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feather easter eggs diy easy easter egg design ideas

DIY Feather Easter Eggs: Easy Farmhouse Style Rustic Easter Decor

Learn how to make DIY feather Easter eggs as a unique way to decorate Easter eggs without dye. This simple Easter craft idea is perfect for your rustic Easter decor with a farmhouse style theme for your holiday decorations.

feather easter eggs diy easy easter egg design ideas rustic easter decor

Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs without Dye

I remember sitting at the table decorating Easter eggs with my son when he was little. I’d mix up the little cups of color so we could dunk our eggs and color them in fun patterns using wax crayons and other tools. Then we used stickers and other simple decorations to decorate them for an Easter display.

Coloring eggs with children is a lot of fun, but it’s also very messy. More than once a cup of dyed water spilled, making a mess on the table, chair and the floor. Of course, the mess was worth it to create those memories. However, had I known how much fun decorating eggs without dye could be, I likely would have embarked on it sooner.

Now that my son is grown, married and has been living on his own for a few years, I still like to keep the Easter egg design ideas tradition alive. Instead of coloring them, however, I’m learning how to decorate Easter eggs without dye to create beautiful eggs with less mess.

These feather Easter eggs are a fun and easy solution to making Easter egg designs that are mess free. They have a rustic Easter decor look, so they perfectly complement your existing farmhouse style decor.

Keep reading to learn to make easy Easter eggs designs using feathers, as well as how to display them in your home. I’ll also cover the different types of eggs you can use and the best feathers to buy for this Easter craft project.

diy feather easter eggs easter craft project

Feather Easter Eggs

Each year, I try a new way to make Easter eggs for home decor. This year, I decided on simple feather Easter eggs. I just love how they turned out!

They could not be easier to make. You just need hard boiled eggs, feathers and hot glue. These are simple Easter egg design ideas, but feel free to get creative. You can really have a blast with this Easter craft and personalize it to make it your own.

Both kids and adults will have fun learning how to decorate Easter eggs without dye. Younger kids might need help with the glue gun, but they can help make these eggs with some adult supervision.

feather easter egg design ideas how to decorate easter eggs without dye for farmhouse style rustic easter decor

What Kinds of Eggs Can I Use to Decorate Easter Eggs without Dye?

Curious what kind of eggs you can use to decorate Easter eggs without using dye? There are many options. Following are details on how to choose the best eggs.

I used brown eggs from the grocery store, but did you know that chickens lay other colors too? Chickens lay naturally colored blue, green, olive, salmon, pink, copper or brown. These colors vary from light to dark, so you can get a wide variety of natural egg colors for your feather Easter eggs.

Very few stores will sell these beautiful hues, but you can buy them directly from the farmer. Try asking friends who have chickens or look on Facebook Marketplace for different colored eggs. I think a bowl of shades of blue, green brown eggs would look beautiful for farmhouse style rustic Easter decor.

Although this is to learn how to decorate Easter eggs without dye, you could dye your eggs first and then attach the feathers. This is a fun DIY, and you can certainly get creative and make it your own.

You can also use paper mache or wooden eggs to make feather Easter eggs. You will need to paint them, but your imagination is the limit. You can paint them brown to look like my feather Easter eggs, or paint them in any color for fun Easter egg design ideas.

For a more natural looking egg that can still be used year after year, you can also use hand blown eggs. These are real eggs that are pricked with a hole, then the inside of the egg is blown out, leaving the shell. They are washed inside and out, so they are shelf stable for years.

Keep in mind, however, that the shells of hand blown eggs are fragile. Therefore you need to be careful when attaching the feathers and storing them. You’ll want to store them in a sturdy container and not just an egg carton in order to avoid accidentally crushing them in storage.

What Feathers Do You Need to Decorate Eggs?

You want to use the right sized feather for your Easter egg designs. I recommend using a feather that’s made for jewelry. These feathers typically range from 2 to 3 inches in length, so you won’t be able to use every feather in the pack.

