Retro Themed Melamine Dinnerware for the Modern Home

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Melamine TV Trays from Target - Photo by Rebecca D. Dillon
I was in Target yesterday when I happened across some of the coolest TV trays ever. Since Scott and I don’t really have any sort of living room tray to use for our place, I bought one of each. I purchased the TV Melamine Tray for myself and the Record Player Melamine Tray for Scott. Both are available at Target stores for $9.99 each.
Retro TV Melamine Tray - Photo by Rebecca D. Dillon
These fun retro themed trays are not only functional, but they are fun to look at and are a great conversation piece at parties! And, because they’re made out of melamine – the popular plastic of the 50s for dishware – they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus they stand up to quite a bit of abuse making them less likely to break if dropped.
I also picked up two sets of plates from this collection. Two plates in a Chevron pattern and two plates in red. The bottoms are ridged for easy stacking and compact storage. The plates run just under $2 each. They were also perfect since my 50s vintage plates don’t fare well in the microwave. However, there’s no need to stop there! If you’re looking for even more fun to add to this collection, be sure to check out Target online.
Cool retro melamine dishware from Target
Target online offers Chevron Appetizer plates, Triangle Record Appetizer plates, Camera Appetizer plates, and a 3 Melamine Cassette Tape Bamboo Tray. There’s also a lot of cool glassware including a set of 8 Black and White Cassette Tape Tumblers. You can view all of the fun, retro themed pieces from this collection at Target online.
Which one is your favorite?

Unique Kitchen Housewares – Designs You’ll Fall For

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Wanting something fresh and unique to spice up your housewares collection? Here are a few fabulously fun products I’ve discovered to make your kitchen truly and uniquely yours.

1. Book Plates from American Discount Tableware
2. The Cat Plum (Bowl) from Bernardaud
3. Electric Mavisluminare from Bonasera Ceramics Lighting Design
4. Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug from Yevgenia 

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Plating your table with one of a kind pottery. My dream.

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When I got separated last May and then divorced this past January it forced me to move back home with my parents. I’ve been trying to get my life back together, but trying to do that with little to no money is a struggle. My ex had always been the breadwinner. If you’ve even been married and are now divorced, I’m sure you can relate on some level. Anyway, now that I have a part time job, things are starting to look up. It won’t be long until I’ll be able to move back out on my own again and get a tee tiny apartment that I can call mine.
Magpie with Turquoise Flowers on Yellow Platter, $85
One of my favorite things about having my own place is not just that I can decorate it anyway I like, but that I can use my own dishes again. After spending several years down on the local farmer’s market selling soap and buying from the local artists that also sold pottery there, not to mention quite a few etsy shopping sprees, I have accumulated a lovely collection of unique, one of a kind, handmade pottery pieces. Every piece is different and therefore special and unique. My goal at one point was to replace all of my glasses and traditional plates and bowls with pottery. I’m pretty set on mugs and canisters, but I am in need of more plates and bowls. Here are a few I found from pumphouse studios there are definitely going on my wish list. I love the fun designs and bright colors. They definitely give me something to look forward to when I finally do move out.
Martini Fish Appetizer Plate, $28
Yellow “27” Cow Plate, $32
Hedgehog Dish, $16
Magpie with Orange Dots on Chartreuse Platter, $85
Are you a fan of wheel thrown or hand sculpted pottery? If so, who’s your favorite artist?