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DIY Game On Homemade Soap Recipe for Men

Homemade Soap Recipe for Men - Make a Splash with this DIY Game On Cold Process Soap

Make a splash with this handmade Game On Cold Process Soap Recipe for Men! This masculine scented homemade soap recipe is a woodsy blend of oak, sandalwood and musk and features shimmering mica waves created from a handmade rubber stamp. While the waves on this soap are optional, the Game On fragrance oil used to scent it is an absolute must! Baking soda and arrowroot powder are added to help kick the stink after a hard work out at the gym while bentonite clay helps get rid of sweat and excess oil leaving behind clean, clear skin.

Handmade Game On Soap Recipe for Men

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10.8 oz. pomace olive oil
7.2 oz. grape seed oil
7.2 oz. palm oil
9 oz. 76 degree melt point coconut oil
1.8 oz. refined shea butter

4.9 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide
11.5 oz. distilled water

1.5 oz. Bentonite Clay
2 oz. Nature’s Garden Game On Fragrance Oil
1 oz. baking soda
.5 oz. arrowroot powder


This recipe fits inside my DIY wooden loaf soap mold and is made using basic cold process soapmaking instructions.

Start by preparing your lye-water. Measure out the distilled water in a large pyrex measuring cup or pitcher then slowly stir in 4.9 oz. of lye by weight. Set aside to cool while you prepare the soapmaking oils by weighing each then melting in a stainless steel pot on the stove. Remove from heat once melted and allow to cool to around 100 degrees F.

Once the heated ingredients have cooled weigh out the clay, baking soda and arrowroot powder and stir into the soapmaking oils using a stick or immersion hand blender to thoroughly mix. Then, slowly pour in the lye water and stir until you reach a light trace. Add the fragrance and stir to fully incorporate.

Now pour the soap into your prepared mold – you will need to line your mold if you are using a wooden soap mold! – then cover and insulate for 24 hours.

Handmade Game On Soap Recipe for Men with Odor Killing Clay and Baking Soda and Oil Absorbing Bentonite Clay

Finally, unmold the soap loaf and cut into bars. If you want to stamp your soaps, simply tap your rubber stamp into mica of your choice then press into each soap bar. For this particular soap I used a hand carved ocean waves rubber stamp from Enchanting Stamps. Allow to cure 3 – 6 weeks before use.

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