Natural Translucent Pressed Powder Recipe

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Natural Translucent Pressed Powder DIY - How to Make Your Own CosmeticsIn a previous post I gave you a simple and all natural recipe for making your own homemade loose translucent powder. However, I also wanted to share with you how you can transform that same makeup recipe into a pressed powder. Below are the ingredients you’ll need and instructions on how to make it!

Natural Beauty DIY - Translucent Pressed Powder RecipeNatural Translucent Pressed Powder Recipe

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Finished Loose Translucent Powder (get the recipe here)
3 ml Grape Seed Oil
2 ml Clear Deodorized Jojoba Oil
2.5 ml Evening Primrose Oil
1 ml Cyclomethicone (or Cyclo-Dimethicone)


Divide your loose translucent powder into three separate containers, each weighing approximately 1.25 oz. For each 1.25 oz. of loose powder you wish to make into a pressed powder, use graduated plastic transfer pipettes to measure out the oils and cyclomethicone and stir into the loose powder. Mix well with a fork, then press the powder firmly into the container you will be using the pressed powder in.

Next, place the container with your pressed powder onto a cookie sheet or air bake pan and place in oven. Turn the temperature of your oven to warm – the lowest possible setting – and “bake” your pressed powder for about 15-20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn the oven off leaving the pressed powder inside.

Once the oven cools completely, remove the pressed powder and leave open for the next 24-48 hours to complete the drying process. After such time, your pressed powder is ready to use.

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