DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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Need last minute DIY Mother's Day gifts? Be sure to check out this amazing collection of DIY Mother's Day gift ideas that she's sure to love!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t forget to treat her to something special for Mother’s Day. If you’re still on the hunt for Mother’s Day gift ideas, then be sure to check out my collection of DIY Mother’s Day gifts on my Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas board on Pinterest! You’ll find lots of lovely DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can make including this DIY for an easy bud vase via This Heart of Mine blog. (Re-pin this bud vase DIY here for later!) Plus there are also links to a lot of great printable Mother’s Day cards as well as DIY food and homemade bath and beauty gift ideas.

Need last minute DIY Mother's Day gifts? Be sure to check out this amazing collection of DIY Mother's Day gift ideas that she's sure to love!

Like this printable Mother’s Day Garden Cake Topper via Oh Happy Day! (Re-pin it here.)

Need last minute DIY Mother's Day gifts? Be sure to check out this amazing collection of DIY Mother's Day gift ideas that she's sure to love!

And these DIY Mother’s Day Herbal Bath Salts with printable labels via Julep. (Re-pin this project here.)

And if that’s not enough there’s always my entire DIY Bath and Body Pinterest board to explore! Because what mom doesn’t need a little more me time to pamper herself, right?

So what are you waiting for? Check out my Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas board now for over 200 great DIY Mother’s Day gifts you make and give! Then don’t forget to follow me on Blog Lovin’, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ so you never miss a post.

DIY Bath and Body Pinterest Favorites

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Like so many others I find Pinterest to be truly inspiring and a great way to collect as well as share ideas and DIY projects. So I thought I’d share a few of my DIY Bath and Body Pinterest Favorites that you may have missed recently.

DIY Bath and Body Pinterest Favorites - DIY Mineral Makeup Foundation, DIY Custom Soap Stamps, DIY Cloud Soaps and DIY Lemon Peel Sugar Scrub Cubes

From top to bottom: DIY Custom Soap Stamps via DuhBe! / DIY Cloud Shaped Soaps via Nicest Things / DIY Lemon Peel Sugar Scrub Cubes via Nicest Things /  DIY Mineral Makeup Recipe (with recipes for multiple shades) via Soap Blog

For more homemade bath and beauty DIY’s be sure to follow my DIY Bath & Body Pinterest Board.

Pin It to Win It Natural Beauty and Skin Care Giveaway

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Pin It to Win It Natural Beauty and Skin Care Giveaway

Now through June 30th, 2014 you can enter my natural beauty and skin care giveaway for a chance to win these three all natural handmade skin care products (pictured above) from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. One lucky winner will receive one each of the following products: 1 oz. Natural Tamanu & Sea Buckthorn Facial Serum, 1 oz. Natural Calendula Skin Balm, and 5.5 oz. Natural Handmade Foot Scrub valued at $54. All you have to do is pin the natural beauty DIY’s from my blog that inspired these products to your boards on Pinterest and submit your entries via Rafflecopter below for a chance to win them all!

Beauty DIY - Natural Anti-Wrinkle & Facial Serum Recipe for Mature Skin

Natural Organic Face Serum Recipe for Dry, Mature Skin – This natural face serum was formulated to help keep the effects of aging to a minimum as well as to help reverse those troublesome dry spots. Just a pea sized amount daily before bed does the trick, however, it’s also great under makeup and aids as a primer for eye shadow to help keep your favorite eye colors in place. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, but not greasy. Plus there’s no overwhelming perfume fragrance like many facial products have that can irritate sensitive skin. Discover this priceless beauty DIY for this all natural face serum here.

Skin Care DIY - Natural Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe for Dry, Cracked Feet

Natural Exfoliating Foot Scrub Recipe – This all natural DIY homemade foot scrub recipe isn’t a mess of slippery oils, but rather a creamy combination of natural shea and cocoa butters, non-greasy argan and sweet almond oils that nourish dry skin. Fine ground pumice and walnut shell powder lend their supercharged exfoliating properties, while sea salt and tea tree oil lend their healing qualities. Plus there’s a touch of peppermint for a fresh, cool scent. Learn how to make this natural foot scrub recipe here.

Natural Healing Calendula Skin Balm Recipe

Natural Healing Calendula Balm Recipe – This natural homemade balm is created from oil infused with harvested herbs and plants and is can be used topically to treat minor cuts, bruises, and stings. Learn how to make your own herbal oil infusions and discover the recipe for this natural handmade balm here.

Pin these natural skin care recipes to Pinterest now to enter for your chance to win and submit your entries via Rafflecopter below! USA residents can enter through June 30th, 2014. For more natural beauty and skin care recipes, be sure to follow my DIY Bath and Body Board on Pinterest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The New Makers on Pinterest and the Soap-making Pinterest Board

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Makers on Pinterest - A Community Board for DIY-ersRecently I was asked by a community manager at Pinterest if I’d like to become a part of their newest group boards, Makers on Pinterest. This collective community space is specifically for those of us who love to create and includes boards on woodworking, knitting, printmaking, and other DIY inspired crafts. Each board is managed by a “champion” who is skilled in the board they are asked to head. They can then invite up to twenty pinners to assist them in filling these boards with fun and fabulous DIY ideas and projects.

