Avocado Homemade Soap Recipe with Ripe Avocado & Fresh Greek Yogurt

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This natural yogurt & avocado homemade soap recipe may seem both challenging and perhaps a bit expensive to craft at first glance. However, because of the food ingredients added to this natural soap recipe, you’re actually able to create a luxe bar of homemade soap with fewer, less expensive ingredients!

This natural yogurt and avocado homemade soap recipe is made using a ripe avocado and real Greek yogurt to help give soap an extra luxurious feeling!

Don’t have a lot of money to invest in soapmaking ingredients but still want your homemade soaps to feel expensive? Adding ripe fruit and/or yogurt to your homemade soap recipes will give your homemade soaps a luxurious, silky feel as well as extra skin conditioning properties! This natural yogurt and avocado homemade soap recipe does just that and is made using a small, ripe avocado and real Greek yogurt!

Don't have a lot of money to invest in soapmaking ingredients but still want your homemade soaps to feel expensive? Adding ripe fruit and/or yogurt to your homemade soap recipes will give your homemade soaps a luxurious, silky feel as well as extra skin conditioning properties! This natural yogurt and avocado homemade soap recipe does just that and is made using a small, ripe avocado and real Greek yogurt!

Yogurt & Avocado Homemade Soap Recipe

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19.8 oz. sustainable palm oil
9 oz. rice bran oil
7.2 oz. 76°F melt point refined coconut oil

7.3 oz. distilled water
4.9 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide

3. oz. avocado puree from a small ripe avocado
2 oz. plain organic Greek yogurt
1 Tablespoon spirulina powder, optional for natural green color

Soap Notes:

Water as % of oils=33% then discounted by amount of avocado (8.3% of oil weight) and yogurt (5.5% of oil weight) added.


If a fragrance is desired you can add up to 1.1 oz. of essential oil for a natural scent or up to 2.25 oz. of your favorite fragrance oil.

If you don’t wish to use palm oil, you can substitute the palm oil for lard, but you’ll want to run the recipe back through a lye calculator.

This natural yogurt & avocado homemade soap recipe will fit inside my DIY wooden loaf soap mold.


To make this yogurt & avocado homemade soap recipe, you’ll need to follow your basic cold process soapmaking method instructions. Be sure to take all proper safety precautions when working with lye including goggles and gloves.

Begin by measuring out the distilled water in fluid ounces. Pour into a heat safe pitcher. Next, using a digital scale weigh out the lye. Slowly pour the lye into the water in a well ventilated area and stir until all the lye has dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Now weigh out the soapmaking oils using a digital scale and combine in a stainless steel pot. Heat until melted, then remove from heat and set aside. Then weigh out Greek yogurt and the avocado. Puree the avocado. Set both of these ingredients aside.

When the lye-water and soapmaking oils have cooled to around 90°-95°F you’re ready to make this avocado homemade soap recipe.

Begin by adding the Greek yogurt and pureed avocado to the melted oils along with a Tablespoon of spirulina powder. Mix with a stick blender until the additional ingredients are evenly distributed.

Now slowly pour the lye-water into the soapmaking oils. Mix with a stick blender until you reach a light trace. Add the essential oil oil or fragrance oil if you are scenting your soap and mix again to fully incorporate the fragrance. Bring the soap to a medium to full trace.

Pour the soap into your prepared soap mold and lightly cover. Check part of the way through to make sure the soap isn’t getting too hot and cracking on top. If this happens, simply uncover for the rest of the saponification process. Set aside for 24 hours.

After 24 hours your can unmold your homemade soap loaf and cut it into bars. Allow bars to cure 4-6 weeks before use, then wrap and label as desired.

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  1. Made a batch last night. Can’t wait to use it. Thank you for sharing your recipes

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Just wondering why so much palm?

    • You can make a great bar of soap almost entirely of palm. Many commercial bars are mostly palm. And right now I have a lot of palm left with very little of much else so I’m trying to finish it off. Plus it makes for a good, cheap recipe if you’re just getting into making soap and don’t have a lot of money to invest.

  3. Hi Rebecca! Can I use coconut or olive oil instead of rice brain oil?

  4. liza sta. cruz says:

    hi Ma’am i did this recipe today but it turned into small lumps.what could have happened?can i still correct it?tnx.

  5. Hi,
    Can this be made using HP?

    • I think most any CP soap recipe can be made using the HP method, however, I’m not sure if you should have less of a water discount or not as I’ve never made HP. You could certainly try it but perhaps hit up a soapmaking forum or group that has a lot more insight into HP soapmaking.

  6. Hi, Rebecca! This recipe sounds really wonderful! Do you have an estimate of its shelf life? Thanks!

  7. Trenton Weekes says:

    How many bars of soap do you get out of this recipe?

  8. I’m new to this as well but LOVED the recipe just by reading the name haha!! So pretty much, I’m investing a little at a time with different oils, clay powders, and butters. What do you recommend as substitute for the palm oil and rice bran oil? I think I have everything BUT those.

    • I’d suggest olive oil for the rice bran oil and lard for the palm oil. But you’ll need to run it back through a lye calculator.

      • I substituted the Olive oil as you suggested. I ran it through a calc. Doubled the amount to 4 pounds. It appears very creamy. I put chlorophyll and poppy seeds and scented it with Rosemary. I am quite excited about it.

  9. Hi I don’t understand the weight discount of the avocado and yoghurt.. could you simplify it for me please… thnx