Homemade Holiday Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe

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This homemade holiday Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe makes a lovely and thoughtful homemade Christmas gift idea!

This homemade holiday peppermint bath bomb recipe is sure to please and they make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts for anyone who’s a fan of bath and beauty products! Not a fan of peppermint? Substitute with your favorite fragrance or essential oil instead!

This homemade peppermint bath bomb recipe makes lovely homemade Christmas gift for friends, family and teachers!

Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe

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1.8 oz. Epsom salt
11.25 oz. baking soda
3.85 oz. citric acid
2.4 oz. arrowroot powder
.75 oz. shea butter
.5 oz. cocoa butter
.45 oz. sweet almond oil
.6 oz. peppermint fragrance oil (or .3 oz. peppermint essential oil)


Using a digital scale begin by weighing out the dry ingredients in a large glass bowl or 4 cup or larger glass Pyrex measuring cup. Set aside.

In a separate container weigh out the cocoa and shea butters. Heat at reduced power in the microwave or in a double boiler until fully melted. Carefully remove from heat then weigh out the sweet almond oil and fragrance and stir into the melted butters.

Now slowly pour the melted oils and butters into the dry ingredients mixing with a fork until well blended.

You’re now ready to mold your homemade bath bombs! (I used clear plastic bath bomb molds like these. To do this take a large scoop of the mixture and place into one side of the mold. Add more until the bath bomb mixture is piled above the shape. DO NOT press any of the mixture into the mold at this point. Repeat with the other half of the mold. Now press the two sides of the mold firmly together and brush away any excess. (This keeps the two halves together. If you press the mixture into each side before putting it together the two halves will come apart.)

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This homemade peppermint bath bomb recipe makes lovely homemade Christmas gift for friends, family and teachers!

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  1. Hi… It’s a nice concoction… I also liked your accompanying body butter..!! Though I wanted to know, how do I replace Epsom salts? There have been many DIYs that I have to skip because I haven’t been able to get them here, on India. Suggestions??!!! Please….

  2. My kids love the long lasting bath balms is there a trick to making them really solid so they last a long time?

  3. Thank you Rebecca 🙂