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Printable Garden Seed Packets for Saving, Gifting, or Favors

With spring right around the corner you may be thinking about your upcoming gardening project or even easy party or wedding favor ideas for a spring wedding. So I’ve created some fun printable seed packets with matching labels and even red pepper gift wrap to make saving your seeds for the following year, creating seed packets as favors or including seed packets in spring gifts that much easier! 

Printable garden seed packets

Just download the pdf file with the printable garden seed packets, red pepper wrapping paper, and matching garden stickers labels. Cut out the seed packets along the outer edges, fold the flaps down and glue the packets together.

Printable Garden Seed Packets for Saving, Gifting, or Favors

Then fill your packets with seeds and seal shut by gluing down the top flap or sealing the flap with a sticker label.

Printable seed packets for saving garden seeds

There are five different printable seed packet designs to choose from: cucumber/squash, tomato, parsley/herbs, red pepper, and a radish. But you can put anything you like inside as there’s a spot on each packet to write what’s inside!

Printable Garden Stickers for Saving, Gifting, or Favors

You can use the stickers as seals for your seed packets or print out a sheet for the kids to play with! Just print on sticker label sheets and cut along the outer edges. Alternatively, you can print the labels onto cardstock and use as gift tags, punching a hole into the tag with a hole punch and tying on with ribbon or string.

Download my printable garden seed packets and labels here. These printables are free for personal, non-commercial use.

Do you save seeds from your garden for the following year? What are your favorite seeds to save? (For more fun gardening ideas, visit my Gardening Board on Pinterest.)

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