DIY Storage Box Organizer

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DIY Storage Box Organizer Made From Recycled Pantry Boxes

I was recently inspired by a DIY Recycled Cereal Box Drawer Dividers Craft Project that I found on I Heart Organizing that I decided I wanted to make my own. I had a perfect box – one from a shipment of eco-friendly craft kits from Artterro that I thought would work perfect – no drawer required – giving me even more organized storage space than my already in use desk drawers.

Using a ruler, pencil and utility knife I first cut strips of scrapbook paper to match the sizes of the boxes we had chosen. I used the instructions at I Heart Organizing as a guideline. Although I used whatever available boxes I managed to coax from the pantry as I’m not especially big on cereal. Next, I attached the scrapbook papers to the boxes with tape, then applied strips of washi tape to the corners to add a decorative touch.

Handmade Upcycled Storage Box Organizer Craft Project

Once the washi tape was on all four corners of the boxes, I put packing tape over the washi taped corners to keep them in place and for extra stability.

DIY Upcycled Storage Box Organizer Craft Project Made From Recycled Pantry Boxes

Then I placed all of the dividers inside the box. They really are the perfect size for arts and crafts supplies – including my much loved washi tape.

DIY Upcycled Storage Box Organizer Craft Project Made From Recycled Pantry Boxes

Lastly, I finished off my storage box by adding scrapbooking papers to the outside. Although it would be equally nice to use paint.

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Have you tried any diy craft projects or recipes that you discovered on a blog or Pinterest recently?


DIY Garden Planner to Organize the Perfect Garden

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I have discovered so many wonderful new blogs lately, but one that really stands out is Punk Projects. Written by 20 year old Katie – doodler, biker, dog lover, tea lover and Star Trek geek – Punk Projects is where she shares her tutorials and favorite crafty finds.
DIY Garden Planner - Organize and Plan Your Perfect Garden for Spring with this Scrapbooking Project
I most recently fell in love with Katie’s DIY Garden Planner! She made hers with some super fun scrapbook papers and her imagination and a handy dandy sewing machine to make pockets for keeping seeds and such. This would be a great family project for a first time garden – or your first time gardener! (And spring is right around the corner!) You can find Katie’s garden planner tutorial at Punk Projects. You may also want to check out Katie’s DIY Seed Tape and Dinosaur Plant Markers. (They’d both make fun weekend family projects.) I also think her Recycled Cardboard Tree Stumps are pretty nifty!
What are some of your favorite, newly discovered blogs?

A Scrapbooking Magazine Feature for one of my DIY Projects

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My DIY Washi Tape Stash Tin Project that I blogged about in August, was featured in the October 2012 issue of the UK Magazine, Scrap365. This news is a little late, but I only just found out myself when I received a parcel in the mail today from England. I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when. If you missed this DIY project you can find it here.

Speaking of magazines, the December issue of Whole Living Magazine has a scrumptious recipe for making Spiced Hot Chocolate. Simply combine 1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cinnamon stick, a bit of grated nutmeg, and a pinch of cayenne in a sauce pan. Bring to a simmer, then remove from heat and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Once your spiced almond milk has steeped, whip in 1/4 cup (or 1oz.) of your favorite chopped dark chocolate and enjoy. The same issue also contains some interesting drink recipes for creating festive cocktails using Prosecco – a sparkling Italian white wine.

And of course, being the tea lover that I am, all this talk of beverages has me in the mind to buy a whole slew of spices in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs to create chai tea mix blends to gift for the holidays.

Also today, you can grab the ebook, Holiday Cookies: 14 New and Delicious Cookie Recipes (including one for Fido), at no cost for a limited time. It includes information on cooking cookie basics – hey, we can’t all be pros – and recipes for moon cookies, thumbprint cookies, molasses cookies, peppermint swirls, chocolate chunk cherry cookies, reindeer pellets, homemade dog treats and more!

Will you be making gifts for your friends and family this year?

DIY Washi Tape Notebook Craft Project

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DIY Washi Tape Notebooks - Ideas for Using Washi Tape
There have been some really unique and fun DIY washi tape projects floating around the web recently so I thought I’d give a try at creating some of my own! My first project was to design some notebooks – which are perfect for back to school to use as agenda books for homework and projects, sketches and drawings, mini-diaries, inspiration and idea books, and even photo books for your snapshots.
DIY Washi Tape Notebook Craft Project
I started with some adorable little handmade blank books from Jotters and Journals and some washi tape from Downtown Tape. I also used some scrapbooking papers, Mod Podge, and scrapbook embellishments.
DIY Washi Tape Family Photo Album Craft Project
I made a cute mini photo album with my first handmade blank book and some washi tape. The floral, dot and stripe designs on this album are creating by just sticking washi tape to the notebook in a design that I liked. This is super simple to do. Just stick like you would regular tape and trim off the excess with scissors! Once I covered the front of the notebook, I also put a strip of tape down the spine of the book for a more finished look. I then sprayed the book with a clear acrylic sealer to seal it and added a metal label embellishment.
DIY Decoupage Blank Book and Washi Tape Journal
For my second book I decoupaged a patterned paper to the cover of the book with Mod Podge and then placed washi tape along the spine of the book. Next, I sprayed with a clear acrylic sealer. I then added a metal camera and film scrapbook embellishment for the final touch. Both of these blank books were so easy to create. You can customize almost any type of book cover with washi tape, scrapbooking papers and Mod Podge. Use these little books for notes, recipes, homework assignments, photo albums, even journals! They are perfect to give the kids for back to school or even tucking into stockings during the holiday as stocking stuffers!
DIY Washi Tape Life Journal
Don’t just limit this project to yourself though. Make it a family affair! These blank books are perfect as rainy day projects for you AND the kids! This project is easy and clean up is a snap. Pictured above is the washi tape journal my son made.
Have you tried a washi tape project yet?

Handmade Christmas Cards – Make them. Share them. Store them.

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The holiday season is underway! And if you’re planning for a DIY Christmas and haven’t started making gifts yet, now is the time! While you’re making gifts though, don’t forget the Christmas and Hanukkah cards! Handmade Christmas cards are a nice touch and they are easy to make with some cardstock, scrapbooking papers, and little bit of glue. MyDIYChat has seven great ideas for crafting your own handmade holiday Christmas greeting cards from scrapbooking materials.
Christmas Cards from Simply Radiant Blog
But if you want to get extra creative, consider a spin off traditional paper greeting cards. I’m in love with the boxed Christmas cards (pictured above) from Simply Radiant. Rather than using a paper card, the family instead took photos of them in a photo booth – one for every recipient – then tucked them into jewelry boxes with candy peppermints and shipped them via the postal service like tiny gifts to friends and family.
DIY Christmas Card Holder from According to Kelly Blog
While I’m sure you’ll be busy crafting Christmas cards, don’t forget you’ll need a way to display all of the cards you receive throughout the holiday season. According to Kelly Blog has a super cute tutorial for making a DIY Wreath Christmas Card Holder. Made from a large embroidery hoop, some ribbon, clothespins, scrapbooking papers (this is a great time to use up those scraps), and a bit of hot glue, this Christmas card holder is not only easy to make, but looks great anywhere in your home for displaying your favorite cards from loved ones.
Greeting Card Organizer from Design*Sponge Blog
In case you get a little carried away with your handmade cards and make a few too many, then why not go even further and craft a DIY greeting card organizer? Not only will it give you a handy place to store your seasonal greeting cards for next year, but also to keep any other cards you may craft along the way for weddings, birthdays, and thank you’s!

Will you be sending out handmade cards this holiday season?