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Halloween treats and party ideas

Creative Halloween Treats to Celebrate Spooky Season

Celebrate spooky season with this creative collection of fun Halloween treats and desserts recipes. Savory or sweet, these ideas for kids and adults can’t be beat!

Halloween treats and party ideas

Spooky Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is a fun time of year to entertain neighbors and schoolmates, family and friends. If you’re seeking frighteningly fun treats for your party guests or trick-or-treaters, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re in love with ghosts and goblins or witches and mummies, there’s no shortage of your favorite characters in this delightful collection of festive holiday ideas and mouth watering recipes.

There’s no better way to celebrate the spookiest month of the year than with hauntingly good treats. I caught up with my favorite food bloggers to get their best halloween recipes, from holiday charcuterie to baked goods to savory snacks. Keep reading to discover the most creative Halloween treats for your autumn celebrations or Halloween party this year.

Savory and Sweet Halloween Treat Recipes

When you think of Halloween treats, most of us think of something sweet. However, not all goodies need to sinfully sugary, however. These recipes provide the perfect combo of both savory and sweet to satisfy all your party guests.

candy corn pretzel bites

Candy Corn Pretzel Bites

A pretzel, a Hershey’s kiss, and candy corn — so easy, but these make ahead bite-sized sweet and salty Candy Corn Pretzel Bites are super addicting! The perfect easy Halloween treat from Bunsen Burner Bakery!

Monster Munch Party Mix

Chex Mix is always a popular party favorite. This take on this timeless snack combines salty Chex cereal, Bugles and pretzel sticks with Halloween candy corn, candy eyes and Reese’s Pieces for a sweet and savory way to fill your belly. Learn how to make your own Monster Munch here.

hocus pocus popcorn recipe for easy halloween treats

Hocus Pocus Popcorn

This Hocus Pocus Popcorn from Simplistically Living is a glorious recipe to serve up at any Halloween party! This fun treat is extremely easy to make and requires just 4 ingredients. Not only is it the perfect blend of salty and sweet, but it’s also kid-friendly.

Frankenstein Finger Pretzel Halloween Treats

A mix of salty pretzel rods and either chocolate or candy wafers, these fun finger foods are literally just that! Everyone will be amazed by these realistic — and tasty! — pretzel treats for Halloween. Adorned with slice almond fingernails and candy eyeballs, this crunchy party food can also be bagged for trick-or-treaters.

Fun Halloween Cookies and Sweets

From soft cookies to brownies and other tasty sweets, these party treats make a captivating addition to any party table where fun Halloween treats are in order!

halloween oreo balls

Halloween Oreo Balls

If you need an easy, no-bake dessert for the holiday, these 5-ingredient Halloween Oreo balls are the perfect fall treat for your party! Discover how to make these seasonal, bite-size pumpkin Oreo balls to impress and delight your party guests, friends and family on this spooky October holiday.

Ghost Sandwich Cookies

These ghost sandwich cookies are shaped like little ghosts for the cutest Halloween treats! They have a layer of rich, black cocoa buttercream sandwiched between two ghost shaped sugar cookies. Then they are covered in white chocolate. If you’re looking for the perfect, ghastly cookie for your tricksters, these are sure to be the star of any Halloween party dessert table!

Peanut Butter Cups Spider Cookies

These easy, spider cookies make an adorable dessert for a cookie charcuterie  board or after school snacks. Made using your favorite peanut butter cookies recipe, these are effortlessly decorated with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, candy eyes, and some chocolate drizzle to resemble spiders.

Cheesecake pumpkin brownies

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

Another delightful Halloween dessert, these pumpkin cheesecake brownies are quick and easy to make. These delish pumpkin brownies make a perfect fall snack with a rich chocolate flavor, a creamy pumpkin cheesecake layer and a pecan streusel topping. These semi-homemade Halloween treats start with a box of brownie mix, so they are easy to make.

