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DIY Organic Bath Tea + Salt Soak Recipe (Easy Gift Ideas)

Learn how to make an organic bath tea recipe for your natural skin care routine. This DIY salt soak is a great way to relax and unwind. Created from a combination of bath salts, natural botanicals and essential oils, this bath soak is perfect for a pampering spa day at home. Make this easy, aromatherapeutic recipe for yourself or to give as homemade gifts.

essential oil bath tea recipe

DIY Bath Salt Soak

Whether you need a time out for serious self care, or just want a quick DIY gift idea for a party or wedding favors, this bath soak recipe is the perfect solution. This 2-in-1 organic bath tea and salt soak is made using a natural fragrance blend of essential oils that you’ll fall in love with. While the cosmetic bath salts and organic botanicals create the perfect at home spa experience.

Keep reading to learn how to make this bath tea and bath soak recipe using natural, organic ingredients you can trust. Not only is this DIY wonderful for skin, but gift recipients will also enjoy a luxury spa experience at home!

decorative bath tea bag

Bath Tea Packaging

As this bath tea and salt soak contains botanicals that you don’t want going down the drain, your first step is to create the bags for this recipe.

To do this, you’ll need a rubber stamp of your choice, a permanent pigment ink pad, and some drawstring muslin cotton bags like the ones from State Line Bag Co. I used three 3.25″x5″ muslin bags for this project.

To make the decorative bath tea bags, simply press the stamp onto the ink pad and then onto your bags. This is such a quick and easy way to decorate favor bags, too!

Once you’ve decorated the bags for your botanical salt soak, it’s time to fill them up! Following is the recipe for making a wonderful blend of essential oils, herbs and salts! I used certified organic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs for this bath time recipe.

bath tea and salt soak ingredients

Botanical Bath Tea and Essential Oil Salt Soak Recipe

This natural skin care recipe is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a home spa experience. It’s perfect when you need to pamper skin or simply need to relax after a long day at work. It’s made with a blend of three cosmetic salts for soaking along with several natural botanicals common in bath teas. I’ve also created an uplifting essential oil blend that’s perfect when your mood needs a little boost.

This recipe yields approximately 9.5 oz. of botanical bath tea and essential oil salt soak by weight.

© Rebecca D. Dillon

Essential Oil Bath Soak Ingredients:

These are the ingredients you will need to make this wonderful, essential oil bath soak: 

Supplies and Materials

For the rest of this project you’ll need the following supplies and materials:

  • Glass container or mixing bowl
  • Three plastic pipettes with mL markings, one of each essential oil
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Three cotton muslin bags with a drawstring closure, decorated if desired

How to Make a Botanical Salt Soak

Here’s how to make a botanical salt soak with essential oils:

combine bath salts for soak in container
Start by  measuring out the Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salt. Pour the cosmetic salts into a glass container or bowl.

bath tea mixture with cosmetic salts

Next, measure out the essential oils using a pipette with mL markings. You want to use a different pipette for each essential oil to avoid any cross contamination. Add the essential oils to the salts, one at a time. Then mix well. (Pictured above: I’ve mixed the essential oils into my bath soak and just started to incorporate the calendula petals for this botanical bath tea.)

salt soak ingredients with botanicals and essential oils

Now measure out the organic herbs using the measuring cups. Add them to the salt mixture. Then stir well so that they are thoroughly incorporated throughout the bath salt mixture.

packaging bath soak with salts and botanicals for diy gifts

Now spoon your bath tea and salt soak mixture into the muslin bags you decorated earlier. Keep stirring the salt soak mixture with a spoon as you go. This prevents the salts don’t all settle to the bottom. By doing so, each bag will have an even mixture of salts and herbs to enjoy at bath time.

salt soak bath tea package in decorative bag

Once you fill the decorated bags, simply pull the strings on the muslin bag tightly to close.

How to Use this Salt Soak

To use, simply place one bag under running, hot bath water.

If you won’t be using these right away or are giving them as DIY wedding favors or gifts, I recommend that you enclose the bath tea and salt soaks inside poly zip bags first, then place the bag inside the decorated muslin bag. This way the essential oils from the bath tea and salt soak won’t seep through the bag.

This organic bath tea and salt soak is perfect not only for favors but also as gifts for birthdays and Mother’s Day, as well as holiday stocking stuffers! So, don’t be afraid to buy in bulk and make extras. Also be sure to try this DIY herbal bath soak for Valentine’s day.

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