DIY Combination Solid Sugar Scrub & Homemade Soap Recipe

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Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Idea and Mother's Day Gift Idea - DIY Bath & Body Tutorial for Homemade Solid Sugar Scrub and Soap 2-in-1 Combo Flower Bars

Need a lovely homemade gift idea for a parent, sister, daughter or loved one? Then you will for sure want to try out this diy bath & body recipe for making a combination solid sugar scrub and homemade soap recipe! These unique, flower shaped solid sugar scrub and soap combo 2-in-1 bars make super cute DIY spring wedding favors, homemade Mother’s Day gifts and are even a joy to discover in an Easter basket! (Psst. This is the same recipe as my Handmade Triple Butter Solid Sugar Scrub Hearts, but with a twist! Be sure to check out that sugar scrub recipe here.)

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Idea and Mother's Day Gift Idea - DIY Bath & Body Tutorial for Homemade Solid Sugar Scrub and Soap 2-in-1 Combo Flower Bars

DIY 2-in-1 Solid Sugar Scrub & Homemade Soap Recipe

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17 oz. granulated white sugar
2.5 oz. melt and pour soap base (of choice) for scrub
9 oz. melt and pour soap base (of choice) for soap
3 oz. shea butter (natural or refined)
1/2 oz. cocoa butter
2 Tablespoons rice bran oil (or olive oil, or any carrier oil of choice)
1/2 Tablespoon aloe vera gel
1 Tablespoon fragrance oil or 1 1/2 teaspoons essential oil of choice (optional)
soap dyes (optional)


Two large glass bowls or measuring  cups
Spoon or spatula
Digital scale


You’ll begin by making the solid sugar scrub portion of the flower. (I doubled this recipe and used half to fill my heart shaped molds for my DIY Solid Sugar Scrub Hearts, then used the other half to fill in my flower molds for this project.) To do this, you’ll need to start by weighing out the cocoa butter and illipe butter. Place into a glass, microwave safe bowl or measuring cup (I like to use a large Pyrex measuring cup as I find the handle useful) and heat in the microwave until just melted. (Alternately you may use a double boiler.) Next, weigh out 2.5 oz. melt and pour glycerin soap base and cut into square chunks. Add these to the bowl of cocoa and illipe butter. Then weigh out the shea butter and also add to the cocoa butter, illipe butter and glycerin soap mixture. Continue to microwave until ingredients have melted. Once your soap and butters have melted, remove the bowl from the microwave and stir well.

Now measure out two tablespoons rice bran oil, a half tablespoon aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of fragrance oil – I used a rose & violet scented fragrance oil – and add to the bowl of butters and soap. Using a pipette, measure out the Vitamin E oil and add it to the bowl of ingredients as well.  If using a liquid soap dye, you would also add several drops at this point until the mixture reaches desired color. Mix well to thoroughly incorporate ingredients.

Now, in a clean container, weigh out 18oz. of sugar then slowly pour into the soap and butter mixture. Stir well to be sure there are no remaining pockets of sugar that are not mixed in.

Next, place your flower mold onto a wooden cutting board. Then slowly spoon or pour the sugar scrub mixture into your flower shaped silicone molds. If necessary, press the scrub into the mold as much as possible. Fill almost to the top, but not completely – leave a space for the soap to be poured in on top.

Now cut your 9 oz. of melt and pour glycerin soap into chunks and melt. Add an alternately color if desired, and just a ml of fragrance if desired. Mix well, then pour the melted soap into the molds on top of the solid sugar scrub. Fill each mold with 1.5 oz. of soap on top of each scrub. Now carefully pick up the cutting board with the mold, and place the cutting board and mold in the refrigerator until mixture has hardened thoroughly. Don’t be impatient with this one. If you try to unmold these too quickly the soap could separate from the scrub or top of the design may smear.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Idea and Mother's Day Gift Idea - DIY Bath & Body Tutorial for Homemade Solid Sugar Scrub and Soap 2-in-1 Combo Flower Bars

Once your flower shaped scrub and soap bars have solidified, simply push out of the molds and wrap tightly in plastic film. You can then decorate your creations for gift giving! I decorated mine with washi tape and bakers twine and used sticker paper to attach labels with ingredients to the bottom of the flowers.

To use these flower shaped 2-n-1 bars, simply wash with the soap side first, then rinse. Before stepping out of the shower, flip it over to the scrub side and rub onto damp skin, rinse and pat dry. The rich properties of the butters and oils in the scrub will sink into your skin and stay even after stepping out of the shower. Be sure to keep these solid 2-in-1 soap and scrub combo bars dry and away from water in between uses as they can dissolve when continuously exposed to water.Hint: Don’t just use this mold for making solid sugar scrubs and soaps. You can also use it to make solid lotion bars!

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