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creative easter egg decorating ideas

20 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Explore these creative Easter egg decorating ideas for fun ways to decorate your eggs this Easter. These Easter egg design ideas are a unique and creative way to fill an Easter basket, or add to your holiday Easter decor.

creative easter egg decorating ideas designs

Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Decorative Easter eggs go far beyond the traditional dip and dunk procedure that you likely grew up practicing. In fact, there are many creative ways to decorate Easter eggs and a variety of supplies other than using store bought or natural Easter egg dyes.

If you’re looking for a little more innovative approach on how to decorate Easter eggs, I’ve compiled a list of 20 fabulous and fun egg decorating ideas for Easter. Explore these fun ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs without dye, as well new ways to decorate Easter eggs with dye to help you get started. Then add these Easter decorations to your seasonal decor for all the festive holidays you’ll celebrate this spring.

creative ways to decorate easter eggs

DIY Icon Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed

These iconic Easter egg designs are created using clear address labels printed with the designs of your choice. Simply spray paint or color your eggs as desired, then download the printable file to add stickers to your finished eggs.

Gorgeous DIY Floral Easter Eggs from Design Improvised

These beautiful floral Easter egg designs are another great way to decorate Easter eggs for spring. These eggs look absolutely stunning through spring for your seasonal home decor. Color the eggs as desired to start, or use colored foam eggs or plastic Easter egg ornaments. Then add artificial flowers to the eggs using a hot glue gun. This is a great Dollar Tree project.

easter egg design ideas

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs from Amanda’s Cookin’

These tie-dye Easter eggs are one of my favorite egg decorating ideas for Easter. This technique for decorating Easter eggs is a bit messy, but it is a lot of fun. Kids absolutely love this Easter egg decorating idea too! All you need is a spray bottle, some cheesecloth and food coloring and you’re on your way to decorating a dozen hard boiled eggs like your favorite summer camp project.

Gold Foil Tattoo Easter Eggs from DIY Candy

If your home decor tastes run a little more elegant, then you’ll love these gold foil Easter egg designs. You can use plain, white hard boiled eggs for this Easter craft project. Simply clean and dry the eggs, then apply a gold foil temporary tattoo in your design of choice.

ways to decorate easter eggs

Moss Covered Easter Eggs from Love Grows Wild

For a natural or rustic Easter decor, these mossy Easter eggs are the perfect egg decorating idea for Easter. This easy Easter egg design is created by using a hot glue gun to cover eggs with dried moss. You can then wrap them in twine or add additional rustic spring decorating elements.

Silhouette Easter Eggs from The Best Idea For Kids

These Easter egg decorating ideas incorporate an Easter egg dye kit and stickers. Apply stickers with fun shapes to the eggs, then dye them with store bought Easter egg dye. (Alternately, you can also learn how to dye Easter eggs naturally.) Once the dye has dried, simply remove the sticker for a fun Easter egg design.

creative easter egg designs

Gorgeous DIY Galaxy Easter Egg Craft from Meraki Mother

Who doesn’t love galaxy Easter eggs? Galaxy Easter eggs are one the coolest Easter egg decorating ideas. There are so many possibilities and there’s really now wrong or right way to design these eggs. After all, the galaxy is so large and beautiful — just like our art! These fun Easter egg designs are created on eggs that are first painted black. Then you use a sponge to dab additional acrylic paint colors in layers on top of the base color for a unique effect.

Gold Leaf Marbled Eggs from Make Life Lovely

These gold leaf Easter eggs are another creative way to decorate Easter eggs. Mad using wooden eggs for durability, these eggs are decorated first with spray paint, then marbled with gold leaf.

creative easter egg design ideas

DIY Lisa Frank Easter Eggs from Happiness is Homemade

If you were a fan of the 80s, then there’s no doubt you remember Lisa Frank stickers and Trapper Keepers. This Easter egg decorating idea is a creative spin off the bold colors and style made popular during that decade. Made using wooden eggs painted in bright colors, these eggs are also embellished with glittery Lisa Frank temporary tattoos.

Calligraphy Easter Eggs from Lia Griffith

These Easter eggs not only look amazing as part of your Easter decor, but they also double as a unique Easter place card setting for an Easter brunch or dinner! Created using white plastic Easter eggs, craft paint and a gold leaf marker, these Easter egg decorating ideas are quick and easy to create. You can explore more ideas from Lia Griffith here, or shop from her line of stunning craft materials.

creative easter egg decorating ideas

Coloring Page Decoupage Easter Eggs from The Country Chic Cottage

These decoupage Easter egg designs are so fun to make! It’s also a great Easter craft project for teens. Start by covering plastic Easter eggs with tissue paper and Mod Podge. Then follow with cut out design from coloring book pages. The possibilities are endless!

Glitter Easter Eggs from girl.Inspired

You can use any natural colored eggs, whether white or brown, for these egg decorating ideas for Easter. Start by blowing out the insides of the eggs. Then use glue and glitter to cover the eggs or add fun polka dot designs.

easter egg decorating ideas for adults

Floral Paper Eggs from The Scrap Shoppe Blog

These pretty paper mache eggs are decorated for Easter using floral rub ons. They’re so easy to make and essentially mess free, if you don’t count the paper scraps!

Easter Eggs with DIY Typography from Lovely Indeed

 In addition to the other Easter egg decorating ideas, you can also design Easter eggs using typography as a design element. These colorful Easter egg designs are made using a downloadable file of fun phrases. Alternately, you can also use alphabet stickers to create custom phrases for your colored Easter eggs.

Hipster Easter Eggs from It’s Always Autumn

These fun Easter egg designs another fresh ways to decorate Easter eggs using temporary tattoos. Simply download the image file and print onto printable tattoo paper. Then apply the designs to colored eggs for fun Easter basket fillers.

diy easter egg designs

DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs from Alice and Lois

Inspired by the amazing blue color of indigo dye, these marbled Easter eggs are decorated using blue nail polish on faux Easter eggs. Check out Alice and Lois for a tutorial on this fun Easter egg decorating technique!

Painted Splattered Easter Eggs from Squirrelly Minds

These paint splattered Easter eggs remind me a lot of Jackson Pollock paintings. And, of course, they can be approached in much the same way. Simply use a small paint brush to fling paint onto prepared eggs to create unique works of art to display as Easter decor.

ways to decorate eggs for easter

Confetti Painted Easter Eggs from Landee See Landee Do

If you want modern Easter egg decorating ideas, then be sure to give these easy confetti Easter eggs a try! This fun Easter craft utilizes a pencil eraser to add light and dark color schemes to white eggs.

decorating ideas for diy easter eggs

DIY Metallic Easter Eggs from Delineate Your Dwelling

I love how these decorative Easter eggs look as part of my holiday decor for spring. This easy upgrade to plastic Easter eggs only requires a bit of metallic spray paint and a chalk marker to draw on designs.

DIY Monstera Leaf Easter Eggs from Sarah Hearts

If you’re a plant lover, then these monstera leaf Easter egg designs are hard to pass on. Not only do these Mod Podge eggs look great, they are also simple and easy to make. I love this Easter egg decorating idea as a fun way to add some extra green around the house.

creative ways to decorate easter eggs design ideas

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