Soft Pumpkin Halloween Sugar Cookies

These soft Halloween sugar cookies are perfect for shaping into cuteness for any season. However, these pumpkin designs are especially adorable! Make this frosted dessert to share with neighbors or a school party. Package them inside treat bags for party favors or add some color to your dessert board. Made with real cream cheese, these cookies are sure to be snatched up as fast as you can make them.

Mummy Pops

Similar to cake pops, these mummy pops are made using brownie box mix for a tasty way to entertain your guests. Made with dark chocolate brownies and cream cheese dipped in white chocolate, kids and adults alike will love this wonderfully blended concoction.

Witch Hat Cookies

Crayons & Cravings has a wonderful recipe for making witch hat cookies. These tasty and creative Halloween party treats are made with homemade chocolate cookies, buttercream frosting, and Hershey Kisses.

Halloween cupcakes and dessert recipes

Halloween Cupcakes and Dessert Recipes

A party without cupcakes? Never! If you love sweets, you’ll find that these hauntingly delicious, dessert recipes take the cake.

halloween slime cupcakes

Slime Cupcakes

You definitely want to check out this fun and easy slime cupcakes recipe! This easy Halloween treat is filled with homemade edible slime on the inside similar to that of a cream-filled, Halloween snack cake. So, it’s both a creative and tasty way to scare up some fun with an unexpected surprise for all your party guests.

Cauldron Cake Recipe

Bewitching and beguiling, this recipe for cauldron cake from The Gracious pantry is irresistible and perfect for you Halloween sweet tooth! A delightful treat from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this Halloween dessert tastes just like a chocolate chip cake.

Halloween Witch Cupcakes

These Halloween witch cupcakes from Preppy Kitchen will knock your guests’ socks off! Spooky faces are piped with buttercream while the witches’ hats are made with a candy-filled ice cream cone filled to the brim. Everything is SO good, that you’ll enjoy the moist, richly spiced pumpkin cupcakes as much as the cupcake toppers!

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes

Inspired by Disney and the movie of the same name, these Hocus Pocus cupcakes are sure to put a spell on you! Decorated with green icing and colorful sprinkles, these desserts are topped with freshly baked brownies for an extra flavorful surprise.

how to make ghost cupcakes

Ghost Cupcake Treats

A delicious, sweet and spooky Halloween treat for kids and adults of all ages. You can make Halloween ghost cupcakes at home using your favorite box cupcake mix, lollipops and fondant. Don’t have time to bake? You can also used pre-baked cupcakes for this delectable dessert as well. This adorable party idea is easier to make than you may imagine; and a delight to both create and devour.

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

These brain cupcakes from SugarHero! are an easy and fun Halloween dessert recipe. You can use this same decorating method with any cake and frosting combination, so whip up a batch for your next Halloween party! 

Zombie Cupcakes

Add these creepy Zombie cupcakes from A Pumpkin & A Princess to your Halloween party food table or Zombie party with this easy recipe. These chocolate cupcakes are decorated with chocolate frosting, red icing blood dripping, bloody candy bones, and a green zombie hand reaching out of the dirt.

Pink Halloween Cake

Where there’s a party, cake is always in order! Just because it’s for Halloween, however, doesn’t mean it needs to be all doom and gloom. This pink cake is where it’s at if you’re into pretty pastels. Frosted with pink buttercream icing, this dessert cake is then decorated with purple ganache drip and mounds of pink icing. Sprinkles and candy eyes then polish off the presentation.

how to make halloween cakesicles

Halloween Cakesicles

These colorful Halloween cakesicles are the fall desserts of dreams. They’re quick to make and even quicker to devour. Perfect for your Halloween parties or autumn gatherings, these pumpkin popsicle cake pops are made using chocolate box cake mix for a delicious, seasonal holiday treat. 

