How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soaps

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Handmade soap is gentler on skin because it’s made with natural ingredients, not synthetic ingredients found in most commercial soaps whose sole purpose is to create a foam or lather. Because of this many individuals who can’t use commercial soap, and have turned to using only handmade soaps.

I first got into soapmaking because I was buying handmade soaps on a regular basis to satisfy my finicky skin. I soon discovered that soapmaking is quite addictive. Though it has grown more costly over the years since I first started making soap, if you don’t mind making soap in bulk, you’ll find it’s worth the expense for the sake of your skin. Plus, you can save money by using your handmade soaps to create your own laundry detergent.

How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soap

Making soap with lye can be a little scary at first. I know it took me over a year to get up the nerve to try my first batch of cold process soap. But once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you ever worried in the first place!

Because it’s been such a long time – over two years – since I posted my Cold Process Soapmaking Tutorial and Handmade Soap Recipes I thought I’d share them with you again in one collective post. Don’t stop here though. Remember, research is the key to not only making soap properly, but to creating your own custom recipes as well.

And, if you’re looking for a great place to buy organic soapmaking oils and ingredients, I highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs.

Getting started.

Cold Process Soap Recipes.

How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soap

Not quite ready to take the cold process soapmaking plunge but still want to make soap? I also have a small collection of handmilled soap recipes and melt and pour soap recipes you can try.

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  1. Hi Rebecca. I found your blog via craftgawker and I am LOVING every post. I’m a blogger myself and I make my own cosmetics (including cupcake soaps, which I sell on Etsy: I just wanted to say thank you! You are providing such an amazing resource for those into soapmaking and other DIY things. I especially loved your organizational post… I am getting a pegboard asap! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad to hear others are enjoying my posts. I am working really hard to put together a lot of great ideas on a daily basis and have some fun new posts already planned for days ahead. I love your cupcake soaps! They are very pretty! Thanks for stopping by!

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  11. This is fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try soap making forever and this saves me a ton of research! Thank you!

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  13. Very cool! I made soAp when I was in 8th grade- it wouldn’t come out of the pan, So we set it upside down overnight. the lye we used dripped down and ate small spots in the shape of a rectangle on our oak table! Good times! Hah.
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  18. Do you have any recipes for baby soap, or can you use any handmade soap with babies? Someone gave me some handmade baby soap when my little guy was born two months ago and I LOVE it! I have been looking all over to figure out how to make it, or where I can buy it….any thoughts? Thanks so much!

  19. I make an unscented goat milk soap that is perfect for babies but the recipe is top secret because it’s currently my best selling product. You can search google for recipes but I’d stick with something unscented and gentle. Try using palm kernel oil in place of coconut oil and use shea butter and goat milk for a more loving bar.

  20. Anonymous says

    I have used homemade soap for over 30 years because of my “problem” skin. When I first starting buying soap, I paid 35 cents per bar, in 2006 it was selling for $7.00 per bar. I started making it my self, the price of ingredients have gotten so high. Any suggestions for suppliers?

  21. I just found your blog and love it! I’ve been dying to try to make soap and was hoping to figure it out before my April wedding because I thought it would be a cute gift for the guest bags. I was hoping you could tell me the easiest way to go about this?

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