Natural Patchouli & Fir Needle Homemade Hand Cream Recipe

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Patchouli and Fir Scented Homemade Hand Cream Recipe

This richly moisturizing homemade hand cream recipe is naturally scented with patchouli and fir needle essential oils and contains skin conditioning safflower and evening primrose oils plus a touch of agave syrup! Don’t reserve this amazing homemade hand cream for hands alone though! Also try it on feet or anywhere skin needs a little extra love! It’s great for eczema too.

Natural Homemade Hand Cream Recipe with Patchouli and Fir Needle Essential Oils

Patchouli & Fir Needle Homemade Hand Cream Recipe

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.25 oz. beeswax
.25 oz. 76° melt point coconut oil
.35 oz. safflower oil
.75 oz. evening primrose oil
.25 oz. shea butter
.1 oz. stearic acid
.1 oz. light agave syrup
15 drops fir needle essential oil
9 drops patchouli essential oil


Using a digital scale weigh out the shea butter and stearic acid then melt either at reduced power in the microwave or in a double boiler.

Once melted, weigh out the shea butter and coconut oil and stir in. Gently heat again if needed if shea butter and coconut oil don’t melt fully after stirring.

Now weigh out the safflower and evening primrose oils and agave syrup and stir into the cream mixture. Follow with the essential oils mixing well, then pour into a 2 oz. glass jar or tin of choice and allow to set up fully before use.

To use simply apply to skin as desired and massage in.

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  1. Ooh, another gorgeous recipe! What does the agave syrup do?