Graveyard Cake

This sweet and spooky chocolate cake recipe is layered with chocolate frosting and Oreo cookie crumbs. Decorate to resemble a graveyard cake, this easy homemade cake is a fun activity to make with kids for your upcoming party.

apple halloween treats and recipe ideas

Halloween Apple Treats

Autumn and apples are practically interchangeable they’re so common this time of year! Beautiful fall leaves, gorgeous autumn colors, cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice — and crisp apples! These apple recipes are a wonderful option if you’re seeking healthier alternatives to serve this year.

halloween caramel apple treats

Gourmet Caramel Apples

These easy, gourmet caramel apples are the perfect way to enjoy apples for the holiday. Serve these candy apples as a tasty snack or party treat when entertaining this fall. Or create a candy apple bar so guests can decorate their own Halloween treats with crushed candy or cookie toppings.

Apple Monster Mouths

These Apple Monster Mouths are an easy and healthy alternative to scare up a good time. With a few simple ingredients like apples, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and strawberries, you have an adorable apple recipe to serve at your next party! 

Pumpkin Apple Quesadillas

If you’re looking for a simple recipe that’s less scary, but tastes like fall — this is it! These Creamy Pumpkin Apple Quesadillas are perfect for every occasion from snacking after school or before trick or treating. Or serve this dish to patrons at your next party for a grown up dessert everyone will love.

Pudding and Rice Krispy Treats

Step back into your childhood with these Halloween treat ideas. Kids love pudding cups and Rice Krispies treats. While adults enjoy the nostalgia of these ingredients! Enjoy them both with this colorful and creative collection of spooktacular goodies.

spider marshmallow halloween treats

Candy-Coated Marshmallow Spiders

These spider marshmallow Halloween treats are made with homemade marshmallows coated in Nerd candies. Candy eyes and licorice legs complete the look for this spooky dessert idea. Make these creepy, crawly edible spiders per the directions. Or try them with Rice Krispies treats instead for a cute alternative.

Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats

A twist on classic Rice Krispy treats, these monstrously delightful sweets are colored green. They are then decorated with either black candy melts or melted chocolate chips, jimmie sprinkles, edible eye candies and miniature Reese’s cups. Plus explore five other fun Halloween treats from Chelsea’s Messy Apron here.

Dracula Pudding Cups

If you need adorable Halloween party food, then these dracula pudding cups are truly worth your consideration. Created using snack pudding cups as the base, all you’ll need to do is add the Oreo monsters, candy bones and sour gummy worms as decoration.

witch cauldron pudding cups

Witch Cauldron Pudding Dessert

Made using white chocolate pudding flavored with TruMoo Orange Scream, this recipe from Our Ordinary Life layers pudding on top of cookie crumbles and candy bones. Topped with black icing and green sprinkles, the final presentation is as fantastic as the flavor!

Pudding Cup Cauldrons

If you’re throwing a witch-themed party this fall, these bubbling cauldron pudding cups make a quick and fun dessert to serve friends and family. Tiny black cauldrons are filled with pre-made pudding then decorated with slime green gel icing, marshmallows and candy sprinkles for a surprisingly sweet Halloween dessert.

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats

Inspired by a classic Halloween candy, these Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats from Moore or Less Cooking are an easy no-bake dessert that kids, as well as adults, will find irresistible. Triangles of sweet marshmallow rice Krispies are tinted orange and dipped in white and dark chocolate to give them that iconic candy corn look.

witches brew halloween dip for party treats

Witches Brew Cream Cheese Dip

A sweet Halloween dip for dipping cookies or other sweet treats, this pudding based recipe from Big Bear’s Wife blends non-dairy almond milk with pistachio or cheesecake pudding, Cool Whip and cream cheese for a rich dessert. Tinted green and served in a black cauldron, these are then topped with gummy worms and chocolate candy eyes.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Pudding Cups

These fun little, dirt pudding cups from Cooking with Carlee are dressed up and ready for a trip to the pumpkin patch. The free pumpkin truck printable means you can create your own cute, holiday desserts for Halloween in no time flat!

