New scenes from the sketchbook.

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Today I dragged out my old box of chalk pastels. There were a lot of tiny nubs to contend with and it was messy as can be, but I had simply forgotten how much I LOVE drawing with these things. My favorites are PrismaColor NUPASTEL. They are just amazing. The effect is very much like a painting but without the drying time. I threw together two sketches this evening before I went out spent my last couple of bucks on a new box of pastels and some workable fixatif. I was using hairspray – which is way cheaper and probably just as effective – but I’m not thinking my mom would be happy if I used up all of her hairspray on drawings.
First up I drew this awesome little hamster. My brother had hamsters as a kid. I had gerbils. At one point my gerbils had so many babies I was selling them as snake food. My brother on the other hand had to experience the tragedy of  one of his hamsters eating his hamster roomie’s head off. This is that fearful hamster before the attack… Okay. Maybe not. But I will never forget that crazy, evil hamster that scared me off those things for good.
Next up I drew this baby Cockatiel. I had one of these for many years and raised it from a baby. It was so young in the beginning I had to hand feed it.
So anyway, now that I have new chalk I imagine I’ll be wasting a lot of time drawing tonight. I really should be making more lotions, but… Sometimes you just have to play!