Natural Vanilla and Patchouli Bath Salts Recipe

This natural vanilla and patchouli bath salts recipe is easy to make but a luxury to soak in! Create your own using natural salts, and organic coconut oil, vanilla and patchouli essential oils.

Natural Vanilla and Patchouli Bath Salts Recipe

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1 Cup coarse sea salt
1/2 Cup Epsom salt
1/2 teaspoon organic fractionated coconut oil (or organic refined coconut oil)
2 mL vanilla essential oil (or organic vanilla absolute oil)
1 mL organic patchouli essential oil


To make this vanilla and patchouli bath salts recipe, begin by combining your salts and mix together. Next measure out your fractionated coconut oil – I like this oil because it has such a long shelf life – and pour in the salts. Using a pipette with mL markings, measure out your vanilla essential oil and add to the salts. Do the same with the patchouli oil using a new pipette. Mix well, then store in an air tight container in a cool, dry location.

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  1. Hi There,

    This is a great website !! I am looking to make bath treats for wedding favors i’m thinking im just going to try a few of your recipes and leave them in a basket and people can choose what they like the look of, but how long do they keep i’m desperate to get started but don’t want them to be off by the time the big day comes !! x

  2. This is a wonderful website, thanks so much for sharing all your great recipes :)! x