Free DIY Customizable Printable 2013 Calendar featuring Owl Artwork from 43 Artists Around the World

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Free Printable 2013 Calendar featuring Owl Artwork from artists around the world - Customize and gift!
This is the time of year that everyone starts buying calendars for the upcoming new year. However, if you’re a fan of owls, you won’t need to buy one – you can print your own! My Owl Barn offers a free printable owl calendar that features owl artwork from forty-three different artists from around the world. You can customize this calendar by choosing the image you want to appear for each month of the year. Print one for yourself and a few more for friends and family! Plus these calendars are perfectly sized to include with Christmas cards or tucked inside of stockings. Download your free printable 2013 calendar here.

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Printable Love Bird Valentine’s Day Cards

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Tell your special someone just how much you love them with a Valentine’s Day Card! I have created two very special “love bird” note cards that are perfect for sending that romantic note or giving as Valentine’s Day cards.

Created from my own original art collages, these two note cards feature two love birds kissing on a branch and a single bird delivering his own special love letter to a mailbox. These Valentine’s or sweetheart cards measure 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and fit inside standard invitation sized envelopes available from most craft or office supply stores. Simply print the cards onto a sheet of cardstock, cut the page in half, fold, and include your handwritten message inside. You can download these cute little love bird cards here. You can also download free love inspired wrapping paper and gift tags for Valentine’s Day here.

Want more of these sweet, round little birds? Then check out my Free Printable Owl Notecards for a set of four cards featuring birds having some seasonal fun!

Free Printable Owl Notecards

I may receive compensation from links on this site. See my disclosure policy.

Many years ago I sold handmade notecards I created from my own original, paper art collages. Many of these stationery sets featured little birds or owls at play. My first set of notecards was my Seasonal or Everyday Birds Notecard Set. Now that I am no longer selling these cards, I wanted to share them with my readers to print and share with family and friends for their own personal use.

This cute card set features a set of four adorable cards reflective of the four seasons. There are birds hanging out on the laundry line in the summer sun, little birds stealing kisses on the branches of bare autumn trees, tiny birds bundling up for that winter snow, and birds scenting out new spring blooms!

To create you own card collection, simply download the free printable PDF file featuring my notecards onto card stock. Then cut each sheet of cards in half between the images and fold the cards in half so the images face front. The finished cards will measure 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and fit inside standard invitation sized envelopes available from most craft stores.

I hope you enjoy writing your own notes in my little pieces of art!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Handmade Art Collage Note Cards

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Making your own art collage note cards is easy. It just requires a few paper products, some glue stick, scissors and your imagination. This tutorial will walk you through how to make your own custom collage note cards featuring tiny owls.

What you’ll need:
  • Standard 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock
  • Assorted scrapbook papers
  • Glue Stick
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  • Ink Jet or Laser Printer/Copier
  • Pen
  • Markers (optional)
  • 5.5″ x 4.25″ envelopes

Here’s what you do:

1. Start by measuring out your backgrounds for your collage designs. Each sheet of cardstock will serve as the base for two original works of art. You’ll need to measure and cut two rectangles from the background paper of your choice for your first set of two cards. These rectangles will be 4.75″ wide by 3.5″ high. Take your measurements then draw lines to connect the marks. A ruler works best for this. Unfortunately the boy commandeers all of my rulers and all I had left was a measuring tape.
2. Once you have your first rectangle, cut it out and then proceed on to the next.
3. Here are the two backgrounds I cut out. This is how they will look laid out on your cardstock. Remember that half the width of the cardstock is 5.5″. Once you’ve completed your collages, you will glue your backgrounds with the final art horizontally onto the bottom half of the cardstock. Be sure that the backgrounds are a quarter inch from the bottom of the page and that they are center within their own 5.5″ sections on either side of that imaginary divider line.
4. Cut out your shapes for your owls and any other imagery you’d like to use in your artwork. Use different colored or patterned papers to represent shapes. If you don’t have a paper in a color you need, simply flip it over to the white side and color it with marker before cutting out your shape. The basic shapes for the owl are pictured above. A circle for the body, smaller circles with dots colored on for the eyes, a triangle for the beak, and circles halved and shortened for the wings.
5. Once you have all of the shapes you need for your design, piece them together and arrange them to suit your taste. Once satisfied with your arrangement, glue the elements to the background.

6. You would then glue your collages to a piece of cardstock as instructed earlier. Remember, based on the measurements of your background, place the images a quarter inch up from the bottom. You can draw a light line down the center of the cardstock at 5.5″ to center your artwork onto either side so they are center with the edge of the cardstock and the center of the cardstock. Be sure to erase the line completely afterwards.
Here are some more images of note card designs I created:

 7. Once you’ve created your template for your note cards, all there is left to do is print off your cards! Simply place your card design on your copier and print out as many copies as you like onto cardstock. Then, using a paper cutter, cut each page down the middle so you are left with two single cards. Then fold the cards in half with the image side out. Pair each card with a standard invitation envelope measuring 5.5″ x 4/25″. These are available at any arts and crafts store. If you’re looking to make large quantities to sell, I recommend purchasing envelopes in bulk from Clear Bags. Clear Bags also sells Flap Seal Crystal Clear Bags for protecting your cards from dirt and grime especially if they’ll be on store shelves. They also allow you to bundle cards into sets.
To see more card designs I’ve created using this simple collage technique, check out my blog post “Before there was soap. Handmade cards and other paper crafts.
Do you still use paper stationery and note cards? If so, where is your favorite place to shop for paper cards?