Eco-Friendly Artterro DIY Collage Jewelry Craft Kit Giveaway

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Eco-Friendly Arrtterro Collage Jewelry Craft Kit Giveaway

Hooray for Earth Day! Celebrate Earth Day with Artterro who relaunched their line of eco-friendly art kits today! Now packaged in 100% recycled cardboard, Artterro’s art kit packaging features not only bright and colorful project ideas printed using green, soy based inks, but also a sturdy outer box that can be reused for other projects like a mailbox, birdhouse or even a special treasure box while the inner tray is perfect for reusing as a frame for finished art. Further, the bead bags used for packaging are also now biodegradable. Plus customers will find even more beautiful, completely natural materials in each kit like natural beads, felt, copper wire and even soy-based foam pad.

Eco-friendly Natural Artterro Art Kits for Kids

Here’s a peek inside Artterro’s Collage Jewelry Kit that I received featuring wooden pendants, beads and a bangle bracelet that you can embellish and decoupage with a wide variety of papers and beads included within this kit. The kit also includes cotton cord, jewelry findings for necklaces and earrings, two brushes, glaze and instructions.

DIY Decoupage Jewelry and Bangle Bracelet

For this project, Hunter, from down the street came over to lend some of her creativity. Her favorite project was the bangle bracelet.

How to Make Decoupage Collage Jewelry

For this project she used a brush to “paint” on Artterro’s gloss glaze onto the wooden bangle, applying decorative tissue papers onto the glaze and then painting over them.

DIY Decoupage Collage Bracelet for Kids

She repeated this all the way around the wooden bangle bracelet until it was completely covered, then allowed it to dry.

How to Make DIY Collage Decoupage Jewelry

She applied the same method to the pendants she turned into necklaces. She also glued bead onto some of these as well.

Artterro's Eco-Friendly Kids Collage Jewelry Art Kit

DIY Decoupage Collage Jewelry Kit from Artterro

Here Hunter is decoupaging the beads for earrings.

DIY Collage Jewelry and Craft Kit Giveaway

Interested in trying Artterro’s Eco-Friendly Collage Jewelry Art Kit for you and your family? Simply enter via Rafflecopter below through May 8th, 2014. One winner will receive a DIY Collage Jewelry Kit valued at $29 suitable for ages 8 and up.

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Pinterest Inspired DIY Artwork for Home & Office

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DIY Crayon Canvas ArtworkMy co-worker Erica, who made me a set of lovely coasters last Christmas, has been getting her craft on recently to bring some new life to her office here at work. Inspired by projects she discovered on Pinterest, she created a lovely collection of new “attire” for her blank walls. (Please excuse the quality of these pics. I photographed them with my cell phone.)

Crayon Canvas Paintings - DIY Art Project for your walls that's both inexpensive and easyErica made these crayon “paintings” from a box of crayons – with back to school right around the corner you can pick these up for super cheap! – artist canvas, a hot glue gun and a hair dryer. Simply use a hot glue gun to glue crayons along the top of a blank canvas, then use a hair dryer to melt the crayons so the colors run down the canvas creating a one of kind work of art.

Mod Podge Scrapbook Paper Wall Covering Art DIYThese works of art were created using square canvases, scrapbook papers, mod podge and paint. Simply cut scrapbook papers to fit the canvas size and use mod podge to adhere the decorative papers to the front of the canvas. Once dry, paint around the sides of the canvas – based on Erica’s paper choices she used brown paint – and lightly brush paint around the edges of the papers on the front. Let dry and hang!

DIY Ruler Clip Board OrganizerErica also made a place to hold and organize her important notes and phone lists she uses on a daily basis. She purchased jumbo clothespins, painted them black then glued them to a yard stick. She initially tried to hot glue the clothespins but found that they didn’t hold with hot glue. I recommended E-6000 glue (craft adhesive) since it holds just about everything and it worked like a charm.

For more ideas for art projects, be sure to visit and follow my Art Class Board on Pinterest. For diy decorating ideas and inspiration, follow my For the Home Board on Pinterest. And finally, for home and office organizing tips and diy’s be sure to follow my Home & Office Organization Board on Pinterest.

DIY Decoupage Address Book – Mod Podge Craft Project Idea

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Handmade DIY Decoupage Notebook / Address Book / Journal
When my son and I were out school shopping over the weekend we stumbled across some mini composition books. At 4.5″ x 3.2″ I thought these would be perfect as small journals or address books. So I picked up a pack of two and my son and I gave these tiny notebooks a makeover.
Mini Composition Book Decoupage DIY
We started by cutting a piece of decorative scrapbook paper to fit the front cover. Then, using Mod Podge, we decoupaged it onto the front of the composition book. Next, I applied a strip of decorative Washi tape along the edge closest to the spine of my book, then applied another coat of Mod Podge over the paper and tape.

