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DIY Washi Tape Stash Tin – Another DIY Washi Tape Project Idea

Loving my new rolls of Washi tape from Downtown Tape! Yesterday I showed you how to make a DIY Washi Tape Notebook. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY Washi Tape Storage Tin.
DIY Washi Tape Storage Tin - Washi Tap
I created this super cute Washi tape stash tin using an empty Chimes Ginger Chews tin. You could also apply this same concept to empty Altoid tins.
DIY Washi Tape Ideal - Washi Tape Storage Tin
Crafting my Washi tape storage tin was surprising easy. So don’t be afraid to give this project a try. For this project I used my Chimes Ginger Chews tin, Washi tape, ribbon, Mod Podge, Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer, ribbon, and a scrapbook embellishment.
DIY Washi Tape Stash Tin - Simple DIY Washi Tape Project Idea
Using my materials for this Washi tape project I first started by wrapping Washi tape around the tin in a pattern I liked. I wrapped each row of Washi tape around the tin at least twice so the writing and design present on the tin did not show through the tape. I also put a strip of Washi tape along the lid of the tin. I then used a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to the entire tin. Before the Mod Podge dried I then wrapped two pieces of ribbon around the entire tin using the Mod Podge to glue them in place. Next, I applied another coat of Mod Podge over the entire Washi tape and ribbon covered surface area and allowed to dry. Once the Mod Podge dried completely I sprayed the tin with a clear acrylic sealer. After the sealer was dry, I applied my scrapbook label embellishment. I now have a great little tin for stashing money, knick knacks, wallet sized photos, sewing materials like needle and thread, and even small craft supplies like buttons or beads. This tin would look great on a bookshelf or can be carried in a purse without fear of the contents spilling out.
What would you store in this Washi tape stash tin if you had one?


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