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easy adult halloween craft ideas

Easy DIY Halloween Crafts and Ideas for Adults

August 18, 2022

Liven up your holiday decor or just get creative with this collection of easy DIY Halloween crafts and ideas for adults. From ways to decorate for Halloween to fall skin care, these fun projects are an ideal way to celebrate spooky season and everything autumn has to offer.

easy adult halloween craft ideas

Fall is finally on the way. The leaves are turning and the nights are just a bit cooler than before. Suddenly, everyone seems to be clamoring to take hike up their favorite mountain destinations. If you’re like me, you can’t wait for summer to end and autumn to make its grand entrance

Autumn has long been my favorite season. Turtlenecks and pumpkin spice top my list. But more than that, I absolutely love Halloween! It’s such an inspiring holiday — one where you get to play dress up and decorate like a wild child.

Halloween Crafts for Adults

If you enjoy this magical holiday as much as I do, then you’re going to love these ideas for Halloween crafts. Created with adults in mind, these easy DIY Halloween ideas are sure to inspire. Get started on your next project today with these easy crafts you can make for Halloween!

While many of these DIY holiday ideas cater to adults, kids and especially teens can also jump in to lend a hand for most of these projects. Whether you’re seeking upcycled Halloween projects, DIY Halloween decor, or spooky themed bath and body recipes, these crafts are sure to delight!

Keep reading to explore all of my favorite Halloween crafts for adults. And don’t forget to tag your creations with #soapdelishowoff on Instagram so I can see what you’ve been up to!

diy halloween crafts and ideas for adults

Easy Decor Ideas for Halloween Crafts

If you want to decorate your home for Halloween, then try this collection of easy crafts! These affordable ideas are a fun to freshen up your space for fall and add a bit of Halloween flair. 

easy diy halloween pumpkin decor

DIY Pumpkin Decor for Halloween

This DIY pumpkin decor is a great way to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget. It’s perfect for a minimalist or farmhouse style decor when you need fall decor on a budget. Whether you keep this project basic or add additional elements to express your personal style, this easy Dollar Tree craft is a great way to decorate with pumpkins for the holiday.

diy skull wreath easy halloween crafts for adults

Halloween Skull Wreath

Wreaths are always a great adult craft to make for Halloween! This Dollar Tree DIY Halloween wreath offers a beautiful take on a normally macabre element and utilizes Dollar Tree Halloween supplies to save you money. Make your own DIY skull wreath for Halloween with this step-by-step tutorial to decorate your front door. Or create these handmade Halloween wreaths to sell on Etsy or at craft shows. Alternately, you can explore more ideas for Halloween wreaths here.

painted halloween pumpkin crafts for adults

Painted Halloween Pumpkin Crafts for Adults

Rather than fuss with the mess of carving Jack O’ Lanterns that don’t last past Halloween, make DIY painted pumpkins instead! I hosted a pumpkin paint night for me and my friends for this Halloween craft for adults. I thought everyone came up with some really fantastic ideas for painting their pumpkins. And not only are these painted pumpkins perfect for Halloween decorations, but they can also be brought indoors for a seasonal fall table centerpiece. Be sure to visit the post to see all the amazing Halloween pumpkin ideas!

Also, be sure to check out these other no carve pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween. These ideas make excellent Halloween crafts if you need inspiration for decorative pumpkins you can make yourself.

clay diy halloween decorations

Family Halloween Craft Idea for Spooky Halloween Decor

If you’re a long time fan of American Horror Story, then you remember the intro to the series that features embalmed body parts inside glass jars. This Halloween clay craft project takes that idea and runs with it! Discover how to make unique and spooky Halloween decorations for your home all while inspiring your household’s creativity. Explore the steps to recreate this fun Halloween family craft today! Or invite over your grown up friends for a Halloween adult craft night.

halloween pumpkin wreath craft for adults

Halloween Wreath Crafts

Pumpkin wreaths are always a great idea for Halloween crafts for adults! Not only can you make these Halloween wreaths to decorate your own space for this festive fall holiday, but you can also make them to sell for extra cash. This modern hoop wreath, pictured above, is quick and easy craft you can make for your DIY Halloween decorations. Display this DIY farmhouse fall wreath on your front door or inside your entry way for a stylish way to decorate for the holiday.