I was pleased as punch to be asked to head up the Soap-making board within this new Pinterest community. I’m still working on bringing a few other fabulous soapmakers into the fold, but in the meantime, I wanted to introduce two of the fine folks who have already accepted the challenge and will be helping me make the new Soap-making board extra fabulous.

Feto Soap - Handmade soap made from scratch with the cold process and hot process methods, glycerin soap, perfumes, lip balms and lotion bars.Lisa Chouinard is the woman behind Feto Soap. She’s been soaping for a decade in her hometown of Austin, TX and sells regularly at her local farmer’s market. Her work has been featured on HGTV, PBS and in numerous publications including Rare, Envy, Women’s Day, The Chicago Tribune, FHM, Penthouse, Maxim, Bust, the Austin Statesman & the Houston Chronicle. In Houston, Lisa spearheaded the Houston Craft Mafia and she was also a featured speaker at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild in 2009.

In addition to soapmaking, Lisa is also handy with needles, makes candles, teaches soapmaking workshops and classes, and – if there’s time – she’s been known to find time to get her dance on. Her soap specialties include melt & pour glycerin soaps, cold process and hot process soaps – all of which you can discover for yourself at You can also follow her on Pinterest.

Rain Glycerin Snowflake Soap from Spooky Grrrl Bath and BodyLori Gallagher is also helping to bring her great soapmaking finds to the board. She owns, operates and creates handmade soaps and other bath and body products for her business, Spooky Grrrl Bath and Body. With five years experience under her belt, Lori loves “turning lead into gold” and crafting extraordinary soap from simple ingredients and parts. Her specialty is melt and pour soapmaking with an emphasis on soaps shaped like bats and skulls. Experience the dark side of these fun products for yourself by visiting her shop online. You can also follow Lori on Pinterest.

Similar to this new community, Pinterest also has group boards for teachers called Teachers on Pinterest that preceded Makers on Pinterest. With over 50,000 followers, these boards offer a range of projects and ideas for teaching children at every age level from Preschool up and also include boards with specialties such as Montessori, Homeschooling, Classroom Management and Sensory Learning. You can check out all of the Teachers on Pinterest boards here.

And of course I hope you’ll follow the Makers on Pinterest boards and the Soap-making board for a steady dose of DIY pinspiration!

Mod Podge Canvas Photo DIY

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DIY Mod Podge Canvas Photo Art

Since I haven’t yet had a chance to get my own hands dirty since my getting back from my vacation, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share another project with you created by my coworker, Erica. She is – like many of us – on the fast track to becoming a bonified Pinterest addict, and is trying new craft projects she’s discovered on Pinterest on what is becoming a regular basis. You might recall the diy crayon canvas artwork she brought into the office recently or the pretty handmade tile coasters she made for me last Christmas. Her next project is going to be a diy pallet coffee table, however, just before I left for vacation she shared step-by-step photos of her newest project for making Mod Podge canvas photos – like the ones pictured above via a tutorial discovered on Pinterest from Aubut Family blog – so I could in turn share it with my readers.

How to Make DIY Mod Podge Canvas PhotosStep one is to gather your materials. You’ll need a canvas, a photograph, a foam brush, scissors, Mod Podge, clear acrylic sealer and some paint and/or decorative scrap book paper.

DIY Mod Podge Canvas Photographs

First she cut the photo she had chosen to use to fit her canvas. As she wanted a border around the front of the picture, she cut it slightly smaller than the canvas.

DIY Mod Podge Canvas Photos Inspired Via Pinterest - Step by Step Photo TutorialThen because Erica chose to use polka dot scrapbooking papers as a decorative edge for the side of her canvas photos, she then cut the paper into strips that fit along the edges of the canvas. Next, she used Mod Podge to glue the papers along the sides of the canvas by applying Mod Podge to the sides of the canvas, placing the papers, then brushing an additional layer of Mod Podge over the papers. (The parts along the edges left uncovered will be painted later on.)

Mod Podge Craft Project - DIY Mod Podge Photo CanvasesOnce the papers had been adhered to the sides, she then applied a layer of Mod Podge to the front of the canvas where the picture will be applied.

How to Make DIY Canvas Photos with Mod PodgeNext, she centered the photograph onto the front of canvas. Once she placed the photo onto the canvas she then brushed another layer of Mod Podge on top of the photograph.

Handmade Mod Podge Canvas Photograph DIYOnce the Mod Podge had dried, she simply brushed black paint around the edges of the photograph and the sides of the blank canvas that had been left exposed. (This can be neat or messy depending on your own personal look you’d like to achieve so don’t feel as if there is a right or wrong way!) Once the paint had dried, she sealed the photo canvas with a clear acrylic spray. (I’ve always used Plaid brand in matte or gloss.) Once your own canvas photo has completely dried, all that’s left is to display your masterpiece.

For more great diy project ideas as well fabulous natural bath and beauty recipes, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!