DIY Organic Bath Tea + Salt Soak Recipe – Perfect for Handmade Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, and Wedding Favors!

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DIY Bath Tea + Salt Soak Recipe - Easy DIY Bath Beauty + Spa Project
Need a quick DIY gift idea for a party or wedding favors? Then whip up these simple DIY Organic Bath Tea and Salt Soaks! The recipe for this bath tea and salt soak is made from all natural, organic ingredients so it’s great for your skin! Recipients will love this gift that offers a luxury spa experience at home!
DIY Hand Stamped Cotton Muslin Bags for Gifts or Party and Wedding Favors
Your first step is to create the bags for your bath tea and salt soak. To do this, you’ll need a rubber stamp of your choice, a permanent pigment ink pad, and some drawstring muslin cotton bags like the ones from State Line Bag Co. I used three 3.25″x5″ muslin bags for this project. Simply press the stamp onto the ink pad and then onto your bags for quick and easy decorative favor or gift bags. Now that you bags are finished, you just need to fill them up! Following is the recipe for making a wonderful blend of herbs and salts! I used certified organic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs for this recipe.
Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea Salt
DIY Organic Bath Tea and Salt Soak Recipe
1/2 cup Epsom salt
For the rest of this project you’ll need one glass container or mixing bowl, three plastic pipettes with mL markings, a long handled spoon, the ingredients for this recipe, a 1/4 measuring cup, 1/8 measuring cup, and three cotton muslin bags with a drawstring closure.
dead sea salt and pink Himalayan salt
Measure out your dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salt. Pour into a glass container or bowl.
making bath tea and salt soak - mixing
Next, measure out your essential oils using a pipette with mL markings using a different pipette for each oil. Then add your essential oils one at a time to the salts and mix well. (Pictured above: I’ve mixed in my essential oils and just started to mix in the calendula petals.)
salt and herb mixture
Measure out your organic herbs and them into the salt mixture. Stir well so that they are thoroughly incorporated.
DIY Bath Tea and Salt Soak Recipe - Organic Spa Treatment
Now spoon your bath tea and salt soak mixture into your decorated muslin bags. Keep stirring the bath tea and salt soak with a spoon as you go so the salts don’t all settle to the bottom. This way each bag will have an even mixture of salts and herbs.
DIY Bath Tea and Salt Soak Recipe Gift and Wedding Favor Project Idea
Once you fill your bags simply pull the strings on the muslin bag tightly to close. To use, simply place one bag under running, hot bath water. This recipe yields approximately 9.5 oz. of bath tea and salt soak by weight. (Note: If you won’t be using these right away or are giving as wedding favors or gifts, I recommend that you enclose the bath tea and salt soaks inside poly zip bags first, then place the bag inside the decorated muslin bag. This way the essential oils from the bath tea and salt soak won’t seep through the bag.)
This Organic Bath Tea and Salt Soak is perfect not only for favors but as gifts for birthdays and Mother’s Day as well as stocking stuffers!

The Joy of Loose Leaf Teas

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I love tea. For me tea is the most wildly wonderful creation for sipping – other than chocolate martinis, of course! It’s perfect breakfast or an afternoon delight and is always soothing when I’ve had a rough day. I prefer hand blended loose leaf teas above and beyond all others, though sadly my first and fondest tea artist is no longer in the business. I now shop from Tea for All Reasons when in need of a restock, as she’s also from Virginia, and produces a lovely variety of loose leaf black tea blends, my favorite of which is Cream Earl Grey. I’m always on the lookout for new tea artists, however, and I love to try new products and creators.

2007 You Le Mountain Anicent Tree Tea Buds Loose Leaf Green Puerh

I have also found that T-Sac Filters make the most wonderful, eco-friendly tea bags for my loose leaf teas and highly recommend them. You can buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs along with organic herbs perfect for making your own teas. Mountain Rose Herbs also carries a surprisingly flavorful and interesting rice tea called Genmaicha Tea, which was introduced to me by one of my fellow tea lovers. Genmaicha is a Japanese classic which includes a stunning combination of whole, fresh Green Sencha leaves combined with sweet, roasted organic brown rice. If you’ve never tried Genmaicha, I highly recommend it as well.

