Bath and Body Stocking Stuffer Round Up – DIY Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers that Scream "You Will Be Pampered!"

September 1, 2011
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I am generally stumped as to what to put in someone’s stocking that isn’t just candy and boring everyday toiletries. Not to mention, small but meaningful gifts are sometimes often hard to find since, in this case, size is an issue. What I do like to put into Christmas stockings however, are not just silly trinkets, but things that a person can use and get enjoyment from. So I always LOVE to include bath and body and spa themed products as part of the stuffing for Christmas stockings.

DIY Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers

Here are a few great ideas I’ve found for making your own bath and beauty products for stocking stuffers this Christmas. Make them in bulk and distribute a stocking to all those you know and love and no one will fill left out. Make extras and wrap, but keep tucked away, for surprise guests.

Holiday Candle Travel Tins! These candles not only make those darn holidays smell like they should, but they’re small enough to fit into any Christmas stocking. Plus they’re perfect for travel if you end up traveling for the holidays and have to stay in a stinky hotel room.

This candle making project yields four 4oz. soy candles in delightful travel sized tins and includes a free PDF label template so your candles will turn out just like the ones pictured. These candle travel tins would also be handy to keep around at home tied up in tissue paper and ribbon for surprise guests regardless of their sex.

You may also want to try your hand at another soy candle making project which can be found here – DIY Eco-Friendly Soy Wax Candles.


Let’s face it. Winter is rarely if ever kind to our lips. So getting lip balm in a Christmas stocking is like finding heaven on earth. Try out the super easy DIY Lip Balm Recipe over at Yours Truly, G and you’ve got three lip balms ready for gifting in a snap!

Personalize each lip balm with a label. You could label with their name, something super mushy like “I Love You”, or something more traditional like “Merry Christmas” or “Naughty” or “Nice.”

Sugar scrubs are great year round, but they’re even more necessary in the winter as our skin tends to be drier in response to the drier air. Giving a sugar scrub with a little festive kick, makes them even more enjoyable! This Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Recipe uses red jojoba wax beads for a visual candy cane swirl effect and calls for a deliciously skin loving shealoe butter combination.

For something a little easier with less mess, you may also want to consider making and giving Candy Cane Bath Salts.

Handmade soaps are a joy to make and to use. Plus, they fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking every time! If you’ve never made handmade cold process soaps before, then keep in mind that they are not something you can make last minute. It takes several hours to make a batch of soap, but then they do require 3-4 weeks to cure before wrapping and labeling. The color combinations and scent possibilities are endless, however. Bulk oils and other soapmaking ingredients can also be found at Mountain Rose Herbs.

You can find a great tutorial and recipes for making your own handmade cold process soaps at Soap Deli News. If you’re crunched for time, try opting for melt and pour soap or handmilled soaps instead.

Once your soaps are completed, you’ll of course want to customize your packaging just right. You can do this with free printable labels or by trying out a few creative, diy gift wrap ideas.

If you like the idea of making soaps but are leaning toward something a little less traditional or perhaps something really special for the kids, I just love this tutorial for making Snow Globe Soaps from Alphamom. These super cute soaps can be crafted in an afternoon and are sure to attract a lot of positive attention – especially in the bathroom where you want them to be used!

These handmade soaps are made using the melt and pour soapmaking method so anyone – even beginner’s! – can follow Alphamom’s diy photo tutorial for making these soaps and produce a successful end product. You can find melt and pour soap base at From Nature with Love. Another fun melt and pour soap project you may want to try is for making Christmas Ivy Soap.

Another fun idea for bath and beauty stocking stuffers are bath bombs or bath fizzies! They are small and compact and can be fit into Christmas themed molds to represent the season. Soapy Hollow provides an excellent tutorial for making bath bombs with photos of the process. You can then wrap these in cellophane and festive ribbon.

I also like the recipe for making DIY Cappuccino Bath Bombs over at The Christmas Fairy. Plus here are a few other bath bomb recipes you may want to get your hands onto – DIY Handmade Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe and Tutorial and Handmade Bath Bomb Recipes.

For that special girl in your life, I can’t get enough of this idea for crafting your own solid perfume pocket watch locket! I think it’s so romantic, plus it serves a dual purpose of being able to be born as jewelry and as being able to scent one throughout the day at leisure. The full tutorial for this diy project can be found at Design*Sponge. For more ideas on how to make perfumes, check out this blog post – Perfume Making DIY Tutorial.

You can also look for more bath and body recipes and product ideas on my DIY Bath and Body Board on Pinterest.

Do you craft spa goodies for Christmas gifts? If so, what are your favorite and bath and body products to create?


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    I love the snow globe soap! That is the cutest idea.

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    Cute! Thanks for linking up

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    this is soooooooooooooooooo cool. im gonna give it a try.. thx

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