Favorite Halloween Candy and Confection Treats

Halloween candy is where it’s at! Whether it’s a party or trick-or-treaters who come knocking, candy treats are expected. Otherwise, you may end up with some unfortunate tricks. If you’re tired of bagged candy, try one of these delicious confections instead to impress everyone who receives them.

halloween bark recipe

Halloween Bark

Make this fun Halloween bark recipe for your Halloween party. These easy holiday treats are perfect for all your party tricksters. Try this recipe using both orange and white chocolate to create fun designs that are sure to delight all your party guests regardless of age.

Homemade Candy Corn

If you’re like me, then you love candy corn! However, finding this traditional Halloween candy made without high fructose corn syrup can be difficult. Fortunately, it’s easy to make your own homemade candy corn. This recipe is made with basic ingredients, yet is both softer and more flavorful than the waxy, store bought versions.

4-Ingredient Halloween Bat Treats

These adorable bat candies are made using miniature Reese’s cups as the body of the creature. Oreo thins cookies are then cut in half to create the wings and are then attached, along with the candy eyes, using cupcake frosting or icing.

Halloween Appetizers and Non-Sweet Treats

Halloween is practically synonymous with candy. But that doesn’t mean everything has to be a sweet treat! If you’re looking for a party food that’s a little more substantial — and on the savory side — then these appetizers and hearty snacks will make the perfect addition to your holiday table.

mummy hot dogs recipe

Mummy Hot Dogs

Learn how to make gluten free mummy hot dogs for Halloween. This fall recipe is made with homemade flourless, cheesy garlic bread for a delicious, family friendly, finger food. Try this easy, low carb recipe for your Halloween party as a spooky and fun appetizer for the holiday.

Halloween Jalapeño Poppers

These Halloween Jalapeño Poppers from Emily Leary is made with garlicky cream cheese and golden puff pastry. Perfect for a holiday party appetizer, this recipe is so yummy, that you won’t be able to stop popping! 

Cheese Ball Cauldron

Conjure up some magic by serving a cheddar bacon cheese ball that looks like a witch’s cauldron. This poppy seed coated Cheese Ball Cauldron from Hungry Happenings features orange, yellow, and red pepper flames sitting atop pretzel rod logs. Learn how to make this enchanting Halloween party appetizer for your favorite ghosts and ghouls today.

healthy halloween treat ideas

Halloween Salad

A healthy take on a Halloween appetizer or starter, this freaky salad from Boulder Locavore is a great option if you are serving dinner or simply need sugar-free options for your guests. Made with colorful cauliflower and root vegetables, this dish is served with shot syringes filled with buttermilk green goddess dressing.

Deviled Egg Brains

Deviled eggs are always a party favorite! Give them a simple Halloween twist with this twisted version. These deviled egg brains from Brit+Co are easy to make, and can be thrown together at the last minute for the ideal appetizer this holiday. Or try these spider deviled eggs from ConservaMom made using cut olives for arthropod parts!

Halloween Charcuterie Board

This Halloween charcuterie board is filled with all sorts of savory starters. Filled with an assortment of your favorite cheeses, meats, crackers, fresh fruits, nuts and other fun ghoulish treats, guest will no doubt enjoy this collection of mouth-watering treats.

halloween spider web dip

Spider Web Dip

This spider web dip from Noshing with the Nolands is a spooktacular layered dip arranged to look like a web for creepy crawly creatures. This Tex-Mex style appetizer is quick to assemble and fun to decorate. A must if you plan to serve party chips and dip at your Halloween party this year.

Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Transform ordinary stuffed peppers into an extraordinary party pleaser! This stuffed peppers recipe hollows out yellow or orange peppers that are then filled with various types of seasoned meat mixtures, rice, and cheesy flavors for a filling appetizer that’s as tasty as it is cute. 

Halloween Eyeball Sub

Hosting a dinner party this October? Serve these eyeball subs as a meal choice for the attendees and no one will go hungry! Filled with juicy meatballs in a yummy tomato-based sauce, this Halloween Eyeball Sub is a great way to make dinner extra spooky.

halloween party recipes and dessert ideas

I hope you enjoy this collection of Halloween party treats! For more exciting Halloween recipes and dessert ideas, follow Soap Deli News on PinterestFacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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