<pstyle=”text-align: justify;”>In celebration of my love of tea, I’ve put together a collection of posts related to tea – everything from tub tea for the bath to crafting your own cup of tea. I hope they bring you as almost as much enjoyment as your own, favorite cup of tea.

Quotable Tea Bags. Check out this free downloadable template from Shrimp Salad Circus for making your own tea bag tags with quotes. These would be perfect for gifting teas to a friend.

Bath Tub Tea. When you’re stressed, bath teas can really make a difference. It’s a reason to spend time alone and the aromatherapy properties of the herbs used can help ease your stress away. Learn how to create your own soothing bath tea mixture in decorative “heart” sealed tea bags from In Words and Pictures. Also try these recipes found on Soap Deli News for a Tropical Tea Soak and Cold Comfort Bath. There’s also a diy from Martha Stewart for creating tub teas for gifts as well as a tutorial for making bath teas as party or wedding favors from Inspired Taste.

Make Your Own Tea. With a little knowledge and research, you can easily start on the path towards making your own herbal teas. Playing Learning and Going Home to Roost both have simple instructions for getting you started on making your own teas.

And, if you’ll be making your own teas, you may want to make your own tea bags as well. If you’re good at sewing, Lillyella Blog has a photo tutorial for stitching your own re-usable, eco-friendly tea bags on a sewing machine using untreated fabric. For those of you who prefer to hand stitch or don’t have access to a sewing machine, Design*Sponge has craft tutorial for making heart shaped tea bags with the tea inside. And finally, Merriment Design offers a diy for crafting handsewn fabric teabags for loose tea favors. There’s even a free tea bag template and printable matching tea tents for display.

Looking for unique ways to store your loose leaf teas? Wit & Whistle has a diy for Tea Storage Jars made from mason jars and lids painted with chalkboard paint. With each new blend, you can re-label the jar quickly and easily. While Style Me Pretty has a tutorial for labeling tins filled with tea for wedding favors.

Want more tea inspired ideas? Then check out this idea for DIY Tea Painted Cards with Free Printable from Creature Comforts. Thanks for sharing my tea “collection” with me. If you know of other fun uses for tea, please feel free to share them in the comments! In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up with more of my “fun” tea finds, the follow my Everything Tea Board on Pinterest.


Craft a Spa Scrubbie for Your Bath Time Wind Down

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Baths are a popular way to wind down and relax after a long, tiring day. They seem to rejuvenate both body and soul. Make your bath extra special with a bath tea or bath oil for skin nourishing and aromatherapy benefits.
Flamingo Toes has a terrific diy tutorial for crafting a spa scrubbie to use in your bath or shower. All you need is a little cotton, an old towel, some lace and a few basic sewing skills. If you don’t have a sewing machine, there’s no need to worry. This project is small enough you can conquer it by hand. Once your scrubbie is complete, Flamingo Toes also offers up a bath and body recipe for making a Tropical Tea Soak. A little cornstarch, dry milk, oatmeal, and tea leaves and you’re all set. While the recipe doesn’t specify the type of oatmeal, I recommend using colloidal oatmeal – available at most drug stores – as it dissolves in water and offers all of the same benefits as using rolled oats. You’ll find the tutorial for this project, along with a pdf pattern, and the recipe for the bath tea here.
Of course, once you’ve gotten started making goodies for your bath, you’re not going to want to stop at just one! These recipes are perfect for stockpiling for your days off work, or for packaging and giving as gifts. Here are just a few more bath recipes you’ll find via Soap Deli News Blog.

What’s your favorite type of product to add to your bath water?