Other pumpkin wreaths you can craft for Halloween include this easy Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath. Or make these cute buffalo check pumpkins for your Halloween table centerpiece.

decorative yarn halloween pom pom garland

Halloween Garland

Another easy Halloween craft, this decorative garland from Growing Up Gable is simply too cute to pass up! Your party guests will absolutely love this collection of miniature, yarn pom-pom ghosts, spiders and ghouls! Not only is this a creative way to add seasonal colors anywhere in your home — whether it’s a fireplace mantel, your front porch or across an entry way — but many of these materials can be sourced affordably from the dollar store.

easy halloween craft idea for diy witch wreath

Witches Craft Idea

It’s hard to enjoy this holiday without a few witches to keep to you on your toes! If you need a cute wreath for your front door, then you must check out this Halloween craft idea. This adorable flying witch from A Piece of Rainbow is made using an artificial boxwood wreath form, construction paper and other common craft supplies. So, it’s an inexpensive craft for the holiday season if you’re on a budget.

zombie paper plate craft

Zombie Paper Plate Craft

Another cute decor idea for a window or wall, these paper plate zombies from Simple Everyday Mom is a great project you can make with the kids. Design this adorable decoration beforehand to spook your tiniest trick-or-treaters. Or host a Halloween party and recreate this project as a group with your party guests. 

Upcycled Adult DIY Halloween Projects

While most of us recycle, sometimes we end up with more waste than we like. If you’re ready to take on some eco-friendly crafts for Halloween, give these easy, adult craft projects a try!

easy halloween luminary craft

DIY Halloween Luminary

I’ve since switched to using eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets from Grove to help reduce plastic waste in my home. However, if you’re still using laundry detergent pods, hang onto those pod buckets! These plastic containers can easily be upcycled for Halloween crafts. My DIY Halloween luminaries are a fun way to decorate your home with sugar skulls and other images for Halloween. Discover how to make a Halloween luminary craft with this easy DIY for adults.

easy halloween adult craft for printable poison halloween apothecary labels

Halloween Apothecary Mason Jars

Need creative decorating ideas for you next Halloween party? These printable poison apothecary labels are an easy way to liven up your Halloween decor! They can be used on upcycled mason jars and bottles to save money. Or buy unique containers to make extra spooky Halloween decorations for your home. Give this easy DIY Halloween craft for adults a try to decorate those small spaces, corners, bookshelves and cupboards in your home.

outdoor upcycled halloween crafts

Upcycled Halloween Decor

Create spooky outdoor upcycled Halloween decorations for your home with this creative DIY Halloween project. These giant squid tentacles are made using pool noodles and recycled materials. So, it’s a fun Halloween craft project for adults that takes your outdoor Halloween decor to the next level!

upcycled cereal box halloween tombstone craft for diy outdoor decor

Cereal Box Halloween Tombstone Craft

Another great idea for outdoor upcycled Halloween decor are these upcycled cereal box tombstones. This fun Halloween craft project is a fun way to create your own graveyard for Halloween using cardboard and spray paint. Especially if you waited too long to shop and your local stores have already sold out of their outdoor Halloween decor.

upcycled tin can ghosts

Upcycled Tin Can Ghosts

If you want to make your yard as spooky an affair as possible, then ghosts with ribbon are must. While store bought versions of these disembodies creatures tend to mean money, you can make your own using recycled materials. These tin can hanging ghosts and ghouls from DIY & Crafts are a creative way to keep your empty food cans out of the storage bin. Make yours today for a fun way to greet your trick-or-treaters.

giant halloween spiderweb craft

Giant Halloween Spider Web

Spiderwebs are almost synonymous with this holiday. Seen strewn across porches and hanging from trees, this easy Halloween craft idea from South Lumina Style uses recycled beef netting to create giant tarantula sized webs to scare party guests and trick-or-treaters alike. Recreate this incredibly simple decorating idea outside of your home for a sure fire way to wow your neighbors.

tin can mummies

Tin Can Mummies

Another great way to recycle your tin can is to make these spooky mummy cans from Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life. An easy craft for adults, the kids will also love lending a hand for this project. Line these cute creations along your mantel with LED tea lights so they glow for spooky party decor. Or fill them with candy and other treats for friends and family to enjoy throughout the season. 

easy black cat halloween craft for adults to diy

Black Cat Craft

Just like witches, you can’t sneak through October without also encountering a few black cats. After all, these furry felines are often witches’ familiars. This fun black cat craft from one of my favorite blogs, It’s Always Autumn, repurposes wood scraps to create adorable decorations for your mantel or front porch this fall. Add in a few dollar store supplies and an hour of your time and you have the cutest shelf sitters ever.

