How to Deal with Holiday Stress Even If Your Family Is Insane

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Let’s face it. The holidays can be tough. Not only is there more to take on during the holiday season, but family can make the holidays even more stressful. There are ways, however, to lighten that emotional load. Keep reading for my tips on how to deal with holiday stress. So maybe this year you can start enjoying the holidays again.

Tips on how to deal with holiday stress.

The day before Thanksgiving I actually broke out in hives. So I understand how stressful the holidays can be. Thus illustrating not just the emotional, but also the physical toll, that the holidays can have on our health. Because I have fibromyalgia, stress – especially the kind of stress that the holidays bring – also affects my pain level. So doing activities that I actually do enjoy – like our local star drop in market square – brings with it some challenges. Specifically when it comes to footwear.

I want to be like everyone else and wear my pretty holiday party dress with the super cute shoes to match. What I don’t want to have to worry about however, is my feet hurting a half hour in and not being able to walk the rest of the night. Luckily, I scored a pair of Wiivv’s 3/4 Length Custom Fit Insoles a few months ago. Their not only custom designed to fit my feet, they also fit into every single pair of shoes I own. Even those cute party shoes. And, while they may not help me to deal with the stress of the holiday season, there’s a good chance I’ll be doing a lot of dancing into the New Year.

I really love that my Wiivv insoles allow me to feel physically feel better, not just at holiday parties, but in my day to day activities. This in turn takes some of that extra stress off my mind, so I can enjoy doing things more. Let’s face it though. Dealing with the stress of family obligations and events throughout the holiday season isn’t tackled by great footwear alone. Sometimes you have to take the time out to consider what’s more important to you – your sense of duty or your emotional health?

To help you make the holidays season a little easier to deal with, I’ve been together a few tips on how to deal with holiday stress.

Tips on How to Deal with Holiday Stress

1. Say “no.”

There’s nothing saying that you MUST attend family events during the holiday season. Maybe you have an emotionally abusive mother or a racist uncle that puts you on edge. Or perhaps it’s just overwhelming trying to find the time to attend every event, clean your house and shop for gifts all on top of work, kids and personal relationships. If you need a break, for whatever reason, it’s okay to say “no.” Stay home instead and indulge in some self care. You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. And believe me, I’ve skipped my own fair share of events.

“Sorry, I won’t be able to attend this year. Aunt Margaret will be there and if I have to even look at her face after the things she’s done… Well, I will not hold back. And no one wants that at a holiday party.”

2. Self medicate.

Yeah. I know. This sounds bad. But as someone who’s dealt with agoraphobia, I understand anxiety. And sometimes you just need a little help. I’m not suggesting drinking yourself into oblivion or anything. However, if there are events that will turn out worse for you if you don’t attend them, then go prepared. Cbd oil works wonders for anxiety when you can’t avoid those extra challenging family events. (It can also help with the inflammation from all those carbs!) However, if CBD oil isn’t an option for you, you can try other herbal remedies such as valerian and skullcap root to ease anxiety and reduce stress.

“Hey, Carla! Your dress is awesome. Hopefully your attitude will reflect your look this year. But if not, I’ll just be chillaxing over in the corner tonight with my phone on video… I can’t wait to replay your antics for all my friends! They all loved Don’t Trust The B- In Apartment 23!”

3. Avoid politics.

At all costs, do not discuss politics at family gatherings. If your family is like mine, then everyone has a different opinion on the state of our country. Don’t make a relatively agreeable holiday gathering into an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While your brother may act like a demon, it’s best not to call him out on it. Your therapist may refer to this as setting aside your differences. I also suggest making it very clear there are to be no political discussions during holiday events. Threaten to never attend an event again – I did! – and someone is guaranteed to have your back.

4. Take a breather.

Overwhelmed? Sneak outside and take a break. One of my best memories of Christmas was not only family free (I was going through a divorce) but it was spent with a friend skating on the ice in Market Square in our tennis shoes. Alternately, mediation is supposed to help as well. Unfortunately, my brain stays on overdrive and that is something I definitely struggle with.

5. Get some rest.

Staying up late to try to tackle your entire to do list will just make the next day more trying. You are not a Stepford wife. (Thank goodness.) You’re a grown ass woman. So if you want ice cream for breakfast and a midday nap, just go for it. If anyone is judging you, it’s simply to make up for their own shortcomings.

With that said, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season. Even if it means taking a pass. And, if you have tips for how to deal with holiday stress, I’d love for you to share your success stories in the comments. Also don’t forget that those custom Wiivv insoles in case you need to make a mad dash for the hills without breaking a leg. Your family likely won’t thank you, but your feet definitely will. However, learning how to deal with holiday stress can help you have a happier holiday. So if you’re up for it, then give it your best! (Or at least find a way to make it entertaining.)

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