DIY Easy Washi Tape Twist Ties Craft Project

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DIY Washi Tape Twist Ties Craft Project - Perfect for Handmade Party Favors and Wedding Favors
Want another useful DIY project for putting your washi tape to good use? Make twist ties! These handmade twist ties are super easy and quick to create. Plus they make dressing up favor bags for parties and weddings a snap! Choose your washi tape in a color and pattern that compliments your event for simple coordinating favors!
How to make twist ties using washi tape and florist wire
For this project all you need is washi tapein your pattern(s) of choice, florist wire and scissors.
Easy DIY Washi Tape Twist Ties for wrapping up wedding favor bags
Simply cut a length of washi tape to desired length. Lay a piece of florist wire on top of the sticky side of the tape. Then apply a second strip of washi tape sticky side down to adhere to the other piece of tape so that the wire is trapped in between. Then just trim the wire edges and you’re done! For more diy washi tape craft projects, click here.

What’s your favorite way to use washi tape?

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  1. Another great idea for washi tape! =0)
    I’m waiting for my order of washi tape to arrive, and I’ll definitely try this out.

  2. You’ll love your washi tape! I’ve had so much fun since falling victim to the washi tape craze.

  3. I’m almost afraid to get started on the washi tape..I know a potential problem when I see it! LOL Cool idea!

  4. What an adorable idea! Thanks.: ) xoxo

  5. You’re welcome. Hope you have fun making things! My mom keeps seeing all of the cool things I’ve been making and asked where she could buy washi tape. I might get her hooked here before long too. I’m excited to incorporate washi tape into Christmas gift wrap!

  6. That looks so easy! What a great little diy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  7. Easy and pretty too. Love it!

  8. Thank you for sharing this!!! It’s amazing how many things we can do with some washi tapes!
    Bisous ( from Sincerely, Paula’s linky)