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Easy DIY Kids Project - DIY Soap Crystals

Easy DIY Soap Gems and DIY Soap Crystals

Soapmaking Tutorial - Easy DIY SOap Gems and Soap Crystals

Learn how to make these super easy DIY Soap Gems and fun DIY Soap Crystals! They require very few materials yet offer beautiful results! Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY Soap Gem and Crystals!

Soapmaking Tutorial - Easy DIY Soap Gems

Easy DIY Soap Gems

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Crafter’s Choice Aloe & Olive Detergent Free M&P Soap Base


Using a sharp knife cut the soap into rectangular or square chunks approximately the size you want your DIY soap gems to be. Then on each side cut away slices of the soap at an angle so that the soap is wider in the center than on the ends all the way around the soap. It’s as simple as that! As the soap already has a natural pale greenish-yellow hue there’s no need for colorants!

If you’d like to scent your soap, cut the desired amount of soap you plan to use into chunks, then melt in short increments in the microwave. Add the fragrance oil of your choice at 2% of the total weight of soap. Pour into a rectangular mold and allow to harden, then cut into the sizes you need for the soap gems.

Soapmaking Tutorial - Easy DIY Soap Crystals - Great project for kids!

You can also make these easy DIY soap crystals using the same melt and pour glycerin soap base. You will need a few extra ingredients for this project though. However, this is definitely a fun project for kids.

Easy DIY Kids Project - DIY Soap Crystals

DIY Soap Crystals

© Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen


8 oz. Crafter’s Choice Aloe & Olive Detergent Free M&P Soap Base
1-2 drops blue liquid soap colorant, depending on desired effect
1-2 pinches of Sparkle Pearl Mica Powder, or equivalent

Materials Needed:

Crafters Choice™ Basic Round Silicone Soap Mold
digital scale
glass Pyrex measuring cup
sharp knife


Using the digital scale, weigh out 8 oz. of the soap base. Then cut into cubes and divide in half. Place half of the soap cubes into two of the mold cavities.

Combine the other half of the soap cubes in a Pyrex measuring cup and melt in the microwave. Add one to two drops of color and one to two pinches of mica and stir. You can also add a fragrance oil at this point if desired, at 2% of the soap weight.

Now pour the melted soap base evenly into the two mold cavities over the soap chunks. Allow to harden completely then carefully push out of the molds.

For another fun look you can also carve out soap gems with half of the soap base and place them into the cavities in lieu of the soap cubes, then pour the liquid soap over and around these.

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For more of my homemade melt and pour soap recipes, visit Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. Or discover even more great homemade soap recipes as well as DIY bath and beauty recipes from Soap Deli News and around the web by following my DIY Bath and Body Pinterest board.


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