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Handmade DIY Face Cream for Men

Homemade Gift Idea for Guys - Handmade DIY Face Cream for Men

Despite many common stereotypes, a lot of men actually use skin care products on a regular basis – including face creams and lotions. A common issue I’ve heard from the men I know however, is that facial care for them are often scented too strong if they’re created specifically for men or they smell super girly if they’re not. Also that sometimes finding suitable unscented products can be a chore.

So here’s a homemade face lotion recipe just for your favorite man. It’s ever so lightly scented with a masculine fragrance, can easily be crafted in under five minutes, and is formulated to be gentle enough for faces and sensitive skin. Gift it this year as a homemade Valentine’s Day gift, a Father’s Day gift or even a Christmas stocking stuffer.

DIY Lightly Scented Face Cream for Men - Handmade Gift Idea for Guys

Men’s Lightly Scented Face Cream Recipe

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4 oz. Unscented Gentle Face Cream Cosmetic Base
1 ml Happy (Type) For Men Type Premium Grade Fragrance Oil (or other skin safe masculine scented fragrance oil)


Using a digital kitchen scale, weigh out the lotion base into a small glass measuring cup or glass beaker. Then, using a graduated plastic transfer pipette, measure out 1 ml of the fragrance oil – or 2ml for a stronger scent – and mix well until fragrance is fully incorporated into the lotion base.

Now simply spoon the lotion into a 4 oz. plastic container or a glass jar with lid and cap. You can label your jar with a hand drawn label for a more intimate look using a blank label sticker sheet to create your message or product label or simply dress it up a pretty strip of washi tape around the jar.

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    February 25, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Simple enough! Thanks for sharing.

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