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personalized canvas prints from photographs

Custom Canvas Prints for Home Decor and Personalized Gifts

Learn how to affordably decorate your home using custom canvas prints. If you’re on a budget, decorating can be outside of reach. However, you can create gorgeous, gallery quality artwork for cheaper than you may think. Discover how to use popular images and designs, as well as your own photos, to decorate your walls without breaking the bank. Or create them to give as unique gifts throughout the year.

personalized canvas prints from photographs

Personalized Canvas Prints

Take your space from ordinary to extraordinary! Personalized canvas prints are a wonderful way to liven up any room’s decor. They are also a fantastic gift to give. Aside from being a great gift, they are very durable and can last a really long time. There’s no better gift than a classic piece of art for your home.

If you’ve never ordered art for wall decor before, it may seem a bit daunting. Fortunately, it’s much easier than you may think. So, whether you’re buying custom canvas prints as a unique gift for family and friends, or to decorate your own space, you can do so within your budget without sacrificing quality.

Affordable Custom Wall Art

Let’s face it. Not all of can afford to have original artwork in our homes. Even at the Sidewalk Art show my city hosts each year, original paintings typically start at around $300. The price only goes up from there. Fortunately, you can create the perfect customized canvas prints for your living space as an affordable alternative. I found that I was able to create and order personalized art online for significantly cheaper without sacrificing the integrity of the space. 

You can choose from pre-designed artwork or upload your own drawings or photographs. Whichever option you choose, your art will printed onto quality canvas, then framed so it’s ready for display in your home. 

Whether you’re looking for a solution for the empty space above your headboard or TV, or need a unique piece to help style your buffet, budget-friendly canvas prints are ideal. But, where do you find them? And, how do you style canvas wall art in your home? Continue reading, for an easy answer to both of these questions!

custom canvas prints from photowall

Decorating with Custom Canvas Prints from Photowall

If you’re looking for new art for your walls, but aren’t sure where to get started, then I highly recommend Photowall. Photowall provides custom canvas print services for both individuals and business with impeccable taste. I recently used this company to create custom art for my own walls. Specifically, I was looking for artwork for two spots on my wall that seemed incredibly bare — over my headboard in the bedroom and over the buffet in my living room/dining area.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted when I started. Fortunately, Photowall made it easy to find the perfect artwork for both spaces and offered highly competitive prices! That I could search by color and category as well as find inspiration on their site, made the process much easier.

Photowall allows you to create custom wallpaper murals, posters and canvas prints. They have thousands of beautiful designs to choose from, including works from popular artists. You also have the option of uploading your own artwork or photographs. I did both.

With custom canvas prints starting under $50, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was to order large works of art to decorate my walls. I ordered the largest size they had, and spent around $100 each.

canvas print decorating ideas

Benefits of Ordering Through Photowall

As I was browsing through all of the categories and design options on Photowall — and entertaining various print sizes — I realized that this company provides a number of wonderful benefits. From helping you select the best piece of art to their uncomplicated return policy, I was sold from start to finish.

These are some of the perks you’ll enjoy when shopping for personalized art through Photowall:

  • You can search by color. I found a gorgeous floral print to go over my bed. The muted colors were a perfect match with my existing theme as I was able to search by the color scheme. I was also able to find a print that matched the original paintings in my dining area by searching for specific color combinations. 
  • If you aren’t sure what design or color you’re after, you can search for art by theme. Whether it’s a woodland forest or modern abstract art, you can pick your favorite motif and browse to your heart’s content for that ideal look. You can even order your favorite art reproductions from famous artists throughout time for the perfect customized canvas print!
  • Custom photo canvas prints are a breeze to create. Simply upload a high quality photograph and it is meticulously printed onto canvas. I ordered a print from my son’s wedding for one of my canvas prints and was absolutely delighted. The detail was immaculate and the quality well exceeded my expectations. This with ordered the largest print size they have!
  • Photowall offers seriously affordable pricing. Of course comparing original art to prints isn’t quite the same. But even compared to prints of the same size I might pick up at TJ Maxx, I paid considerably less. Plus, there was the added bonus of being able to use any art, photograph or design I wanted.
  • When they say custom, they mean it! Not only can you use your artwork or a design they’ve provided, you can crop the art however you like and choose the size of the print. Choose prints that are tall, skinny or square up to 40″ in dimension either vertically or horizontally. 
  • The frame construction for the artwork is solidly made and comes pre-assembled. The corners are square and nothing is offset or crooked. Additionally, they are made with an FSC-certified wooden frame.
  • Each print comes with saw tooth hangers attached. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to hang your custom artwork. Just be sure you indicate how the piece will go on the wall so the hangers are placed on the correct side of the artwork.
  • This company offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your canvas art for any reason, you can return or exchange it within 30 days. Not only do they arrange for shipping, but they also pay for return shipping.
  • Photowall strives to reduce its environmental impact by using biodegradable inks, free from solvents and other hazardous chemicals. They also recycled all of their leftover, waste material and use local supply chains for materials wherever possible. 
  • The inks used for these personalized prints is UV-resistant. This UV protection protective coat prevents it from fading or discoloration over time, especially if the area in which it is displayed is sunny. This also means that it won’t warp, peel or fade. So they’re sure to withstand the test of time.
  • Shipping is on point. And, shipping is free within the USA! Your art is made to order and ships within one to four business days after production and takes 5-7 working days to arrive. However, for a relatively small fee, you can also pay for expedited shipping that arrives within two to three business days. So, it’s perfect for those last minute gifts. It also comes well packaged inside a durable corrugated cardboard box to keep it protected during transit. You can even order online outside of the United States, however VAT may apply to your purchase.

