DIY New Year’s Gala Shimmer Stick Recipe

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New Year's Beauty DIY - Gala Shimmer Stick Recipe

Celebrate the New Year with lots of sparkle and shine by crafting your own DIY Gala Shimmer Sticks! These sparkling beauty sticks can be applied to your face, lips and body for a shimmering effect wherever you want! Keep them simple or “dress” them up with fragrance and even a hint of color!

Handmade DIY New Year Gala Shimmer Sticks

This beauty recipe was created using the DIY Shimmer Stick Kit from Wholesale Supplies Plus with a few additional fun ingredients. As I chose to add fragrance – and even color! – to mine, you’ll need a few additional ingredients in addition to the kit if you also wish to add a scent and/or color. I also created cute labels that you can print for your own shimmer sticks.

DIY Tinted Pink Champagne New Year's Gala Shimmer Stick

Pink Champagne New Year Gala Shimmer Stick Recipe

Adapted from the Shimmer Stick Recipe at Wholesale Supplies Plus


2 oz. Refined Shea Butter
2 oz. Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive
2 ml Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil
2 Tablespoons Iridescent Super Sparkle Glitter
Red Orange Oil Locking Mica Shimmer (to suit, optional)


In a double boiler melt the smooth and creamy lotion bar additive, then add the shea butter and continue to heat until all ingredients are fully melted. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can use a microwave. Simply melt the lotion bar additive in a glass Pyrex measuring cup at reduced power until it has melted about half way, then add the shea butter and continue heating at reduced power until fully melted. Carefully remove from heat source.

Using a plastic transfer pipette, measure out 2 ml of the fragrance oil and stir into the shimmer stick base. Then measure out the glitter and stir in as well. Allow to sit for several minutes, then stir again to thoroughly incorporate glitter, then pour evenly into four 1 oz. clear push up sticks.

To tint your shimmer sticks pink that won’t leave color behind, add 1/2 teaspoon to base and mix well before pouring. For a lightly tinted shimmer stick that gives just a hint of color to lips and cheeks, add 2 teaspoons. For richer lipstick like color use four teaspoons of red orange oil locking mica shimmer. (Note that if you plan to use shimmer sticks on lips, only use lip safe flavor fragrances.)

Allow product to cool at room temp as sharp temperature changes will cause the product to sink and crack in the middle.

DIY New Year's Gala Shimmer Sticks with Printable Labels

Once your shimmer sticks have cooled, screw on the lids and add your labels! For this project I decorated my shimmer stick containers with my Printable Gala Shimmer Stick Sticker Labels {download labels here} as well as Pink Cherry Blossom Snowflake and Peach & Gold Corner Japanese Washi Tapes from Cute Tape.

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  1. If we don’t have Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive what can we use in place of that? I have beeswax and the glitter.
    Thank you

    • Beeswax would be the closest thing. You may have to tweak it a bit though if it comes out too hard.

    • I just realized that WSP’s smooth and creamy lotion additive is the same as what they call Cera Bellina wax which is much softer. If you don’t have this you can try using less beeswax. I’d start with half or less and go from there. Sorry I can’t offer more feedback, but this recipe is the only time I’ve worked with it.

  2. I plan to decorate the house with tinsel for the New Year and wear a very shiny dress :).

  3. For New Year’s I plan on spending it with my boyfriend since it is our *kind-of* anniversary!

  4. This new year i plan on being healthier and make better choices

  5. I am on-call as I work at a hospital. Hopefully, I will get some sleep.

  6. Esther Kidwell says

    I plan on doing more of the things I love to help me shine bright this year

  7. Jaqulyn Culp says

    I am planning on keeping up with going greener, and making homemade products. It has been such a great way to save some money in our house, and it’s fun, (sigh) even with learning trial and error lol!!

  8. I plan on expanding into lotion bars, whipped body butters and salves in 2014. Keeping my products environmentally friendly and natural is of major importance to me so finding packaging that is reusable and/or “green” has been a challenge. Any suggestions? I cannot use glass but I don’t care to use plastic either so there is my challenge. I am still researching the best method of packaging while maintaining an Eco-friendly material. I think I am forced to resort to plastic but I sure would like to find something better.

    • I recently found some Polypropylene containers that are ecologically friendly and don’t leach any chemicals. You can also find aluminum and stainless steel bottles and containers. And some high end jars that are a glass inside and aluminum outside though they aren’t cheap. I would browse companies that specifically specialize in packaging and containers as they’re more likely to offer a wide range of options for your needs.

  9. I plan to shine with a new hair cut in the new year.

  10. judy mitchell says

    i plan to shine by starting to take more time to take care of myself. after having my girls i can’t tell you the last time i had a professional hair cut or been to a spa and now that is giong to change taking care of myself is now a priority

  11. Crystal Rose says

    We just spent it at home, hanging out.

  12. lissa crane says

    I love the Almond & Honey scent! Sweet and clean!

  13. This new year, I plan to shine by taking better care of myself and making more time to do this I love to do. I want to do lots of more DIY things like body care, hair care, and face care to save money & live healthier! I also want to do DIY things for my upcoming wedding in 2015. New Year, new beginnings. Happy New Year everyone! XO

  14. karen gonyea says

    I think I am going to go the lavender route 🙂

  15. angela saver says

    In the New Year I plan on eating healthier & exercising more!