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Handmade Wood Tree Branch Shelf DIY

Handmade Wood Tree Branch Shelf DIY

My favorite homemade Christmas gift this year was this handmade wood tree branch shelf that my son made for me. I actually had discovered a similar handmade white birch forest wall shelf via etsy and pointed out to my son how awesome it was and that I’d love to have one made for me. He didn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for holding a few books and knick knacks. I added a felt rose brooch I had to the tree branches to personalize it and give it a pop of color. I think these would look super cute with several of these grouped together either in a square format or stacked vertically.

To make your own you’ll need two 18″ L x  3.5″ W boards for the top and bottom of the shelf and one 10.5″ L x 3.5″ W for the side. (You can probably get a large home improvement store to cut the boards for you if you don’t have access to a power saw of some type.) Then cut an assortment of three tree branches so they are 10.5″ tall and piece it all together with a bit of wood glue and finishing nails. Customize the final look by staining or painting the wood to suit.

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