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Ginger Lemongrass Martini Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Lemongrass Martini Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Lemongrass Martini Cocktail Recipe

While the fourth of July has come and gone, it did inspire me to try a new vodka. I’ve been on a huge gin kick lately but after seeing the Spud Ginger Lemongrass Vodka at the ABC store I just couldn’t resist. A fifth of this flavored potato vodka was a reasonable $20 and it’s distilled five times so I decide why not. In the end I was pretty pleased with this vodka though I wish they had more recipes on the Spud Vodka website for this one as I’m not a great mixologist. I generally go out for my drinks but I did really enjoy the one Spudtini recipe they had.

The original recipe for this martini cocktail recipe called for honey syrup. However, I had no idea what honey syrup is or where to find it so I subbed this ingredient for some mighty delicious agave syrup instead. I hope you like this one. I know I did. And please, if you have other ideas for this awesome vodka, share them so I have more reasons to keep it in the freezer on a more regular basis. I’m kind of also wanting to try their pumpkin spice vodka come fall as well for a grown up Halloween treat.

Ginger Lemongrass Martini Cocktail Recipe

The Ginger Lemongrass Spudtini Martini Recipe

Adapted slightly from Spud Vodka’s Spudtini Recipe


2 oz. Spud Ginger Lemongrass Vodka
1 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz. Madhava Light Agave Nectar (or other light agave syrup)
1 egg white
dash Angostura Aromatic Cocktail Bitters


Combine all ingredients but the bitters in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Pour into a martini glass, add a dash of bitters and stir. If you’re using a whiskey glass simply double the recipe.

Also be sure to check out this great recipe for a French 95 from my favorite local bartender. You can find that bourbon cocktail recipe here. Or for even more great cocktail recipes follow my Cocktail Hour board on Pinterest.


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