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DIY Holiday Washi Tape Mason Jar Gift Tags

DIY Holiday Washi Tape Mason Jar Gift Tags

Whether you made homemade preserves or pumpkin butter for the holidays or purchased it from your local farmer’s market like I did, you can easily dress up your mason jars with a simple diy washi tape gift tag making it perfect for last minute holiday gift giving.

DIY Washi Tape Mason Jar Gift Tag Labels for Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts

To create these gift tags you’ll need a full size white blank sticker label sheetWorld Label has these at a great price – permanent markers, and decorative Japanese washi tape. I used washi tape from Cute Tape (who I am hopelessly addicted to.)

Start with a fresh roll of washi tape and on the back side of the blank sticker sheet – the part you remove to reveal the sticky – trace around the outside of the washi tape roll with a marker. Then flip the sticker sheet over and apply strips of washi tape to the front of the sticker sheet covering where the circle is you marked on the back side. I matched up my strips of tape to create a pattern repeat but you can apply yours however you like.

Once you have covered the entire area where the circle was drawn on the back side, carefully cut out the circle using the circle you drew on the back as a guide.

Now create another circle for the center of the gift tag by using a marker to trace along the inside of a roll of washi tape, again drawing on the back side of the blank sticker sheet that will be peel away. Cut out along the lines, remove the backing and apply to the center of the large washi tape covered circle.

Using markers, draw a circle inside the the white center circle with a complimentary colored marker then use a fine point black marker to write your holiday message.

Finally, peel the backing from the gift tag and adhere to the top of the mason jar lid.

For this project I used the Pink & Gray Cherry Blossom Snow Flake Washi Tape, Colorful Striped Half Circle Washi Tape in Red, and the Corner Washi Tape in Blue.

DIY Washi Tape Wrapped Holiday Gifts

I also used washi tape on my Christmas gift packages this year in lieu of ribbon by simply wrapping strips of washi tape around the packages for a fresh, fun look against plain brown Kraft wrapping paper.

For more holiday gift wrapping ideas follow my Pretty Packaging board on Pinterest. You can also follow my Washi Tape Wonderland board for more great diy craft projects you can create using washi tape.


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