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Electric Guitar Homemade Soap Recipe

Electric Guitar Candied Orange Soap Recipe

This homemade candied orange soap recipe contains just a hint of patchouli & is stamped with an electric guitar. It's a great homemade gift idea for men no matter the season or occasion!

Looking for a great homemade holiday gift idea for the guys? Try this fun candied orange scented soap stamped with an electric bass guitar! For this recipe I combined the Crisp and Candied fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden with a bit of dark patchouli essential oil to cut down on the sweetness of the scent. I then stamped my final bars with a hand carved rubber stamp I purchased from Drum Chick Designs for a fun twist. I chose to use an electric four string bass guitar since my boyfriend plays bass. However, the design you choose – if any – is completely up to you.

In addition, I formulated this handmade cold process soap recipe to create hard, long lasting soap bars, be palm free for those who are eco-conscious or unable to source sustainable palm oil, and to nourish dry, winter skin. This recipe is relatively straight forward and will product 10 -12 bars of soap depending on how you cut them. And, this soap batch will fit inside of one my diy wooden loaf soap molds. For a smaller batch, you can re-size the recipe as needed.

Homemade Candied Orange Soap Recipe

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7.2 oz. babassu oil
7.2 oz. 76 degree melt point coconut oil
1.8 oz. shea butter
1.8 oz. cocoa butter
10.8 oz. pomace olive oil
1.8 oz. sweet almond oil
5.4 oz. apricot kernel oil

12 fluid oz. distilled water
5.1 oz. lye/sodium hydroxide

1 oz. Crisp & Candied Fragrance Oil
.5 oz. dark patchouli essential oil
1/4 teaspoon yellow iron oxide pigment powder
1/8 teaspoon red iron oxide pigment powder
bronze cosmetic mica powder


You will need to follow your basic cold process soapmaking instructions to create this soap. Follow all safety guidelines including gloves and goggles. Have vinegar on hold in case of spills or splashes.

Begin by lining your wooden soap mold. (This isn’t necessary if using silicone loaf soap molds.) Next, prepare your lye-water by first measuring out the distilled water in a pitcher or large glass pyrex measuring cup. Then, using a digital kitchen scale, weigh out the lye and slowly pour it into the water in a well ventilated area. Stir until dissolved, then set aside to cool.

Now weigh out the soapmaking oils and butters and combine in a large, non-aluminum pot. Place on the stove over medium heat until the oils have fully melted then remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Once the ingredients have cooled to between 95 and 110 degrees F, you can start making soap! I began by adding the yellow and red iron oxide pigments to the melted soapmaking oils, then mixed thoroughly with a stick blender. Once your color is thoroughly incorporated, slowly pour the lye-water into the oils and mix until you reach a light trace. Now add the fragrance oil and essential oil and blend well, then pour into the prepared soap mold, cover and insulate for 24 hours.

After the insulation period, unmold the soap loaf and immediately cut into bars. Place a small amount of the bronze mica in a small dish or paper plate, then press your rubber stamp in the mica, then into a bar of soap. Repeat with all remaining bars, then set aside in a cool dry location to cure for 3-6 weeks. Wrap and label as desired.

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