Bath and Body Halloween Ideas for Adults to Craft

Soap crafting is another fun way to make exciting projects for Halloween! And let’s not forget about all those other wonderful Halloween bath and body recipes. If you idea for Halloween crafts for adults leans toward self care, then you don’t want to skip this section!

halloween bath bomb diy

DIY Halloween Bath Bombs

Relax and unwind with inspiration from your favorite horror flicks with these DIY Halloween bath bombs. Inspired by the clown in Stephen King’s IT, these Pennywise bath bombs are a unique way to announce the arrival of Halloween. These red and yellow killer clown concoctions features candy sprinkles with tiny eyes that will have you wondering if you’ll wash down your drain with them after your bath.

adult halloween crafts for making diy melt and pour soap bat soap

DIY Halloween Soap

Give your shower more than it bargained for with this creative melt and pour soap recipe. This DIY Halloween soap is shaped like a bat and dusted in eco-friendly glitter for a fun effect. While this Halloween craft is geared toward adults, the kids can definitely help out! These also make great non-candy Halloween party treats and favors.

halloween bath and body crafts and ideas for adults

Halloween Lotion Bars

As the weather cools off and spirits skirt through the city, it’s time to reevaluate our skin care needs for autumn. This easy Halloween solid lotion bar recipe offers the perfect spook-tacular mix of fun and function for fall. You can even make your DIY lotion bars glitter-tastic for a fabulous homemade holiday gift idea everyone will love!

moldable pumpkin spice melt and pour soap recipe

Pumpkin Soap Craft for Halloween

Make this DIY pumpkin spice soap as a fun and functional Halloween craft for adults. This pumpkin melt and pour soap recipe makes a fun weekend craft project that families can create together with a little help from Mom and Dad. Made with a super easy moldable melt and pour soap recipe, these homemade pumpkin shaped soaps are also great for gifting.

Also be sure to check out these other pumpkin melt and pour soap recipes as well as these fall soap ideas that you can craft for Halloween.

If you prefer to make cold process soap, then be sure to check out this Halloween craft for an autumn soap recipe with essential oil blends for fall. Or learn how to make cold process pumpkin soap with real pumpkin as well as hot process pumpkin soap.

how to make glitter eyeshadow for halloween makeup as a fun adult craft project

DIY Halloween Eyeshadow for Adults

Discover how to make cream eyeshadow with glitter to rock for your Halloween makeup or for everyday wear. A fun and creative adult Halloween craft project, these highly pigmented DIY cream eyeshadows are made with eco-friendly glitter. So, they’re the perfect choice for your Halloween makeup. Or wear them to compliment your favorite, everyday looks this fall.

You can also make DIY zombie makeup for Halloween. This homemade, non-toxic Halloween mineral makeup recipe is a great way to accent your zombie Halloween costume. Any leftovers can then be used as a cream eyeshadow for the rest of the year.

pumpkin spice halloween bath bomb craft for adults

Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs

A lot of Halloween crafts involve one simple fall favorite — pumpkin spice! These DIY pumpkin spice bath bombs incorporate this amazing scent to create a luxuriously scented bath soak for fall. This easy pumpkin spice bath bomb recipe produces fun Halloween treats without the calories. Of course, you can use a pumpkin spice essential oil blend to make all sorts of bath and body crafts for Halloween. So, don’t be afraid to branch out and use either this scent with other recipe when learning how to make bath bombs or other skin care recipes.

how to make salt scrubs with pumpkin for halloween crafts

DIY Pumpkin Salt Scrub

Learn how to make pumpkin salt scrubs for your fall skin care routine or DIY Halloween gifts. This homemade pumpkin body scrub recipe is scented with a Perfect pumpkin fragrance oil and contains real pumpkin flakes for their skin benefits. Try this Halloween craft for adults for a fun way to get glowing skin this autumn. You can find this easy pumpkin scrub recipe here.

diy halloween candle craft project for adults

Adult Halloween Candle Craft Project

Learn how to make massage candles for fall skin care with this exciting DIY! This easy massage candle project doesn’t just scent the room. It also doubles as a massage lotion for skin. Scented with a fabulous pumpkin pie spice fragrance oil, this DIY adult Halloween craft project is a great way to start enjoying those fall vibes. Find this pumpkin pie spice candle DIY here.

halloween monster soap

Soap Monsters

Monsters are also synonymous with this fall holiday. And who better to represent than Frankenstein? This cold process soap recipe from Lovin’ Soap Studio instructs you on how to make colorful green and black soaps that resemble this beloved and hated book character. If desired, you can add additional details to this project by using embeds or soap paints.

I hope you enjoy trying this collection Halloween craft ideas for adults. If you’re looking for more DIY Halloween ideas, be sure to follow Soap Deli New for more ways to get crafty this fall. You can find Soap Deli News on Pinterest, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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