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DIY Washi Tape Gift Tags

DIY Washi Tape GIft Tags - Easy Washi Tape Craft Project Idea

Washi tape is so much fun to use. The possibilities of washi tape craft projects you can create with this fun tape are practically endless. And just a few rolls will last for many projects!  A super simple project for holidays, birthdays, or any gift giving occasion is to create DIY Washi Tape Gift Tags. This project is perfect for the entire family to join in on because it’s not something you can go wrong with! Plus it adds a very personal touch to the gifts they are attached to. My son and I crafted the two washi tape gift tags pictured above. I made the one on the left and my son made the one on the right. We simply took blank gift tags and applied washi tape and scrapbook letter stickers then tied ribbon through the hole on the end of the tags!

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