Handmade Soap Wedding Favor Tutorial

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Wedding favors are a great way to thank guests and wedding party participants for both coming and helping you plan your special day. A popular wedding favor option is handmade soaps. Not only do they smell great, but it’s something your guest can use and is less likely to be tossed aside.
Because wedding favors can be costly, you can save money by creating your own. Following is a tutorial for making your own custom favors based on ones I created (above) using a few basic supplies you can readily find almost anywhere.
To get started you’ll need the following:
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue
  • Scrapbook papers in your wedding colors and matching stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Handmade soap
First, you’ll need to size down your soap bars. You can either make your soap or buy it. Keep in mind that if you are making your own soaps, you’ll need to allow at least three weeks for them to cure before use. You can, however, wrap and decorate them as soon as they are hard enough if you are discounting your water. I’m using 4 – 4.5oz bars in a beautiful, red currant scent for summer. Cutting your bars in half makes it more cost effective. However, you’re welcome to use full size bars if it’s within your budget. Halving a 4oz. bar of soap makes a perfect guest size bar, though, and is extra special if your guests are traveling and having to stay in a hotel.
Next, wrap your soaps in paper. This is just like wrapping a present! It’s not necessary to wrap your soap in plastic first if you are using cold process, handmade soaps as this allows the soap to breathe. However, you can wrap your soap in food service film first. Wal-mart’s generic brand of cling wrap is perfect for this if you don’t want to invest in a large roll of food service film as it sticks to itself and makes for a tightly wrapped soap.
Finish wrapping your soap and tape down the sides. The seams where the tape is can be covered length wise with ribbon if you don’t want it to be noticed.
Wrap ribbon around your soap and tape in place. Or for extra durability, use a dab of glue from a hot glue gun. This seam will be covered by your sticker. Don’t go overboard on purchasing ribbon. You can find nice ribbon on clearance anytime of the year. I bought this roll of white velvet ribbon on sale for a dollar.
Apply your sticker across the ribbon where you taped the seams together to the wrapped soap. I am using three dimensional stickers I received as part of a wedding scrapbook pack that was on clearance for $4. It contained an assortment of papers and different stickers and punch outs. Another idea for stickers is to use letter stickers as monograms for the soap packaging and use the letter of the couple’s last name or a combo of letters from each of their first names.
Mix up which way you use your ribbon and vary your stickers and paper for visual interest. They don’t all have to be exactly alike.
Alternately, you don’t have to wrap every soap in paper. You can wrap all, or just some, of your soaps in clear plastic wrap and use either ribbon or scrapbook papers cut into strips as your band around the soaps. Then top with a sticker.
And that’s it! Just make as many favors as you’ll need for the wedding party plus a few extras just in case. If you have extras left over after the party, tuck them in drawers to use as scented sachets until you get around to using them on your own. Or use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas, just swapping out the sticker if needed for something that could be used year round.
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  1. I made handmade soaps once to use as favors for a Christmas tea and they were a huge hit. We put ours in little drawstring bags (fabric matched our theme). They make great favors.

    I really love the way you are decorating yours. So adorable. That’s also a good idea to give as little gifts for any reason. I love these. I’m saving this tutorial in my list of favorites.

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. I love making homemade soap. I have made several different scents. At first it kind of scared me because I heard so much about the lye and all but it was really quite easy.

  3. Visiting from Home maker on a Dime and happily becoming a follower. Your collections look awesome.

  4. Visiting from Home maker on a Dime and happily becoming a follower. Your collections look awesome.

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