I used brown feathers for my rustic Easter decor eggs, but there are colorful feathers. I think these colorful feathers with polka dots would make great eggs. If you want a solid color, these pastel feathers would be very pretty. 

materials to make feather easter eggs

Feather Easter Eggs Materials

Last year, I posted how to decorate Easter eggs without dye, and it was popular. Even if you do dye eggs with the kiddos each year, these Easter egg designs are fun to make and look pretty as decor. This year, I wanted rustic Easter decor as a theme so I chose feathers. Here are the materials you’ll need to make your own DIY feather Easter eggs:

  • Brown eggs: You can use hard-boiled brown eggs for this Easter craft project. Alternately you can also use hand blown eggs, paper mache or wooden eggs. 
  • Feathers: Choose small feathers that fit well as a design element on the eggs. You can use dyed feather or naturally colored feathers, depending on the look you want. I recommend using natural feathers if you want to make rustic Easter decor.


In addition to the materials necessary to craft these feather Easter eggs, you’ll also need the following tools to create this rustic Easter decor:

  • Hot glue gun: You’ll need a hot glue gun and glue to adhere the feathers to the eggs. If you don’t own a hot glue gun, the Dollar Tree is an inexpensive place to buy one.
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Scissors: You will use scissors to cut the feathers for this Easter craft down to size, so that they fit onto the eggs.

cut feathers down to size then hot glue the feathers onto hard boiled brown eggs to decorate

How to Make Feather Easter Eggs

  1. Choose the type of egg you’d like to use for this Easter craft. If you are using brown hard boiled eggs, make sure the eggs are fully dry and have completely cooled before getting started.
  2. Once you have prepared the eggs, use a pair of scissors to cut the feathers down to size. You can make the feathers as small as you’d like based on the design you have in mind. I used three feathers for the designs on each of my eggs. However feel free to use more, or even less, depending on the look you want.
  3. Now that the feathers have been shortened, use hot glue to adhere the feathers to the eggs. I recommend gluing on the bottom third of the feathers so that the tops remain fluffy.
  4. Allow the glue to cool completely. After the glue has completely hardened and is no longer warm to the touch, your Easter eggs are ready to be displayed.

glue natural feathers onto brown eggs to create unique easter egg designs

Other Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Feathers

You can use different colored eggs, real or fake eggs and even different colored feathers, but there’s another way to make rustic Easter decor. Instead of gluing the end of the feather to the egg and letting the feather stick up like I did, you can completely glue the feather to the egg.

To do this, use Mod Podge instead of hot glue. Be careful when attaching the egg so the feathers are in the right direction and are flat against the egg. When dry, seal with a second coat of Mod Podge.

These would be cute with the feather Easter eggs like the ones I made for this Easter craft project.

Yield: 3 Rustic Feather Easter Eggs

DIY Feather Easter Eggs

feather easter eggs diy rustic easter decor

Make DIY feather Easter eggs to decorate Easter eggs without dye. This Easter craft is perfect for your farmhouse style rustic Easter decor.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 3 brown eggs (hard boiled, wood, hand blown or paper mache)
  • Assortment of 9-12 natural feathers


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Use a pair of scissors to cut the natural feathers down to 2-3" in length.
  2. Then use hot glue to adhere three (or more) feathers to each of the prepared eggs. Use the glue on the bottom third of the feathers.
  3. Allow the glue to cool completely before displaying as farmhouse style rustic Easter decor.


If you are using brown hard boiled eggs for these rustic feather Easter eggs, make sure the eggs are fully dry and have completely cooled before getting started.

rustic easter decor farmhouse decorating ideas

How to Display Eggs as Farmhouse Style Rustic Easter Decor

To display your Easter eggs as farmhouse style rustic Easter decor, set them inside a pretty bowl. Then place the the bowl onto a side table or bookshelf for simple, yet beautiful holiday decorations. You can also use the display in a foyer or as an Easter table centerpiece.

In addition, you can also add extra feathers, moss or fake crafting straw to the bowl. Then set your feather Easter eggs on top of these elements to display.

I like this wood egg holder or this small egg basket for displaying eggs. Both are cute ways to show off your rustic Easter decor.

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    Where did you find the package of brown feathers?

    1. Rebecca D. Dillon

      April 5, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      I found mine at a craft store. Most craft stores carry feathers, but you can also find them online on Etsy and Amazon.

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