custom canvas prints for cheap

How To Order A Print For Less

Once you’ve decided on the perfect art for your walls, it’s easy to order! Here is how to complete the ordering process through Photowall:

  1. Select art from the website or upload photos that you’d like to see turned into wall art.
  2. Choose the size and orientation for the custom canvas print. I recommend that you double check your wall measurements to prevent ordering a piece that is either too small or too large for the space. Then click on “show canvas print and price.”
  3. Crop the chosen motif so the image you want to highlight is shown on the print, then verify the free digital proof.
  4. Add the order to your cart. Then continue shopping or checkout. It’s that easy! Your choice of artwork or photograph will then be printed onto canvas material and shipped to your home in about a week or less.

How to Style Your Canvas Wall Art

Once your artwork arrives, all you’ll need to do is hang it! Most of aren’t interior designers. So, this may be somewhat challenging if you aren’t sure where to start. Following are ideas I used for styling my home with personalized, canvas wall art.

how to decorate with photo canvas prints

Liven Up Your Boring Buffet with Photo Canvas Prints

I don’t know about you, but the wall space over my buffet was pretty bland. When I moved, I was basically starting over from scratch. I ended up with a few decorative pieces on top of my buffet with mid-century modern wall decorations above it. It didn’t look great, but it worked in a pinch.

Unfortunately, my buffet is also the first thing you see when you walk into my front door. As such, it didn’t make the statement that I wanted when people came into my home. It also didn’t feel particularly warm or inviting. A photo canvas print turned out to be the perfect solution.

As my son was married just over two years ago, I really wanted a high-quality canvas print form his wedding. My daughter-in-law, Paris, put so much effort into planning her wedding. She even made all of her dried, floral flowers! (And has since started her own business selling her dried wedding bouquets on Etsy!)

decorating with customized wall art

They had the perfect photograph from their wedding that happened to match the warm brown and gold tones in two original paintings I have in the same space. That photo printed beautifully onto canvas. As will your favorite photos should you choose to do the same.

I styled the custom canvas print of this photograph from Photowall above my buffet as the centerpiece for that wall. I then added books, pottery, and gold rimmed glasses at various heights to build a showcase around it. Then, I filled in the rest of the space with both faux and live plants to bring warmth and a lived-in feel to the space.

However, you could also gift your own canvas photo prints for the holidays or a wedding anniversary!

how to decorate over your headboard

Decorate with Prints Above Your Headboard

I also used a custom print to decorate the space above my headboard of my bed. There’s nothing really difficult about this. I chose a simple canvas print for this space and simply hung it above my bed. It really made a huge difference in a room that only had one small piece of artwork originally. 

For this piece, I used artwork that was supplied by Photowall rather than my own photograph. I then chose a panoramic canvas print size — one that is significantly longer than it is tall, to fill the empty space without being overwhelming.

personalized wall art

Don’t feel boxed in by just these two options, however. You can also decorate your hallway with photo canvas prints of your family. Or use small artwork to add some flare to your bathroom or kitchen.

I hope you enjoy my ideas for creating custom canvas prints. Whether you want to decorate your space with something new, send your child off to college with quality poster art, or need a personalized gift for weddings, anniversaries or holidays, Photowall provides endless options for small canvas prints to giant wall murals. Visit them today to start planning your next work of art!

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