DIY Natural Handmade Eye Makeup Remover Recipe

DIY Natural Handmade Eye Makeup Remover Recipe - Removes Makeup and Waterproof Mascara While Conditioning Lashes You can easily make your own natural homemade eye makeup remover. This lash conditioning formula not only removes all eye makeup – including waterproof mascara! – but it also conditions delicate eye skin and lashes.

Beauty DIY - Natural Makeup Remover Recipe

Natural Eye Makeup Remover Recipe

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2 oz. avocado butter
.1 oz. kokum butter
1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
1 Tablespoons grape seed oil
5 pellets emulsifying wax


Using a digital kitchen scale weigh out your butters into a glass pyrex measuring cup. Add the emulsifying wax to the butters, then melt in the microwave. Remove and measure out your aloe vera gel and grape seed oil and stir into the butter and wax mixture. Mix well and allow to cool. Once cool, whisk with a fork then spoon into a jar or container of choice.

To use, simply apply to closed lids and massage lightly, then remove with a wet washcloth. Apply again and repeat for heavy makeup if necessary.

For more natural bath and beauty recipes you can make at home, be sure to follow my DIY Bath and Body board on Pinterest! What do you use to remove tough eye makeup?


  1. I am always looking for new additions to my all natural makeup removal routine. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Do you keep it refrigerated?

  2. Could i use babassu butter in place of kokum? And i have besswax, candelilla and crnauba wax but no emusifying wax. which should i use?

    • You can sub kokum with a like oil that is solid at room temperature like cocoa butter or illipe butter. You can omit the emulsifying wax. Simply stir well once the product thickens.

  3. Patricia says:

    Can I sub shea or mango butter for the avocado butter?

    • This has a softer consistency than shea butter to provide easier glide so you may need to add a touch more oil if you sub with shea butter. Mango is significantly harder at room temps so you’d have to adjust your recipe to find the right amount of each to use to get the same lotion like consistency.

  4. Hi! My eyes are really sensitive to the store-bought removers so I’m anxious to try this.

    Where do I shop for the butters and the wax? Any particular type of aloe gel?

  5. Could I put thisin a pump bottle?

    • It’s thicker, more like a hand cream, so you may want to test it first to see if it will work with your pump. It’d be better suited for a lotion type squeeze bottle or shampoo bottle.

  6. I already have jojoba oil and FCO, would either of those work as a substitute for the grapeseed oil? thanks so much!

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