend placing the mold on a cutting board before your fill them so they are easier to transport.)

Don’t worry if you waited too long to pour your truffle buff into the molds. If you realize it’s gone past the stage where it starts to turn opaque and the mixture has hardened, simply it into the microwave and melt it slightly. Re-mix and try again.

Once you’ve poured the melted truffle buff mixture into your mold, place the mold into your refrigerator until your bars have hardened.

Once hardened, simply remove your truffle buffs from the mold. Decorate the tops if desired. You can use regular dark chocolate to add an icing drizzle or even dark cocoa butter wafers.

Wrap your truffle buff bars in foodservice film and label as desired for gifting or until use.

Side Notes:

Nadia does not recommend adding colorants to her truffle buff recipe. Her experience has shown that they do not color the mixture well and are likely to leave color on your skin when used.

In addition, as this truffle buff recipe does not contain a preservative, it is essential that you follow proper storage guidelines. When the bar is not in use, keep it out of the shower and away from steam on an elevated plate, such as a soap dish, that will allow air to flow above and below the product. It needs to be kept dry between uses. However, if you’d like to use a preservative, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the preservative you choose. Even with a preservative, however, it is highly recommend that you still follow the previously mentioned storage guidelines.

How to Use:

Use your truffle buff in the shower with warm-hot water running on your skin by massaging the truffle buff bar over your body in circular motions. The warm-hot water, along with your body temperature, will help to melt the truffle buff bar as you use it. Once completed, gently wash off any residue and pat skin dry with a towel to reveal your softest ever skin.

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