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DIY Halloween Piggy Candy Jar

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

I stay so busy I sometimes find it hard to break away from the day job and the soap to make something other than bath and body products. However, I did find the time to craft this simple DIY Halloween candy jar. It was not only quick and easy to make, but I was able to stick to my daily routine of multi-tasking everything while waiting for the paint and then the glue to dry.

To make things even easier, I had all of the craft supplies for this DIY Li’l Piggy Candy Jar Craft Project delivered to me right at work via Darby Smart so there was no hunting for the things I needed. I seem to be pretty addicted to their craft kits because of this. I love trying new crafts from time to time and Darby Smart makes it so quick and easy for me to do so.

DIY Halloween Candy Jars

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

(via a Darby Smart DIY craft kit)

What you’ll need:

a mason jar lid
3″ terra cotta pot
plastic bowl
plastic toy pig (or other animal)
black Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint
E6000 glue

What you do:

Begin by using the E6000 glue (or superglue gel works too) to glue the top of the mason jar lid to the ring. Allow to dry.

DIY Halloween Candy Jar Project

Next spray paint the mason jar lid, the plastic toy pig, and the terra cotta pot. Cover each piece evenly. Allow to dry fully – at least a half hour – then add a second coat.

Once dry use the glue to secure the round plastic bowl to the terra cotta pot by turning the pot upside down and adhering the bowl so the open end faces up. Also glue the painted pig to the top of the mason jar lid.

This DIY Halloween Candy Jar is quick and easy to make and looks great whether you're filling it with candy corn or gum balls! Learn how to make your own!

Once the glue has dried completely, you’re all set to fill your new DIY Halloween Candy Jar with candy or treats for guests. I filled mine with my favorite, candy corn! Want to purchase this DIY Halloween Candy Jar Kit for yourself? Visit Darby Smart here.

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For more Halloween inspired crafts be sure to check out my Halloween DIY Projects & Ideas Pinterest Board. Or follow my Jonesing for Crafts Pinterest Board for great craft projects year round. In addition to Pinterest, you can also find me on Blog Lovin’, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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