DIY Decoupage and Washi Tape Journal

Finally we applied a scrapbook embellishment to the front cover. I also took a piece of ribbon and tied a bead to each end to use as a bookmark for my notebook. I plan to use my notebook as a journal.

DIY Address Book - DIY Decoupage Craft Project

My son chose to apply a small strip of Washi tape to the bottom right corner of his book. In addition to adding two scrapbook embellishments to his notebook, he also used Mod Podge to decoupage some ribbon onto his. I think his book is perfect to use as an address book.

This project is easy and fun. You can make your book as elaborate or as simple as you like. It’s also perfect as a weekend family project for both mom and the kids! What types of craft projects do you like to do with your children?

DIY Washi Tape Stash Tin – Another DIY Washi Tape Project Idea

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Loving my new rolls of Washi tape from Downtown Tape! Yesterday I showed you how to make a DIY Washi Tape Notebook. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY Washi Tape Storage Tin.
DIY Washi Tape Storage Tin - Washi Tap
I created this super cute Washi tape stash tin using an empty Chimes Ginger Chews tin. You could also apply this same concept to empty Altoid tins.
DIY Washi Tape Ideal - Washi Tape Storage Tin
Crafting my Washi tape storage tin was surprising easy. So don’t be afraid to give this project a try. For this project I used my Chimes Ginger Chews tin, Washi tape, ribbon, Mod Podge, Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer, ribbon, and a scrapbook embellishment.
DIY Washi Tape Stash Tin - Simple DIY Washi Tape Project Idea
Using my materials for this Washi tape project I first started by wrapping Washi tape around the tin in a pattern I liked. I wrapped each row of Washi tape around the tin at least twice so the writing and design present on the tin did not show through the tape. I also put a strip of Washi tape along the lid of the tin. I then used a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to the entire tin. Before the Mod Podge dried I then wrapped two pieces of ribbon around the entire tin using the Mod Podge to glue them in place. Next, I applied another coat of Mod Podge over the entire Washi tape and ribbon covered surface area and allowed to dry. Once the Mod Podge dried completely I sprayed the tin with a clear acrylic sealer. After the sealer was dry, I applied my scrapbook label embellishment. I now have a great little tin for stashing money, knick knacks, wallet sized photos, sewing materials like needle and thread, and even small craft supplies like buttons or beads. This tin would look great on a bookshelf or can be carried in a purse without fear of the contents spilling out.
What would you store in this Washi tape stash tin if you had one?

DIY Washi Tape Notebook Craft Project

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I may receive compensation from links on this site. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy.

DIY Washi Tape Notebooks - Ideas for Using Washi Tape
There have been some really unique and fun DIY washi tape projects floating around the web recently so I thought I’d give a try at creating some of my own! My first project was to design some notebooks – which are perfect for back to school to use as agenda books for homework and projects, sketches and drawings, mini-diaries, inspiration and idea books, and even photo books for your snapshots.
DIY Washi Tape Notebook Craft Project
I started with some adorable little handmade blank books from Jotters and Journals and some washi tape from Downtown Tape. I also used some scrapbooking papers, Mod Podge, and scrapbook embellishments.
DIY Washi Tape Family Photo Album Craft Project
I made a cute mini photo album with my first handmade blank book and some washi tape. The floral, dot and stripe designs on this album are creating by just sticking washi tape to the notebook in a design that I liked. This is super simple to do. Just stick like you would regular tape and trim off the excess with scissors! Once I covered the front of the notebook, I also put a strip of tape down the spine of the book for a more finished look. I then sprayed the book with a clear acrylic sealer to seal it and added a metal label embellishment.
DIY Decoupage Blank Book and Washi Tape Journal
For my second book I decoupaged a patterned paper to the cover of the book with Mod Podge and then placed washi tape along the spine of the book. Next, I sprayed with a clear acrylic sealer. I then added a metal camera and film scrapbook embellishment for the final touch. Both of these blank books were so easy to create. You can customize almost any type of book cover with washi tape, scrapbooking papers and Mod Podge. Use these little books for notes, recipes, homework assignments, photo albums, even journals! They are perfect to give the kids for back to school or even tucking into stockings during the holiday as stocking stuffers!
DIY Washi Tape Life Journal
Don’t just limit this project to yourself though. Make it a family affair! These blank books are perfect as rainy day projects for you AND the kids! This project is easy and clean up is a snap. Pictured above is the washi tape journal my son made.
Have you tried a washi tape project yet?