DIY Natural Beard Conditioner for Men

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DIY Natural Beard Conditioner Recipe for Men - Homemade Father's Day Gift IdeaLooking for a homemade Father’s Day gift idea? Then try out this easy and all natural beard conditioner recipe for men! This handmade beard conditioner is perfect for Dad’s unruly beard. Not only does it keep it from being prickly, but it also helps to prevent having a flaky beard. Beard dandruff? Oh my! Perfect for full beards or those in still stubble stages, this natural homemade beard elixir conditions beards and adds a fresh scent.

Natural Handmade Beard Elixir and Conditioner - Homemade DIY Father's Day Gift Idea

Men’s Natural Beard Conditioner Recipe

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16 ml grape seed oil
5 drops vitamin E oil

Essential Oil Blend 1:

4 drops lime essential oil
3 drops cedarwood essential oil
1 drops lavender essential oil
1 drops rosemary essential oil

Essential Oil Blend 2:

2 drops peppermint essential oil
3 drops lemongrass essential oil
4 drops pine essential oil

Essential Oil Blend 3:

2 drops pine essential oil
2 drops juniper berry essential oil
2 drops patchouli essential oil
2 drops bergamot essential oil
1 drops vetiver essential oil


For this recipe you will use a different  graduated plastic transfer pipette to measure out each ingredient. Start by measuring out 16 ml of grape seed oil into an amber glass bottle. Then add five drops of vitamin E oil. Next, add the essential oil blend of your choice – based on your preference of essential oil blend 1, 2 or 3 – to the grape seed and vitamin E oil. Cap and shake. Then label or decorate your bottle of natural homemade beard conditioner for gifting.

To use, simply add several drop to the palm of your hand, and massage into your beard.

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  1. are these blends for different types of beard conditioners are do they all go in one . because it is not clear

  2. yes it does , i will have to make it , thanks

  3. What type of store would be the best place to find oils like this? Thanks in advance!

    • I buy pretty much everything online – there are links within the recipe – or you can try your local co-op though I find I pay less when I purchase online.

  4. Hi! Could I use Jojoba oil instead of grapeseed? I have that on hand as a carrier for EOs. Thanks!

  5. I live on Guam and highly doubt I can find many of these types of essential oils. Could I, for example, just use one or two essential oils that I am able to find versus the ones that are listed in the recipes (while still using the base oils)? I already have peppermint oil, could I just use a second one and leave it at that? And do you have any suggestions on which oil that second one should be that would go well with peppermint?

  6. Out of each recipe, which one tends to be the most popular and in your opinion has the best scent?

  7. Paul Fisher says:

    What size amber bottles and does the blend fill the entire bottle? Thank you so much!

  8. Paul Fisher says:

    Thank you, cant wait to make some! Happy Holidays.

  9. In your recipe you simply put drops, what is the measurement for the drops. i am new to this and this will be my first time.

  10. Can this conditioner be stored in plastic spray bottle? Thanks!

  11. I made a wonderful smelling beard conditioner using lemon EO and spruce EO in an almond oil base. Smells a little woodsy but not too much.