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Homemade Tobacco Caramel and Whiskey Hand Milled Soap Recipe

Men’s Homemade Tobacco Caramel & Whiskey Soap Recipe

DIY Men's Homemade Tobacco Caramel and Whiskey Soap Recipe made using real whiskey!

I’ve had a homemade whiskey soap recipe on my to do list for quite some time but it took me a while to decided how to execute it. In the end I settled on using real whiskey in a hand milled soap recipe rather than attempting mixing lye with a high percentage of alcohol for safety reasons. Combined with a tobacco caramel fragrance oil, this men’s whiskey soap recipe creates a very masculine scented homemade soap. The scent reminds me of a grandfather’s aftershave and definitely of bygone days. It’s also perfectly suited for any gentleman with dry or maturing skin.

This hand milled whiskey soap recipe is quite simple to create and is ready almost immediately making it a wonderful homemade gift idea for Christmas and Father’s Day. (Yes, I’m always thinking ahead.) In fact I’ll be gifting some of these to my own dad. Here’s the recipe.

DIY Whiskey and Tobacco Caramel Hand Milled Soap Recipe for Men

Hand Milled Caramel Tobacco & Whiskey Soap Recipe

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24 oz. unscented cold process soap, grated
1 oz. shea butter
1 oz. cocoa butter
1 oz. walnut oil
2.25 oz. whiskey
.85 oz. Tobacco Caramel fragrance oil
.25 oz. pumpkin seed oil
1 Tablespoon marshmallow root powder
1 Tablespoon bronze mica powder, or less if starting with white soap (optional)


I used my own unscented goat milk soap for the cold process soap that is called for in this recipe. If you’d like to use the same soap as I did you can find that homemade goat milk soap recipe here. I also used the same basic round silicone soap mold that I’ve used for many of my other recipes. However you can use your own existing molds. The final recipe yields approximately six 5 oz. bars.

Begin by using a digital scale to weigh out the grated soap, shea butter, cocoa butter and whiskey. Combine in a large pot over low heat on the stove. Mix occasionally until all ingredients are melted together then allow to “simmer” a bit longer to burn off all of the alcohol from the whiskey.

Now weigh out the walnut and pumpkin seed oils and stir into the mixture.

Next, use measuring spoons to measure out the marshmallow root powder and bronze mica. Stir into the soap until completely incorporated.

Finally, weigh out the fragrance and stir into the melted soap. Remove from heat and quickly spoon the soap into all of the mold cavities and set aside to cool.

Once the soaps have hardened gently remove them from the mold and allow to air dry for a few days so they may harden a bit further, then wrap – I wrapped mine in plastic food service film – and label as desired.

Printable Mountain Range Soap Label

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