Lavender Mint Vegan Lip Balm Recipe

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Love your lips? Then give them the very best with this easy to make lavender mint vegan lip balm recipe. It’s made with carnauba wax rather than beeswax so it’s vegan, and it’s scented with all natural essential oils. These are great to craft as homemade stocking stuffers, party & wedding favors, or as all around homemade gifts!

Vegan lip balm recipe! Give your lips the very best with this easy to make lavender mint vegan lip balm recipe that's both all natural and vegan!

Lavender Mint Vegan Lip Balm Recipe

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1/2 oz. (by weight) cocoa butter
1/2 oz. (by weight) shea butter
2 Tablespoons carnauba wax
1-2 Tablespoons olive oil
3 ml lavender essential oil
2 ml peppermint essential oil


digital scale
12-15 .15 oz. lip balm tubes with caps
12-15 28×70 shrink wrap bands (optional)
plastic disposable graduated transfer pipettes
glass Pyrex measuring cup
spoon or stir stick
microwave or double boiler


1. Measure out your carnauba wax and weigh out your cocoa butter. Place these ingredients in a glass pyrex measuring cup or bowl. Microwave in 1 minute increments until mostly melted.

2. Weigh out and add the shea butter to the wax and cocoa butter. Microwave until melted. Stir well. (Optionally you can use a double boiler to melt your ingredients.)

3. Measure out the olive oil and stir into the wax and butters. Re-melt at any point if needed.

4. Measure out the lavender and peppermint essential oil with the dropper and add to melted lip balm ingredients. Mix well. (If you don’t like lavender, try grapefruit and peppermint or chocolate and peppermint!)

5. Then using the dropper, fill the lip balm tubes one at a time. You can help your lip balm tubes stay standing by setting them in a tray of Epsom salts to keep them in place. My batch made a baker’s dozen. I filled my lip balm tubes completely so each contain .2oz. or 5 grams of lip balm.

6. Allow to cool completely, then cap and label. If you’d like you can also seal the lip balms with shrink wrap bands by simply placing the bands over the lip balm container and applying heat with a hair dryer.

The ingredients for this recipe can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs along with lip balm tubes. Mountain Rose Herbs offers quality, organic essential oils, butters, and other soapmaking and bath and body ingredients and supplies.

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  1. Making lip balm is fun! I’ve never used carnauba wax before, only beeswax. I’ll have to try the wax.

  2. If you substituted beeswax, would the amount be the same?

  3. So if a recipe calls for beeswax and I want to sub for carnauba wax, do I use half the amount in the recipe?

  4. Hi,
    if I use unrefined shea butter and unrefined cocoa butter
    will it do the same result ?

  5. great Thank you 😉
    also, what kind of Lavender oil do you use, because there are many kinds like french, etc…